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Omarosa is stringing the women along while trying to form a final 4 alliance with Mark, James, and Metta prior to Ross and Brandi’s nomination. During her speech, she winked at Marissa, which leads Brandi to question if alliance is turning on her. Brandi says that the wink was directed at Marissa, which makes her think that Marissa sold her out to Omarosa. (She did, and so did Ari.) Brandi asks who told Omarosa about their F4 alliance (based on Omarosa’s speech) to which Marissa and Ross respond that “Brandi, you’re confirming it now.” On feeds, Omarosa said to Ross and Brandi that she was just trying to make good TV. Marissa doesn’t like being called out by Brandi for the wink (like she didn’t throw Brandi under the bus to Omarosa.) Marissa is the most annoying houseguest and throws members of her alliance under the bus regularly.

Ari tells Marissa that Mark and James formed an alliance with Omarosa. If 1 of them wins veto, they can save both Brandi and Ross from the block, maintaining their numbers. Marissa tells Brandi and Ross Ari’s theory. They all agree it must be true, but Ross thinks he’ll be able to get the truth from Mark and James on if they are voting him out.

The houseguests are seated in the “backyard” firepit area when they start playing a their made-up Twitter game, which is fake fan call-in show for questions they want to ask they houseguest but may not feel comfortable doing. Ari is asked how she feels about Steve Harvey. She says she loves him. Omarosa is asked what the most interesting part of her time at the White House was; she says it was when Scaramucci was Communications Director and had choice words for Bannon. She shouts out the Mooch. Brandi blows up Mark and James spot by pretending a caller wants to know if they made a deal with Omarosa. Those 3 give a half-hearted denial.

Later, James and Mark are discussing their deal with Omarosa and say they don’t want to remain true to it because then Brandi would still be in the house. They agree that making a final 4 with Ross and Marissa is their best option. Mark and James strong arm Ross and Marissa by saying that they need to form a final 4. James talks to Marissa about the final 4 and basically holds her hostage for Mark and James to vote out Brandi instead of Ross. She says she needs to sit on it because she doesn’t want to do that to Ari.

Julie tells the houseguests that America selected voted for the VIP Veto which gives the winner the power to use it twice. The Veto competition is Invitation Only, a puzzle game which requires the players to assemble their invite to the most exclusive club in town. The players are: Ross, Brandi, Omarosa, Metta, Marissa and Mark. Metta isn’t trying to win because he wants to go home. As veto plays out, Ross wins by the skin of his teeth, barely beating Omarosa.

At the live veto meeting, Ross uses the veto on himself. Then, Omarosa puts up Metta, who decided that he wants to go home because he misses his family so much. This is the 3rd time Metta has tried to leave the game. Since Metta wants to leave the game and Ross is off the block, he chooses not to use the second veto on Brandi.

Metta says he loves Big Brother; it’s an amazing show, but he wants to go home to be with his wife. Brandi simply thanks Metta for wanting to go home. Metta is evicted unanimously. When he speaks with Julie, Metta is in tears because he feels like he has 10 new brothers and sisters. He says that it’s hard to be in the BB house. He’s a very cerebral person, having graduated with degrees in Architecture and Math. He says he’d figured out how to pit the houseguests against each other. When he plays basketball, it’s similar because he goes out to compete hating all his competitors. He’s a nice person, but a mean competitor. He says he was a big fan of how Shannon played the game, but since she can’t win he hopes that Ross wins it all.

With 7 celebrities left and less than a week left in the game, it’s time for a double eviction on Friday. We’ll see the HOH competition and nominations on Wednesday. Going into Saturday, there will be 5 celebs left going into the finale on Sunday. 3 houseguests will be evicted during the finale to become the final members of the jury.

Expect to see the hours leading up to Metta’s eviction on Wednesday’s episode, and expect to be super disappointed in Ross and Marissa. I’ll leave you with that.

Before you go, please comment below. What do you think of the celebrity’s game play this season?

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