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The gummies have spoken and the fallout around the house is insane. Dallas and Maddy are pissed. Big Brother Canada 4, BBCAN4, Your Reality Recaps, Big Brother CanadaDallas came to play BBCAN not BB Australia and he now has his sights firmly set on Tim. We all know that Dallas is full of hot air so we shall see how long the anger lasts with him. Ramsey gets very emotional about his nomination. It’s one thing for one person to see you as a target but the house voting him in has cut him deep. Who does he turn to for consoloation? Maddy! Ugh The black widow of the BBCAN 4 house. Kill me now. Ramsey you are killing your game, and I need you to stop it. Cassandra thinks she has Tim wrapped around her little finger and that she is controlling his HOH. Little does she know he is on to her and she’s got 0 influence over him. Even he admits it’s been difficult to think with the right head with her around. Will he maybe take this shot to get rid of his distraction?

Big Brother Canada 4, BBCAN4, Your Reality Recaps, Big Brother CanadaIt’s Mitch’s birthday this week and while the Paqs brothers are shoving tampons up their noses and putting ice down their shorts Mitch is melancholy missing his man Greg. It’s the first birthday in 9 years he hasn’t spent with him. Raul talks him through things and he feels good enough to go downstairs to his party where he is excited at the cupcakes Big Brother has let them have. Tim is still debating what to do for nominations. Does he do the third highest koala receiver? He even contemplates putting himself on the block but Big Brother squashed that pretty fast. He tells Maddy she is the next in line for the block to see how she’ll react. Not well as she starts to cry and seeks comfort in Ramsey. This showmance is getting more serious every day. Ramsey needs to keep his head in the game.

Big Brother Canada 4, BBCAN4, Your Reality Recaps, Big Brother CanadaIt’s time for a psychedelic underwater Veto competition. Mitch, Jared and Cassandra join Tim and the nominees in this test of endurance. Each of them have a rainbow and ball and have to roll their ball from one side to the other 300 times. If you drop your ball the counter goes to 0. Jared’s mission is to just not let Dallas win. Cassandra can get the hang of it all, but the boys all seem to get a rhythm going. Half way through Dallas drops his ball and has a temper tantrum. He regrouped and starts again. This ain’t over til 300 is hit  anyone can drop a ball at anytime so you need to keep your cool. Both Jared and Big Brother Canada 4, BBCAN4, Your Reality Recaps, Big Brother CanadaMitch also lose  their balls more than half way and now it’s Ramsey’s game to lose. Slow and steady wins the race and that i what Ramsey is doing. Taking breaks when he needs to so he can catch his breath and refocus. His strategy works wonders because he hits 300. Ramsey has won POV. Tim now needs to decided if he’s going to do what the house expects or throw in another curve ball. Maddy has now snuggled up next to Tim trying to save herself from being nominated making Nikki and Cassandra irate. Ramsey of course decides to use the POV on himself and Tim falls back on the Koala’s and nominates the third highest recipient and Maddy goes up on the block.

I had such high hopes going into the 90 minute episode. I wanted to know who was going back in the house and how. I was disappointed to find it filled with filler so filler aside lets hit the main points that happened Big Brother Canada 4, BBCAN4, Your Reality Recaps, Big Brother Canadaon eviction night. Maddy and Dallas are mad campaigning against each other. It’s going to be a close vote with Nikki as the decider. A scary thought for both Maddy and Dallas as she is the MOST unpredictable player in the game.  Ramsey and Maddy’s relationship continues to strengthen especially after Tim allows Maddy to have his HOH Room for the night since she didn’t get to have it during the double eviction. Ramsey is trying to keep his cool with her though. Not wanting to be seen in a showmance in the house he doesn’t want to make their relationship physical just yet. He promises on Day 60 that could change. Jared starts using scare tactics on Cassandra. He wants Dallas out but she wants Maddy gone. He tells her that she’ll be dead to him if she votes to evict Maddy. Since when did Jared become the Godfather? Lets hope Cassandra doesn’t play into Jared’s tactics.

