Big Brother Season 16: Episode 33


Cody Calafiore reacts to the  boos Christine Brecht recieved on Big Brother 16 episode 33Aliens may have invaded my body this week! Either that or I’m just so tired my brain has gone on vacation. BUT more on that later! We are now dealing with the fallout from the last double eviction. Wait a minute there was no fall out because nobody thinks independently so  everyone was OK with Derricks’ decisions for the whole season. What they do react to is the reaction Christine got when leaving the house. The Boo’s were next level insane. I don’t think anything Christine did this season compared remotely to what the collective cast of BB15 did and they didn’t get that reaction. Cody is visibly upset about it and I’m not sure why. Is it because Christine as his friend and he feels badly for her or is he more concerned for himself and if that will be the reaction to him leaving the house because he’s so closely aligned with her? Frankie makes it all clear to them saying we clearly made the right choice and than it happens. The rewind button is revealed to the house.  Some want to touch it, Frankie threatens to kill them if they do. The conspiracy theories fly. This is what Caleb is good for. As deluded as he is, he comes up with some entertaining theories. Cars, trips, money, a group Pandora’s box. It’s all insane. Derrick doesn’t want this button to interfere with the Frankie Grande, Caleb Reynolds, Cody Calafiore and Derrick Leveasseur celebrate being the final 4 guys on Big Brother 16 episode 33very intricate web he has created in this house but as a fan he so wants to hit that button. Distraction over they go back to Christine and her boos and the house lays it down very gently to Cody that his relationship with Christine has most likely looked very badly on Christine. While they don’t think HE did anything wrong, SHE as a married woman acted inappropriately. The house is divided as to whether or not she is in love with Cody but all agree on her part it may have been more than friends.  Cody just doesn’t see it. He is her friend and that was that. Finally a moment of clear thinking for Cody. We have talked the Christine/Cody topic to death already I think it was game, a risky game but to each their own. Victoria gets called to the DR and finally the four boys can celebrate without making her feel like a piece of crap. I’ll give them credit for managing Victoria with such sensitivity. They could just be douche’s and be like you’re next honey and deal with the sobs, but instead they (especially Derrick) are managing her jury vote extremely well. Everyone does seem in agreement (shocker!) that taking a shot at Frankie would be their best option. What are your thoughts on the reaction to Christine’s eviction reaction and this mysterious button?

Frankie Grande and Caleb Reynolds battle it out for HOH on Big Brother 16 episode 33Here is where the aliens have invaded my body or the brain just ceased to function. It’s time to play SEED-SAW! We are fighting for HOH here and everyone must walk across this giant shovel see saw and place their seeds (painted rubber balls) on the shovel head. The balls can’t fall off and neither can they from their shovels handle. One by one they have to bring each seed over the first one to do that place the shovel down and ring their bell wins. I was genuinely rooting for Frankie here. Did I want Caleb to win? HELL NO, Victoria would go home. Did I want Cody to win? NO WAY he’s Derrick’s lap dog. Did I want Victoria to win? YES but she was doing so terribly, I knew there was no shot in hell. Frankie was doing well and couldn’t ignore the fact that he was about to be back doored (and not in away he enjoys) He is my only chance at a shake up this week.  Big Brother decided to make this even harder for them and dumps water on them making their shovel slippery which just makes Victoria totally lost in this competition. Our warrior princess just doesn’t like to be wet. It is a race between Caleb and Frankie and Derrick wants Caleb to win because he’s more loyal and way easier to manipulate. Cody has found a rhythm and isn’t giving up instead he’s hoping one of them drops their seeds and then he’s well on the way to a victory. Caleb makes his wish come true, with three seeds left Caleb drops one and has to start all the way over. Oh Beast Mode this totally sucks for you but YAY  Go Frankie! Shows these jerks whose boss! Dreams do come true and FRANKIE WINS HOH! Yes I am happy. I know I will get hate for it, bring it on.

