Big Brother Canada 3: Episode 24


Godfrey Mangwiza battles it out in 100 minutes of hell in BBCAN3 episode 24The house is shook up from yet another BBCAN twist. Just when they thought things couldn’t get crazier with a triple eviction, Brittnee pulls out two safety necklaces. Both sides of the house know they now NEED to win. Godfrey is playing both sides still, telling Zach and Sarah what they need to hear. Does Zach believe him, nope. Does Sarah and Brittnee believe them. A little. Godfrey is and always will be the wild card and they all know that. Big Brother has turned into Fear Factor this week with the 100 Minutes of Hell competition. Seems easy, lay there and just count. But Big Brother is throwing smoke in their eyes and Sarah is a rock in 100 minutes of hell on BBCAN3 episode 24sending in creepy clowns which even sends Ashleigh into a tizzy. They play with their emotions by playing messages from home and even trying to annoy the crap out of them by playing Graig’s voice. Nothing seems to shake them until the water starts filling their boxes. It’s freezing cold and feels like razors. All manage to make it through, then come the worms. Big Brother blast meal worms into their boxes and that is where you lose me folks. It was the beginning of the end for everyone else too. Zach taps out and Brittnee follows right after. A second blast of worms sends Pili screaming out of her box and it’s a battle between Godfrey and Sarah. Sarah has been a rock, her counting strategy is working when she thinks she’s close she starts to bargain with Godfrey. You’re safe, I got you, I just need my letter. It’s all Godfrey needs, he taps out and Sarah is right after. Ashleigh reveals the times. Brittnee and Zach are the farthest away and also get rewarded with being a have not. with a time of 98.04 SARAH WINS HOH.

Brittnee Blair and Sarah Hanlon celebrate her HOH win on BBCAN3 episode 24After everyone clears out of her HOH room Sarah and Brittnee can just sit and think about their journey. Night one they had each others back and here they are Week 8 still standing after fighting and clawing their way there. Their dream is to sit in the final 2 together. The Diaper Alliance is down and out. They know two are going up. Zach knows its him, and Ashleigh is sure she’ll be beside him. Godfrey sits pretty on his deal with Sarah and hopes that she is true to her word and doesn’t put him on the block. Zach is going to make the most of his Have Not room time with Brittnee to try to save himself.

Ashleigh Wood gets to see her mom on BBCAN3 episode 24This weeks task is a pizza challenge! This is my kind of competition. Blindfolded in pairs they need to taste 5 pizzas and guess the 4 ingredients. Ashleigh and Godfrey, Pilar and Zach and Brittnee and Sarah are paired up. For the have-nots this challenge is a God send. Everyone seems to have a good handle on their ingredients. Godfrey and Ashleigh are the most confident. With 17/20 ingredients correct Ashleigh and Godfrey win. They get a 500 gift card to Pizza Godfrey Mangwiza's sister tells him she's pregnant on BBCAN3 episode 24Pizza and a surprise to come later. The whole house is treated to a pizza party and letters from home. With everyone locked in the HOH room Ashleigh is called downstairs for her surprise. In the back yard waits her mom. She has two minutes to talk to her. Her mom gives her a pep talks, ensures her she is doing amazing and whoosh backyard goes black and mom is gone.  Godfrey is up next and in the backyard his sister Ruth waits. She gives him some afro maintenance tips. Water Godfrey, our hair needs moisture! Then she gives him the best news EVER. He’s going to be an uncle again. She’s pregnant and he’s over the moon about it. CONGRATULATIONS RUTH AND GODFREY! Godfrey and Ashleigh take a moment together to compose themselves after seeing their loved ones.

Zach Oleynik and Ashleigh Wood are nominated on BBCAN3 episode 24Sarah and Britt talk about nominations. Zach and Ashleigh are the obvious choices but they need to think of the game from all sides. The pros and cons of each of them get brought up. The Diapers know they are going up. Zach is feeling especially vulnerable as he should. Not wanting to waste her HOH  Sarah is going to make a big move, one that should have been made long ago. Looking fantastic Sarah nominates Zach and Ashleigh. Using the chess analogy she refers to Zach as the King and if she doesn’t do this now, he’ll checkmate them all at the end. Ashleigh while not a pawn she doesn’t want her to go anywhere. She respects her game, but her loyalty has landed her on the block.

Will Captain Canada finally get sent to jury? We will find out on Wednesday, but before that the Big Brother Canada Awards are back and you need to vote for your favorites! Jon and I are live recapping this weeks Double eviction this Friday AT 3pm You aren’t going to want to miss this show! Before then though you need to check out the amazing exit interviews with all the evicted and our shows with Graig and Johnny  and Naeha below. As always  all our recaps are on our BBCAN page.  We also have exit interviews every Thursday so tweet us your questions #YRRLive right after the episode so we can ask them what you want to know.  Check out our exit interviews with the evicted house guests and past shows below. 


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