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Picking up after the nom ceremony, Derek says in DR that he and Kaela have alliances all over the house, and really the only 2 houseguests that he could put up were Ryan and Johnny. Johnny says in DR that he blew up his own game with the vote and lying about it, and now he must do serious damage control. Ryan says that since he is nominated next to Johnny, he feels that he has a good chance of staying this week.

Derek asks to speak with Johnny post-noms, and he tells him that he likes him so much on a personal level. He says that he may be able to win veto and pull himself off the block. Derek is already working for jury votes, yet he hasn’t ever seen a full season of BBCAN. Mmm-kay. Johnny jokes with Derek that he should throw the veto to him. In DR, Johnny says that he wants revenge against Daela so badly, and he won’t get it if he goes home this week.

Ali tells Ryan to fight like hell for the veto. She also tells him not to say anything to anyone about her trying to help him. In DR, Ryan says that he’ll grab onto any alliance that he can get at this point, and with their votes, he’s half-way to staying this week. Ali asks if Johnny has said anything about her, and Ryan says that Johnny said not to trust her.

Johnny says that Erica’s eviction blew up his game, and he is going to need Ali and Liv to stick around. He talks to Liv to see where their heads are. Liv says that he obviously thought that she and Ali were voting for Erica to stay, and he says that he hasn’t really been able to talk to them about it because any pro-Erica conversation would seem anti-Will. He asks her about her plan moving forward, even as far as Ali is concerned. Liv and Johnny have always had a closer relationship than he and Ali. Johnny fishes for if Liv and Ali are aligned with Daela, and Liv says that they aren’t really aligned but she feels that she can trust their word moving forward since they haven’t been on the block for the last 2 weeks since they’ve been in power. Johnny says that Ali and Liv aren’t going to want to go against what Daela wants. Liv is honest with him and says that she doesn’t know, and he may come down with the veto. Johnny tells her that he thought their bond was so solid; Liv doesn’t really respond. Clearly, Daela, Ali and Liv are aligned; fodder for Johnny’s campaigning if he doesn’t win the POV.

Next, Johnny speaks with Ali. He tells her that he’s avoided talking to her about voting Erica out. He tells her that he was told that everyone wanted him on the block this week. He asks if she was one of those people, and she says she wasn’t against it. Ali says that his transgressions over the past 48 hours made her feel that way. Johnny points out that they’ve been playing together for more than 40 days, and he knows where his loyalty lies. Ali tells him that she heard from several people that he and Erica found her untrustworthy, and she has reservations. Johnny says that this is a disaster.

At the POV draw, Maddy, Paras (selected for the first time) and Olivia are the players and Ali picked as the host. Afterwards, in DR, Derek says what a great spot he and Kaela are in because they have alliances on both sides of the house with Ali/Liv and they just solidified “86” with Paras/Maddy. Dumbass, there are 9 people in the house; they are going to compare notes.

Johnny talks to the cameras and says that he’ll be damned if he leaves the house without putting up a fight. He says if they thought he was fiery before, he wants to throw a big nuke and watch it explode. He says he’s thirsty for revenge; he wants to sharpen his fangs, sink them into Daela and laugh evilly. I love this side of Johnny; no longer “sad puppy” strategy, onto thirsty vampire!

For the POV competition, Ali is the queen and Kaela and Will are her royal jesters in the Ye Old Under Fire Tournament. All the players are dressed in medieval costumes. In round 1, they must shoot a bean bag from their slingshot to see who come closest to the center of a giant target. The one that comes closest to the center advances to the final round of the competition. Johnny lands the closest to the center. Unfortunately, this has a downside; he gets the least amount of practice with the sling shot. In each of the subsequent rounds, the players are matched up in order of how far from the center of the target they were. They must shoot cannonballs out of their slingshots to knock down 4 of their competitor’s targets. The winner of each round advances until the final player faces off with Johnny. Rounds:

  1. Paras vs. Liv. Liv advances to round 2. In DR, Paras can’t believe she lost to Olivia.
  2. Derek vs. Liv. Derek advances to round 3. He wants to make it to the final round to beat Johnny.
  3. Ryan vs. Derek. Derek advances to round 4.
  4. Maddy vs. Derek. Derek advances to round 5 against Johnny. While Maddy is tied with Derek, she says she doesn’t want to win this since this is his HOH. Derek says that he has the advantage because he’s had the most practice with the slingshot.
  5. Johnny vs. Derek. Derek beats Johnny by 1 target and wins the POV.