AThe Final 5 push the rewind button on Big Brother 16 episode 33s soon as the competition is over they all race to the old have not room to go examine their button again. The glass case shielding it has been removed and again the talks of should we or shouldn’t we press it begin. They all discuss this like it’s a group decision, but then again they have been playing this game as group and really as what is best for Derrick’s game. So really I look to Derrick and his thought process to see if we will press the damn thing or not. As a fan he wants to press it so badly, as a player he doesn’t but he decides it’s ok and as a group they push the button, and a clock appears counting down til Wednesday nights show. We know what it means but no one else does so they sit and theorize some more. Talks eventually get back to game and who Frankie will nominate. Victoria is a no brainer but who is going to sit beside her? This is THE FIRST time it’s been mentioned all season that Derrick hasn’t been on the block yet. It has taken them 12 weeks to figure that out, but no one seems to care.

Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Llyond got  engaged on Big Brother 16 episode 33It’s boring inside the house now. Final 5 means strategies are mostly on lock so they are all just chilling out and DING DONG the door bells rings.  Jeff and Jordan walk through the front door. Frankie is bouncing around like a two-year old on a diet of pixie sticks. Caleb probably thinks she’s come here for him and Victoria well while she knows Jeff because she did an interview with him, she has no idea who Jordan is but she’s pretty! They tell them to get dressed and meet them in the backyard for a surprise competition. Jeff brings Jordan out and it’s a romantic park setting. Jeff tells her they aren’t there for a competition and gets down on one knee. Some semi-romantic garbage comes from his mouth and he asks her to marry him. She says YES and they fumble around do I put the ring on do you put it on, what hand does it go on? Please, could someone not have given Jeff a ring tutorial before sending him in there? Next comes out Jordan’s dog, followed by her family and then the house guests come out with a huge cake and champagne. Then we are joined by Brett Eldridge to sing to the happy couple while a montage of JeJo greatest hits plays in  the background. It was nice I’ll give you that, but it was also a desperate plea to compete with Utopia premiering at the same time. I am sorry but this year the whole cut off from the outside world has been shot to hell. First we are getting news from home (YES i get it people died and I’ll ease up a bit on that) then we get a trip outside the house, then Kathy Griffin shows up, then messages from home and now all these people are in the backyard just mingling around with 5 people who aren’t supposed to know anything about the real world as we know it. The feeds were off for hours for this event to go down so it wasn’t a quick hi and bye. There was a party! You can’t tell me no one told them anything. We might as well just give them a newspaper and a telephone. I think that this moment should have been at the finale, I know they needed a ratings draw but these people have had way to much contact with people this season. What did you think of the JeJo?proposal?

Frankie Grande nominates Cody Calafiore and Victore Rafaeli in Big Brother 16 episode 33Frankie makes his decision regarding his nominations and I’m so disappointed. First he nominates Cody and then he nominates Victoria. He doesn’t reveal who he wants as a target just that they should both see it as a compliment and that he knows they can both handle the pressure of the block! How about Derrick feeling the pressure of the block? The guy has single-handedly made this season a snoozefest for fans. He is playing a brilliant game but the lack of sides and the thrill of watching it flip back and forth is not there. Neither is the excitement of watching how Derrick would manage to talk himself off the block. That is what made Dan so fun to watch. While he was great at misting everyone he was also targeted and weasels his way out of situations. Yes I know I said the D word in this blog and Eric will most likely hit the roof. But love or hate him outside the game he was hands down one of the most entertaining to watch strategize. Derrick thinks that because he can snow everyone in the house that his DR sessions  are meant to snow us, and we aren’t buying it. So go back to your little minions and snow them some more. But then again, none of this matters because the button was pressed and we will restart all this next week. So here is hoping that Frankie wins yet again, but becomse more aware of Derrick and his controlling ways and nominations are drastically different. What do you want to see come from the rewind week?

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