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Arisa lets us know at the top of the episode that Canada voted to Save a Nominee this week. UGH! This sucks. I’m going to lose a player that I’m a fan of; I’m sure of it. I advised you guys to hold off on using the twist until next week. Guaranteed by the time you read my spoilers blog on Monday, you’ll wish you had. Fuck; I need a Valium to watch the rest of this episode.

Picking up from after the POV Ceremony, Will isn’t worried being on the block next to Ryan. We’re reminded of Kaela’s threat to backdoor Erica from earlier in the week if Johnny used the POV. If only Johnny had gone with his gut and used the POV on Will, Erica would have been put on the block. Based on all the polls that I’ve seen, she would’ve probably been saved by Canada. But, anyway…

Ryan is super-depressed after the POV meeting since he feels his fate is sealed. He just sits in his seat afterwards because he’s got to scramble to try and stay in the game. He is going to fight to stay. He tells Johnny that the week isn’t over yet, and that he is their best chance to take out Kaela next week. He says that if she doesn’t go next, she’s going to win the whole thing.

Johnny reassures Will that he’s not going home this week because he has the votes to stay. Will wants to know what Ryan is pitching to Johnny and if Ryan is saying anything bad about him. Johnny says that Ryan just told him that he’s had Johnny’s back the whole game.

Paras and Maddy talk. Maddy says that Kaela told her that she was never going on the block. They think that Will has become wrapped around Johnny’s finger. Paras exaggerates that Will said Johnny is his number 1. They discuss that Will would put Daela up because of Johnny’s influence, and Maddy says that they’ll have to leave Will behind if that’s the case. They want to get Johnny out next week. Maddy would’ve been gone in the double had Johnny not fought for her. She can go.  Paras talks about Will running to power each week and because Will feels Johnny is a powerful player, she doesn’t want Will to not be in her corner because of him. Pot, meet kettle. Paras runs to the HOH and every person in the house telling them that she is alone in the game without them. Luckily, on live feeds, people are starting to catch on to her full of shit methods.

Ali and Liv gossip about how super competitive Kaela is, making fun of her trying to seem like a badass as someone tosses a ball her way and she brags about not even flinching in her stupid orange pylon hat. Funnily, they don’t realize Twitter makes fun of Derek as a pylon when he wears that hat. I’m ready for the Ding Dongs to go, but I do appreciate them making fun of Kaela after her bitchy reign as HOH. I’m pissed that it’s not over yet since Canada saved either Ryan or Will. Production could’ve stopped this; someone has made some friends behind the scenes.

Ryan campaigns to Paras, telling her that he should stay over Will. He expresses that he will target Kaela and that everyone else should, too next week or she’s going to win the game. Paras tells him this is worst case scenario because Will is one of her best friends in the house. He tells her that Will has strong social connections, and the longer he stays in the house, the stronger his relationships become. He points out that she would go home if she were nominated next to Will, whereas she would stay if she were nominated next to him. He asks her if in the end, she’s there to make friends or for the win. The audience cheers loudly, and props to Ryan for strong campaigning he’s learned from watching 26 seasons of BB!

Wendy’s challenges the houseguests to get fresh by preparing veggies for 100 salads with Paras as the judge. They are put into 2 teams of 4. The winning team will get Wendy’s meals and video messages from home. Both teams are pumped up to win.

Liv finds a clue from BB with a set of 3 tasks that if she successfully completes, she will win messages from home for the whole house. She must: 1. Take a shower. 2. Take a nap and 3. Eat a salad. Her team is furious that she isn’t participating with them in preparing the veggies. Erica says that she is literally putting Liv on the block next week. Ironically, Liv’s team of Erica, Will and Derek still win the competition without her participation. As Paras announces they won, houseguests from the losing team are crying about losing the competition. Liv then announces that she had a secret task, which she successfully completed, and all the houseguests will get video messages from home. The houseguests cheer, and everyone gets emotional seeing their messages from home.

