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BBCAN_PATREONEaster came early for us Big Brother fans, in the form of an insanely dramatic 90 minute eviction episode! We were informed earlier this week of the double fake eviction and we all sat wondering; what could this mean? How is this going to play out? We got our answers and it was AMAZING.

First we need to finish the current week. With Dallas failing to make a big move with his Veto yet again, BFF’s Raul and Kelsey sit on the block. Both have agreed to leave it to fate and no campaign. although they did have supporters doing their dirty work for them Mitch was on Team Raul, and campaign guru Cassandra was on Team Kelsey. You’d think Jared would be going around the house begging people to keep his lady love Big Brother Canada, Your Reality RecapsBig Brother Canada 4in the house but no. The green-eyed monster reared its ugly head and Jared was very unhappy with Kelsey flirting with Phil and told Tim and Cassandra he wanted her out. He and Kelsey even had it out leaving the status of their showmance in jeopardy. Never fear the two do manage to mend fences and even share their first kiss this week. One budding showmance that didn’t stand the test of time was Maddy and Nick. Confiding in Phil she needed her space, she wanted him to let Nick down gently. Phil unfortunately has the subtly of a Mack Truck and draws the poor kid into the conversation as he passes by breaking his little heart.

Big Brother Canada, Your Reality Recaps, Big Brother Canada 4We quickly get into the live vote. Kelsey is evicted by a landslide. She can’t leave the house without one last dig at her nemesis Maddy. As she leaves the house she reveals Maddy’s treasured plastic duck. On stage with Arisa she is told that while she is out of the house for now there is a chance her Big Brother life may NOT be over. I’m not sure whether it was shock of being evicted and having made her peace with that or that she was just ready to go home but she was less than thrilled at the prospect of being let back into the house.

Now things get crazy. We quickly move into the HOH Challenge. It’s the comp quiz where you square off in pair the one that answers right picks two more to go head to head answering questions about if the competition being described was HOH, Veto or Have or Have Not. Nikki and Tim were Big Brother Canada, Your Reality Recaps, Big Brother Canada 4paired up by random draw and Tim answers the first correctly. The pool starts thinning quickly. This competition is so important to see who thinks who is a threat. Mitch made it through the whole competition without being picked until it was just him and Maddy left standing. Arisa asks her questions and Mitch (who we know is brilliant) seems to have a hard time deciding and Maddy is now the new HOH. I don’t for one second believe that Mitch didn’t know the answer to that question which was about the last HOH competition that he and Joel won! He was not ready to show his cards or make any quick decisions and let Maddy take it to watch her crash and burn.

Big Brother Canada, Your Reality Recaps, Big Brother Canada 4She quickly needs to make her nominations. By quick I mean walk in and make up your mind. No commercial break to confer with your alliance or anything. I for one love that style. Where you need to make up your own mind without influence. Especially for a weaker player like Maddy who’s strategically not so strong. She quickly puts up Raul and Jared. Could The Third Wheel possible take two hits in one night. The thought makes me giddy.

Veto comes quickly. Dressed in roller derby wear Maddy, Jared and Raul are joined by Nick, Joel and Tim. They have to skate with their knees tied together and fill their beaker on one side of the track with the liquid on the other side. The comp was over before you can even get a  feel for who was in the lead because Nick is a Big Brother Canada, Your Reality Recaps, Big Brother Canada 4roller skating genius and wins his second power of Veto for the brothers. Maddy has a quick minute to talk to Dallas and she tells him she wants to back door Loveita! Dallas is not happy and is trying to explain to her why this is a bone head move and she just won’t listen. I am with Dallas on this as much as it pains me. It’s too soon for this move. Loveita is working on the same goal as you why are you getting rid of her. She rocks comps and will do the dirty work for you. There are too many people left in the game to start flipping around like this. If you don’t want to take a direct hit at Third Wheel take out Cassandra. You weaken them and Tim at the same time! Nick ultimately decided to use the Veto to save Jared because, well, Phil has a man crush on Jared and can’t risk him being sent from the game. Phil is hoping to fill Kelsey’s spots in Jared’s alliance and Nick is at his brother’s mercy. Maddy sticks with her plan of action and put Loveita up on the block.

Big Brother Canada, Your Reality Recaps, Big Brother Canada 4It’s no surprise that Loveita is voted from the house. Dallas voted to evict Raul along with Joel who looked like he just wanted to cry. Ramsey was heartbroken as well but followed Maddy’s lead because she has him by the balls since breaking up with Nick. Ramsey needs to watch himself. That girl is going to put a big red bulls eye on his back when he has been so far sitting under the radar with Mitch! Loveita leaves the house with class and is happy as a clam to talk to Arisa. She is even happier when she’s told her Big Brother life is not over. Total night and day reaction between Kelsey and Loveita!

The two girls are reunited on stage and we are all let in on what is going to happen this week. The reunion was somewhat chilly shall we say. I was in the audience and there was a palpable chill in Kelsey. Big Brother Canada, Your Reality Recaps, Big Brother Canada 4These two rivals will be holed up in a secret suite in the BBCAN Grand. In this suite they are able to watch all the moves their house mates are making and they are able to hear some conversations. They are also told they will be able to control things within in the game. Kelsey is still chilly on her way out of the studio and once they arrive in the suite it is very awko taco between the two of them. Loveita is trying her best to make the most of this situation and for now at least Kelsey is very closed off. Maybe its shock. A lot has happened in a very short amount of time. Let’s hope for both their sakes Kelsey opens up to this situation and the two use their time wisely. No is not the time for rivalry. Only one will return. You need to use each other, get your information, make up a game plan or two so you can go in prepared and be thankful that you have a second chance!

How will these two get back in the house. I will assume that it’s a competition. With Easter weekend happening I think that a vote is highly unlikely. We just need to be thankful there are feeds as Big Brother normally shuts them down for the holiday to give the crew some time off. They also added a 5th feed so we can watch the two girls possibly kill each other. Who do you want to see go back in the house. I personally want Loveita in there. If Kelsey goes in things will just resume the way they were. Jared and Raul will fall back in with her and I want things shaken up! I can’t wait for next week to unfold. Comment below and let me know what you think!



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