Big Brother Canada 3: Episode 16


BBCAN316-1Sindy and Godfrey are up on the block and neither of them are going to take this lightly. After nominations Pilar asks Sindy for a hug and Sindy quietly whispers that she is disappointed in her. Sindy spilled all the house secrets to her in hope that Pilar would make a good game move which didn’t happen. There was no freaking out, no screaming or yelling. Just a quiet word in her ear. Well Pilar took her words to heart and started to cry. Everyone jumped to her console her. Bobby seem especially angry and started saying how she had no right to say that to such a sweet girl. Did I miss something. I’m not quite sure what everyone was getting bent out of shape about BUT poor Sindy had to pee and had to walk through the awkward situation in the bathroom. While she’s on the toilet, Bobby is on the other side of the door running his mouth. OK Bobby, talk shit about someone who is literally in the shitter. Sindy just wants him to talk to her face not behind her back.

BBCAN316-2Players for the Veto are picked. Willow, Bobby and Kevin are chosen and Godrey and Sindy realize they are in this for themselves. KFC has sponsored this Veto challenge called BB Concentration. Each player choses BBCAN316-4a $5 fill up box and infront of them are tables with plates and lids. Under the lids are the items in the box, They need to find all 5  items in their box to win Veto and $5000. Hidden under these lids are game changers like start over, mystery and the worst of the worst eliminated which takes you out of the challenge. Sindy starts off strong, It’s not long before Godfrey got start over, which you think is bad but the box you get instead only has 3 items so it’s all good. Sindy also gets a start over. Willow find switch boxes and of course chooses Sindy. She also ended up with two mystery cards to be open after the challenge. Then it happens. Sindy uncovers the eliminated  card and is done. VeryBBCAN316-3 fitting since she is most likely the one that is going to be eliminated. The house gets quiet. Everyone has sympathy for, it sucks to not have a chance to fight for yourself. Godfrey is up next, gives her a hug and she tells him to win it. He manages to come down to 1 item and him and Willow are neck and neck. Pili reveals Godfrey’s last item, he only needs to remember where it is. His next turn Godfrey uncovers his last item. Godfrey wins Power of Veto. They are all (even have-nots) rewarded with KFC for dinner and Willow gets to open her mystery cards. Card one is the oh so treasured Slop Pass for the rest of the season. Card two is a costume of BB’s choosing for 24 hours. Willow emerges from the DR dressed as a giant ketchup bottle!

bbcan316-5Sarah talk to Sindy about how to campaign. After breaking down at the veto challenge, Sindy is seen in more a human light that comp beast. Be honest, get the Diapers on your side. Lay everything on the line is Sarah’s advice to Sindy. They need to use Zach’s dislike of Bobby to get him as a replacement nominee. Sindy gets the Diapers together and lays it out. bbcan316-6Bobby has this mysterious secret Veto he’s been lying about since he was in the vault with Sindy. Get him on the block, if he has it flush it out, if not send me home. Either way it’s the way to see if he’s telling the truth.  They all see the sense in Sindy’s logic but will they actually be gutsy enough do it. Zach relay’s the information to Kevin, and Pilar’s looks like she is going to cry at the thought of not only replacing Godfrey but if Bobby has the Veto replacing him too. Her and Kevin think of possible replacement nominees to ensure that Sindy goes home.

Kevin’s called to the DR where he is told that he needs to sneak into the vault to win a reward for the house. If he tells anyone he fails and the house is punished. Shortly after Kevin is given his task, Bruno is given his. His task is to make sure Kevin fails. Sarah, Godfrey and Willow are also tasked to do this challenge. Kevin tries to cause some chaos by flooding the HOH room in bubbles but gets caught. He finally gets the idea to have Pili host a cheerleading lesson. Everyone uses this as their opportunity to get in the house. The day then become cat and mouse everyone trying to get in the vault and Bruno being the stealth ninja he is, stops them at every attempt. Godfrey gets extremely frustrated. Why is he following me. Finally Bruno is allowed to come clean and asks who was the one who had the mission to get in the fault. When everyone stands up they are all shocked. Bruno tells him his mission was to stop them and he succeeded. The house is rewarded with a masquerade party.

bbcan316-8It’s time for the Veto meeting where the speeches are getting better and better. Sindy asks Godfrey to use the veto on her, take the 5g’s and go on vacation, she’s alone in the house, use me! Every week I’m here I take the target off you. Bobby is the real threat in this game. Godfrey answers back with he pledged last week he would go after Zach. He is going to stay and fight the good fight. This is not a lovers paradise, its Big Brother! It’s time to regain control of this house and he takes himself off the block. Pilar is now forced to nominate yet another person. She chooses to put Brittnee up stating she’s just a pawn, she loves her and fight hard. Fight hard? Why is she fighting if she’s just a pawn Pilar?

We talk with BBCAN3 Graig Merrit Is it really Sindy’s last week in the house, or will the house do another major blind side and send Brittnee home? Jon and I are going to be live this THURSDAY AT 8PM EST recapping the show. This week we are going to be joined by BBCAN3’s GRAIG MERRITT. We are so excited to talk to him and get all the inside scoop on from the BBCAN3 house. Please not the schedule time change. You aren’t going to want to miss this show! As Always our Recap will be our BBCAN page.  We also will be having exit interviews  on Thursdays so tweet us your questions #YRRLive right after the episode so we can ask them what you want to know.  Check out our exit interviews with the evicted house guests and past shows below. 

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