Ryan campaigns to Canada. He says that things aren’t looking good for him. He explains that he didn’t think he’d be the oldest guy in the house at 39. He pleads that if Canada has the power to save him, he asks that they please do. He says that he loves Canada. It’s obvious from this edit that Ryan is the houseguest that Canada is saving. This is not necessarily an endorsement of Ryan so much as it shows that Canada doesn’t like Daela. What sucks is that by saving Ryan, Kaela is given more power after using HOH to be a see you next Tuesday. I pleaded with Canada to save the twist until next week.

Ali, Liv, Derek and Kaela talk about how Kaela would’ve backdoored Erica if Johnny used the veto. They say that Johnny has gotten in her head, and they think that Erica would target Daela next week. UGH. BBCAN, you so could’ve edited Wednesday’s show to emphasize these conversations. They believe that Erica and Johnny are targeting Daela next week. In DR, Derek says that Johnny and Erica are the last two to come out of their bedroom, and he thinks that they are 100% working together. It’s okay for each of them to have a partner, but Erica and Johnny can’t? On the feeds, they discussed taking Johnny out before Erica. They all promise loyalty to each other as duos.

Will is going to sleep in the red bedroom to Paras and Maddy’s dismay. Paras considers this disloyal. What BBCAN didn’t show you is that he went in there just to break the curse on Merron’s bed. Silly, immature Paras.

Ryan says that he is putting in the work to stay. He talks to Liv asking her if he gets 1 more vote, will his likelihood of staying increase. She tells him there’s always a chance. He tells Erica that there’s no danger to her in keeping him. He talks to Ali, who tells him that he is honestly better for people’s games than Will is. He has conversations with everyone who could vote to keep him. Johnny tells Ryan that he wishes he’d use the veto to save Will, and then they would both be staying this week.

The houseguests are informed about the Canada Saves twist, and that Canada has voted to save one of the nominees. Arisa opens a gold envelope and reveals that Ryan was saved from eviction, which means that Kaela must name a replacement nominee.

Kaela talks to Erica first, and asks her if she wants Will to stay this week. Erica replies that she does, depending on who he’s beside. Next, Ali comes into the pantry to talk to Kaela. She asks her if she’ll vote out Erica if she puts her on the block. Ali says that she thinks it’s too soon, that they need her still and it’s too hasty.

Kaela names Erica is the replacement nominee. Johnny and Ryan vote to evict Will and everyone else votes to evict Erica. Erica hugs some houseguests, with Johnny sobbing that she has been voted out. Johnny says, “Fuck you all.” Erica says, “Literally.” She turns to Kaela and Derek and explodes on them, saying “Fuck both of you.” Kaela says that she heard that she was Erica’s number 1 target. Erica replies, “That’s cute.” Kaela then says that she respects Erica and Erica says that she doesn’t give a shit.

Johnny apologizes for getting so emotional. Then, he and Kaela get into a massive screaming match with Kaela saying that this was the only way that Will would have stayed. Bullshit. Anyone she would have put up would’ve gone home next to Will. Johnny swears that Kaela was misinformed. He says that he’s had many conversations with Erica when she said that she and Kaela were good until the end of the game. Kaela says, “Then, why was I her option to go home?” Johnny says that’s untrue. He’s in tears. Kaela is a massive self-righteous bitch.

Erica gets a standing ovation and the most cheers of anyone yet. Erica tells Arisa that Kaela was scared because she couldn’t beat Erica in competitions, doesn’t have a good social game and only won 1 comp pushing a button. Arisa calls Erica a comp beast. She says that she knows that Erica is heated, and she tells her that Johnny is, too. Erica admits that she’s nervous for Johnny because he’s the only other player that’s won a lot of comps. Shay and her mom appear on the screen to tell her how proud they are of her, with Erica saying how hot she thinks Shay is.

The next HOH competition begins. It’s Before or After. Will is eliminated on the first question. Everyone gets the second question correct. We’ll see the remainder of the competition play out on Monday. Arisa lets us know that jury starts next Thursday.  Be on the lookout for my spoilers blog on Monday.


Before you go, please comment below. What do you think of the season so far and the twist? 

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