Big Brother Canada 4: Episode 12 Blog Recap


BBCAN_PATREONThe house was left reeling after an intense double eviction! Wait til they find out it was fake. The girls weren’t in the Suite five minutes before Mitch was ratted out as a snitch for both sides. Hopefully this information will allow the girls to put their differences aside and work together. Maddy thinks she’s just proven that she makes her own decisions and that to the other side it makes her look separate from Dallas. She Big Brother Canada, Big Brother Canada, Your Reality Recaps, BBCAN4doesn’t realize that now no one will trust her. Dallas is livid and feels betrayed and wastes no time telling her what a terrible decision she made not just for her but for the three of them. Tim thinks it was stupid move and even Nikki can’t comprehend why she’d turn her back on her friends. Joel is devastated that his best friend has left the game. Dallas reassured him that he is cool with him and Cassandra offers him a spot with her and Tim.. With Kelsey out of the pictures the brothers think that they have an in with Jared and now that Maddy has screwed him they are out of his sights as well. All Maddy did was prove she has no loyalty so her days in the BBCAN Grand will be numbered.

A chest arrives in the living room. It’s a BBCAN time capsule with pictures of the house guests renamed looking like something out of the 1860’s and it comes with a video. We all know that Big Brother just doesn’t do things Big Brother Canada, Your Reality Recaps, Big Brother Canada, BBCAN4for fun, but only Mitch seems to have caught on it will probably be information they need later.  Mitch isn’t sharing his suspicions with anyone. Sure enough the new HOH competition is called Blast From The Past. A quiz based on what they saw from the Time Capsule. The answer to the question is either A or B and the person with the most points at the end wins. Phil is playing for the brothers and is doing awful making Nick shake his head on the sidelines. It comes down to a four-way tie between Tim, Jared, Cassandra and Mitch. Going to the tiebreaker the chalk boards come out. Maddy asks how many balls were transferred in the Locked Lips competition. The answer was 193 and Tim came the closest with 151. Tim is our new HOH, the house better buckle up!

It’s not a Big Brother Canada week without some fun! Big Brothers Task this week is an old-fashioned game of Big Brother Canada, Big Brother Canada, BBCAN4Big Brother Says. If they complete all the tasks Big Brother says to do they will win a Pizza party! First up a male and female have to switch clothes on the spot. Cassandra opts out as she isn’t wearing underwear. Mitch and Maddy agree to do it. They are challenged to eat a ghost pepper and Phil does it. Next is one person has to lick another’s armpit. Phil volunteers to be the licker since he can’t feel his tongue anyways and his brother kindly allows him to to lick him. Cassandra does a body shot off of Dallas.  Barf. Cassandra you just earned my respect and lastly Joel receives the most awkward lap dance from Raul. Keep your day job honey, dancing is not your thing.

With Tim as HOH and the house alliance shifting things are crazy. Cassandra has secured his spot in Tim’s bed as his right hand lady. Dallas isn’t sure what Tim will do and Jared and Raul are sticking together but trying Big Brother Canada, Big Brother Canada, Your Reality Recaps, BBCAN4to navigate this new relationship without their glue Kelsey. Tim quickly realized that HOH isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. He has to make enemies now. So it’s his mission to find a way to nominate people without pissing off the house and entertaining him at the same time. Tim calls a house meeting to explain his nomination process. He is going to go all BB Australia on us. Each person gets 5 koalas that they can split between 2 people. One by one they will enter his office and give him the names, how many koalas and reason as to why they are nominating him. BRILLIANT! He’s washing his hand of the blood and finding out each persons game at the same time. Trust me when I say you will see this happen over and over by HOH’s for years to come. Tim has just changed the game of Big Brother. Right off the bat Dallas is on everyone’s list even Dallas. He doesn’t want to play Tim’s game so all his koala’s go on to him. Mitch and Joel are skeptical of Tim and his motives and even Dallas tells his nemesis Jared to keep an eye on him if he’s evicted.

Big Brother Canada, Big Brother Canada, Your Reality Recaps, BBCAN4The results are in and the gummies have spoken. The four highest koala recipients were Dallas, Maddy, Joel and Ramsey.  Dallas by a landslide had the most koalas against him and Ramsey with 9 had the second highest. Tim reveals less than 5 koalas separated  Ramsey and the third place finisher. Had Dallas chose to use his gummies the results could have been different and he wouldn’t have been on the block with his closest alliance member!

Did you love or loathe the koala nominations? In theory I adore Tim’s reasons. Do I love Ramsey is on the block, no. I think if nominations stay the same Dallas will most likely leave the BBCAN house this week but  this has been a strange season and nothing is as it seems with these guys so I am nervous. Comment below and let me know what you thought of Tim, his nominations and who you want to leave the BBCAN Grand


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