After the comp, Johnny is seriously bummed. He says he loves this game so much, and he doesn’t want to go home this week. Ryan tries to comfort him afterwards, telling him that he was in his position last week, and he’s sorry that he lost the comp. He tells Johnny that it’s not over. Ryan encourages Johnny to convince Derek to use the POV and send someone else home.

Derek and Kaela talk after the POV, and Derek says that it’s just sinking in that he doesn’t have to name a replacement nom, and both of their alliances are fine. Kaela eggs him on as he spins in his chair, and she tells him how hot he is. I’m sick of the Daela show.

Johnny talks to Ali and Liv after losing the POV. He tells them that now that Erica is out of the picture, he feels like there is probably a consensus that he is the next to go. He reminds them that they’re at a point in the game when he thinks that he can be beneficial for their games. He says if they can picture it working, then to please let him fit into that picture. He realizes that it seems that he was loyal to a lot of people in the house. Ali responds, “A lot. It was scary.” Johnny explains that the situation has changed; there is 1 of him and 2 of them. Johnny points out that Daela is working with both sides of the house, leaving themselves with a lot of numbers and them without those numbers. Ali asks for the evening to absorb the information and to talk to Liv about it. In DR, Johnny says that he hopes that they absorb the info he’s given them and don’t blow up his game with Deala. After he leaves, they both say that felt genuine and want to turn this mess around to keep Johnny.

For the Hasbro house party, Kaela, Derek, Ali and Johnny play Jenga. As Johnny is playing with his tower, he jokes that it’s he’s scared that it’s going to come crashing down like his game. They all laugh with him.

Olivia is visibly upset. She says that she is moping around like a swamp monster, missing her family and on slop. She says BB is mentally exhausting. She goes downstairs, and Paras recognizes that Liv is upset so she asks her to talk outside. I can’t tell if Paras is being genuine or going straight for the jugular when she asks Liv what 1 person she would want to see. Liv breaks down sobbing as she responds, “My dad.” Liv is usually so emotionless, that it’s nice to see a softer side to her. However, I wonder if Paras just wanted to see her cry.

Ali approaches Johnny and says that she thinks that taking him out is taking away a number for her and Liv. She wants Johnny to approach Daela and bait them. She wants to see how loyal they are to her and Liv. She tells Johnny to say that he was supposed to have something solid with Erica, Liv and Ali, but the fact that they voted Erica out makes him think that Liv and Ali can’t be trusted in this game. She wants him to say that if Derek saves him, Daela will be his lifeline, and he will help them take out Ali and Liv. (Johnny is probably thinking this is another clue that Daela, Liv and Ali are an alliance.)

Johnny talks to Daela and says that he’s open to any conversations that they may have if they could see that Ryan skating by another week isn’t good for their games. He says that people may feel threatened by him, but that’s a good reason for them to keep him around as another big threat in the house. Derek brings up Johnny being an emotional player. Johnny says that with Erica leaving, he feels super vulnerable and that everyone sees him as someone to get out the door. He says he wants to play smart, not emotionally. Johnny says that he is reevaluating his game since Erica left, and Derek tells him this could be a time when they need each other. Johnny says that’s music to his ears. After he leaves, Derek and Kaela say how much they like Johnny verses Ryan, and that if they keep him it’s a risk that could pay off huge. In DR, Johnny says that he thinks he may have convinced Daela to work with him and maybe use the veto on him without using Ali’s risky plan.

Before the veto ceremony, Derek says he’s got to hand it to Johnny—having him on their side could be huge. He also says that saving Ryan would give them another week in the house but using the veto at all is going to expose their alliances. For his speech, Ryan says that he expects to remain on the block. Johnny tries to be funny with a weird speech about being stranded in the desert with all these vultures ready to eat his eyes and skin. He says Derek can save him from that. In the end, Derek chooses not to use the POV. Derek says this deep into the game, both are threats and one needs to go home this week. He says let the campaigning begin. (Hey, dipshit. It started as soon as Johnny hit the block.) Johnny says it may look like his game is done, but like a phoenix, he will rise from the ashes. Ryan says he’s sitting on the block for the 4th straight eviction, but he thinks he’ll escape it again because Johnny is a very attractive target.

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