Big Brother Canada 3: Episode 2


Brittnee Blair tries slop for the first time on Big Brother Canada 3 Episode 2After a whirlwind first few hours with nominations and veto played we have Risha and Pilar sitting on the block and everyone settles in for the night. Mingling and getting to know the surrounding with no furniture. Sindy is super cocky about winning the veto and Risha vows to fight. Sindy takes this time to bring her BFFN strategy into effect, comforting Risha. Risha’s first line of defense is some very awkward flirting with Kevin Martin and Johnny Cortuglio cuddle for the night on Big Brother Canada 3 episode 2 Kevin. Can Risha flirt her way to safety this week? All they have to eat and drink is slop and water, so everyone tries the slop and the reactions are priceless but needless to say, no one is loving it. To the point that Ashleigh even threw up. Johnny is already in love……with Kevin and the Canadian “Zankie” is formed. We shall call them “Kehnny”. Looks like even though there are plenty of young women to snuggle up with, Kevin is snuggling with Johnny for the evening. Sindy and Risha are already talking about the votes. Sindy wants her to campaign now, Risha wants to lay low for the night. All they have for sleeping is the pads from the bathroom seats and towels. Big Brother provided them with some sleep masks but that is it. Sweet dreams house guests.

Everyone works together to get access to The Vault on Big Brother Canada 3 episode 2After an uncomfortable night, what would be my dream, came true. Arisa wakes them up. DO THEY KNOW HOW LUCKY THEY ARE! After a night with nothing she reveals how they can get their things and furniture back. Easy peasey lemon squeezey I say. Hold 5 giant balloons off the ground for 5 hours each to reveal one number each ballon to The Vault access code. No biggie. In as little as 25 hours everything in the Big Brother Canada world is theirs. One balloon down, four to go and Kevin is called to the diary room. Sindy is now working on her BFFN now strategy from Pilar.  She has now gone from she never hugged me to we’re BFF’s. I hate to say she will probably go far with this strategy if she can keep it together. The first challenge of the season is his and it’s to make a balloon drop without being detected and he gets $1000. He deliberates for a hot second, knowing it could kill his game if they figure it out BUT the fans would love it! Of course he does it. Everyone is tired, hungry and 2 hours into their second balloon. Kevin sneaks an earring from the kitchen wrapped in a towel and “helps” hold the balloon and after a few minutes POP….challenge complete. Meanwhile as they The Big Brother Canada 3 house guests have 45 minutes to put everything away on episode 2balloons are being held up alliances are being formed. Zach and Jordan have a secret alliance. Brains and brawn, nobody will every guess. Brittnee and Sarah are joining forces and are  on to Kevin. While everyone else is thinking he’s the goofy cute one, there is something about him that Sarah just doesn’t trust. They finally get all the numbers to the access code. They are hopeful to get in a few tries, how hard can it be right? Johnny is the code cracker and after what seems like forever he cracks. They tried every which way and they can’t get it. Kevin is there for moral support and Zach steps in. Voila! Fresh eyes and the vault is open. They now have 45 minutes to put all the furniture in the correct places. Big Brother has given them a map of what goes where. They all pull together and get it all away and finally comfort in the Big Brother house. While Graig holds yoga class in the back yard Risha and Sindy are talking game. Risha is mad that she is working so hard to stay in the game while Pilar is just floating around. Will Risha loose her cool? Too bad they don’t realize all this campaighnging is for nothing

Risha Denner is the first evictee from The Big Brother Canada 3 house Finally we get down to the vote or lack of vote. Arisa tells the nominees into the Vault. Each is given an envelope and sent back to the living room. Opening their envelopes reveals who is safe and who is evicted. Unfortunately Risha is has been eliminated from the house. That has to sting being sent home by the vote of an entire country! We do learn the next twist of this game is that Risha and the next 4 evictees have a chance to return to the game. She’s going into sequester, so we may see Risha and her boobs again very soon. The first HOH is about to begin. They are competing in “Wall to Wall”. They all have a small ledge and rope to stand on, last one standing is the new HOH. The first 8 will compete in the first have not competition of the season. Of course it’s endurance so we have to wait til Sunday to find out how wins HOH.

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