Big Brother Canada 4, BBCAN4, Your Reality Recaps, Big Brother CanadaKelsey and Loveita have buried the hatchet, and not in each other’s backs. The two had some tense moments but have put their rivalry aside to help each other succeed going back in the game. Kelsey helped Loveita become more social and Loveita turned Kelsey into a more analytical game player. Had these two girls just teamed up from day one the house would have been very different. It’s nice to see them Big Brother Canada 4, BBCAN4, Your Reality Recaps, Big Brother Canadagetting along. The girls get a surprise guest. Emmett joins them in the secret suite to offer some advice. Lovetia – it’s a social game, get out there and socialize. For Kelsey he told her to be more warm and inviting. I think he subtly told her she was a cold bitch. I’m not a HUGE Kelsey fan but OUCH Emmett. that was cold. He had a fun task for them. Each were given 100 poker chips. Kelsey had to hide Loveitas Big Brother Canada 4, BBCAN4, Your Reality Recaps, Big Brother Canadaand Loveita had to hide Kelsey’s all around the house. The HG’s were divided into teams and had to find the chips. The team with the most won a special party in the high roller room. Loveita’s team of Jared, Raul, Cassandra, Joel and HOH Tim got to spend the evening partying it up with Emmett while the other team got to clean the house that they totally destroyed looking for chips. Nikki was not a happy camper at the thought of a clean up and Tim got to fulfill a life long dream of licking an ice sculpture. To make it worse BB let the losers watch it all on the big screen!

Going into the vote we are all on pins and needles. Did Dallas get the votes to stay. He just needs 4 because Tim promised to break the tie in his favor. We had some of the most aggressive speeches we’ve seen this season. Maddy is up first and to his face, standing beside him calls Dallas a liar. Tells everyone yes lied to everyone in the house. Dallas is a lot of things but he’s never made any bones about who his targets are and he’s been unwavering on that. He hasn’t lied to anyone.  Then she tells Cassandra her ass is grass and may the best bitch win. Oh Maddy. You are a silly girl. Good for Cassandra though, she clearly has a reason to evict Maddy that Jared can’t get mad at. Big Deezie is up next and tells everyone he loves them and they are Big Brother Canada 4, BBCAN4, Your Reality Recaps, Big Brother Canadafamily BUT he wants Jared and Raul’s heads on spikes. Keep him in and those are his targets. Unfortunately unpredictable Nikki decided to stay strong with the girls and with a vote of 5-3 Dallas is evicted from the BBCAN Grand. Finally the boys take a hit. Wrong boy but it’s a step in the right direction. I enjoyed Dallas’ game mind. I won’t miss the fart jar and half-naked wanderings of Dallas but his strategic game was sound and it sucks he’s not there anymore. He actually got pretty emotional watching his good-bye messages. Even though he’s rough around the edges he’s a really classy guy. Arisa then rubs some salt in his freshly evicted wounds. She tells him about last weeks Double Eviction being fake and shows him Kelsey and Loveita in the Secret Suite. He could have been bitter about it but he’s pretty happy for either of them to go back in the house although you know he wants Loveita back in there to place the head of Jared and Raul on those spikes he left behind.

Arisa finally lets the house guests in on the fake double eviction as well. Reactions were priceless. Jared looks terrified and Raul is just so happy to see Kelsey again. Mitch probably vomited in his mouth a little. You Big Brother Canada 4, BBCAN4, Your Reality Recaps, Big Brother Canadacould see in his eyes him piecing everything together and realizing that his game was probably blown to pieces in that room. How is the decision going to be made? The house guests need to unanimously decided who is going to be put back in the house. Each girl had a minute to convince the HG’s to choose them. Loveita went first deciding to put emphasis on how her and Kelsey put aside their differences and she wants to do that with them all and work with them to play a more fluid game. She’s a changed player with an open mind so bring her back in. I think she was nervous because Loveita is normally a very wells spoken girl and mid way she seemed to lose her focus. Kelsey put emphasis on the “unbreakable” bonds she made in the house and how she loves everyone. Her words were well said but I think I’d go more with the open-minded changed player than the girl who professes to have strong ties to certain people in the house. With Loveita back in the game there are so many possibilities. With Kelsey in the game things will go back as they will the Third Wheel controlling everything. #Team Loveita is where I am at.



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