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Sarah Hanlon and Bruno Ielo get heated on BBCAN3 episode 21The house is spinning from the shocking triple eviction. Everything happened so fast we never got to see what happened on the breaks. I heard from people in the audience the room was intense. Even crazier that finale night last year. Luckily Big Brother fills on in on the drama. Things get heated after the veto and before the live vote between Sarah and Bruno.  She is pissed off that Bruno saved Zach.  The two have a yelling match about where Bruno’s loyalties lie. He displays a temper we have yet to see, and gets right in her face screaming. After Willow’s eviction Sarah faces the emotions of being the one that sent her home. Brittnee tries to help her through it but now Sarah needs to win HOH this week to keep them both safe. Brittnee plays it as she thought Willow would stay and now they may be screwed but truthfully she wanted Willow out so Sarah would be more focused  and on her side. Willow clouded Sarah’s judgement.

The house guests get a day to process the triple eviction and it’s time to find a new HOH. The backyard looks like a torture chamber from the mideival times and Brittnee is dressed up like a dominatrix. It’s endurance this week finally. They get to choose their poison. There is plank, stake and stockade. Brittnee pulls their chips to determine the order. Zach and Bruno pick plank where they lay on a tilted slab of wood with only to handles to hold on. Sarah and Pilar pick stake and have to  hold on to a pole with only tiny foot holds to help them. Ashleigh and Godfrey are left Brittnee Blair leads the House guests in a tortured HOH on BBCAN3 episode 21with Stockade where they must balance a ball on a piece of wood with their head and arms locked up.  Barely into the comp Godfrey drops the ball. In his DR he says it’s all part of his plan to seem weak.  The twist, at certain points you can switch if the other person agrees. At the first switch Zach switches with Ashleigh. Then things get harder. The plank starts to shake, Smoke and fire surround the pole and the stockade starts to spin. At the second switch Bruno switches with Zach. Pilar is down second and Sarah holds on some more but the pole gets the best of her. Worst case scenario for Zach going home with him and his 2 closest allies in the game left. The plank shakes worse and the spinning gets faster. Zach can’t hold on anymore and he drops. Bruno and Ashleigh are battling it out. For the first time Bruno plays they “I need to see my kids” card. Ashleigh is immune to his guilt trip and after hours Bruno finally drops his ball and ASHLEIGH IS THE NEW HOH. I’d be upset but the Have Not twist basically makes her HOH nominations useless anyways. The real fun starts when we find out who Canada picks as Have Nots.

The girls keep getting interupted by the boys on BBCAN 3 episode 21The house guests don’t now a twist is a brewing so game talk is in full effect. Sarah tries to rally the girls. Bruno and Zach won’t have it though and bust in on the game talk multiple times. Does Sarah care. NOT AT ALL. Game talk continues. Ashleigh says she isn’t letting Zach run her HOH. I want her to be strong and see needs to leave. She does say Pilar is her ride or die and it gives me hope, but as long as they are in bed together, Zach isn’t going anywhere. Godfrey is the odd man out in the couples paradise. He sees it as Sarah/Brittnee, Bruno/Zach and Ashleigh/Pilar. He goes to Bruno Ielo comforts Brittnee Blair as she is put on slop for the 5th time on BBCAN3 episode 21work convincing each pair he is on their side to stay off the block. Ashleigh informs him of her plan to put up Sarah (because Zach said to) but she needs a pawn and Godfrey your it! Ashleigh also calls everyone into the living room. She has some news. Canada has voted on the have nots this week and…………Brittnee and Sarah you are have nots for the week. Brittnee takes the news hard. It’s her 5th week as a have not AND she now thinks Canada hates her. Sarah and Brittnee are both gutted by the thought of Canada hating them. The house tries to comfort them but Brittnee really can’t get past it. Wait ladies till you find out WHY you’re a have not. You aren’t hated, you are LOVED!

Godfrey Manzwiga and Sarah Hanlon are nominated for eviction  on BBCAN3 episdoe 21Ashleigh needs to make her nominations now, or should I say Zach’s nominations. Into the vault she goes to mull over her options and true to her word Sarah and Godfrey are on the block. She tells Sarah that she is an amazing social player and that is why she needs to put her up. We all know it’s Bruno and Zach’s decision, but she’s too blind to realize that these boys will pick off the girls one by one. She tells Godfrey’s she doesn’t know where his head is at, good look in the  Veto. Will Brittnee end up being a pawn again this week. What are your thoughts on the secret veto power? Are there just too many twists at this point in the game. Comment below and let me know!

NA_fullJon and I are so excited to talk about all the twists and their impact this season with   BBCAN3’s  Slayha herself Naeha Sareen this Friday AT 3pm We’ll see how she feels about all the dramatic twists and how she feels about being one of their victims. You aren’t going to want to miss this show! Before then though you need to check out the amazing exit interviews with all the evictes and our shows with Graig and Johnny below. As always  all our recaps are on our BBCAN page.  We also have exit interviews every Thursday so tweet us your questions #YRRLive right after the episode so we can ask them what you want to know.  Check out our exit interviews with the evicted house guests and past shows below. 


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