#BBCAN5 Lift Off and Eviction Week 1


First off the premiere…Arisa Cox was fierce with the smoky entrance down the stairs of the space age amazing set for Big Brother Canada 5. The newbies received more robust introductions and went in four at a time. Lots of muscle flexing from the guys and sultry looks from the girls. Dillon was the first one to walk into the house, and never has the first houseguest in won Big Brother across all franchises.

Then came the first HOH comp, and it was comical. As the houseguests were put in space age costumes and partnered up randomly, one was harnessed to the wall and the other had to hug their partner while they stood on a platform together and were slowly lowered via a cable. It was a tough endurance competition requiring balance and upper body strength. At one point, Demetres asked Kevin if he could go down. Then, Demetres slid down to his knees while hugging Kevin’s body and it looked like…well, use your imagination. They fell shortly thereafter with Kevin bonking his head. When Neda fell, the Twitter rumors are true—she was sent to the hospital as was confirmed on live feeds Thursday night. Ultimately, with Sindy with an S as her personal cheerleader, Karen and Sindy made a deal with Ika and Dre for safety for the week. Karen said she wanted to be HOH, and Sindy immediately said that Karen would be the season’s first HOH for powering through the pain. Sindy then convinced Karen that she should take out the physical competitors and steered her away from the veteran players. Her nominees were ultimately Mark and Demetres.

Night two of premier week, we see a cave themed Veto Competition with Mark, Demetres, Karen, Ika, Kevin and Bruno as the competitors. During the comp, the players were wearing cave-man themed costumes with a boulder attached to their ankles, and Dillon was the host. The goal of the competition was to bring tiles back one at a time that matched cave emojis on the wall, then to flip the tiles over to reveal letters and complete the phrase, “Dig your own cave.” After 8 trips through the brown water filled obstacle course, players could remove their boulders. Ultimately, Bruno won the competition, and he decided not to use the Power of Veto because he didn’t want Karen to backdoor one of the veterans.

During the vote, Mark was evicted in a 7 to 6 vote. It was also revealed the Neda received the “Safe until Jury” vote from Canada.

Immediately after the show, the feeds came on and it turns out we missed a lot of drama that didn’t make it into the two-night premiere. There was fighting between Sindy and Karen, Ika and Sindy, Ika and Cassandra and Cassandra and Mark. Oh to be a fly on the wall. And now we can be thanks to live feeds.


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