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Photos of the new Big Brother Canada 5 Odyssey themed house have been released. This is one intergalactic adventure I’d like to go on, except for the Have Not room. The house tour was officially given by Arisa Cox, host of Big Brother Canada, on ET Canada. Arisa explains: “The past is about to collide with the present in a fight for the future.” With the theme of Odyssey, a space-age battle royal between 8 fan-favorite past houseguests and 8 newbies starts tomorrow night at 9 p.m. on Global TV. The house is extremely sleek and futuristic with angled lines and nods to time-bending other dimensions and space travel. “We are rocketing through deep space and unraveling the fabric of time.”

Arisa said to expect the theme of transcending time and space playing out in twists throughout the season. Check out the house in the slide show above. She also hinted that it’s not necessarily going to be newbies pitted against veterans as I initially thought. A sneak peek at the upcoming HOH competition shows that a newbie and a veteran will be paired up and the winner of the endurance competition will then choose between themselves to be the season’s first HOH. Will the entire season be played paired up? Interesting…the game hasn’t even started and already our first twist!

Now for the above slide show:
Picture 1: The pool table and lounge, where houseguests can have drinks and play pool while strategizing.
Picture 2: Panoramic view of the backyard, where comps will be won and fates will be sealed.
Picture 3: The pool, an intergalactic retreat where certain houseguests are sure to bare their bods searching (hoping) for a showmance. Newb mistake, but Sindy with an S might go there, too.
Pictures 4, 5 and 6: Hibernation Pods: This is where houseguests will sleep. Will they do other things under the covers?
Picture 7: At the core of the ship is the bathroom.
Picture 8: The kitchen is space chic and extremely modern.
Picture 9: A well-appointed pantry. Don’t we all want a pantry like this in our houses?
Picture 10: The Dining Room. Fancy!
Picture 11, 12 and 13: The HOH room and Command Center, which is the nerve center of the house where the HOH will make game-changing decisions.
Picture 14: The Have Not Room. O.M.G. Gary is going to lose his mind worse than in Season 1 when he sees this. How will anyone sleep in here? This is by far the worst Have Not room I’ve ever seen on any season of Big Brother across all franchises.
Picture 15, 16, 17 and 18: The upstairs lounge and entrance to Odyssey house, the downstairs lounge and the living room with video wall.
Picture 19: The hot tub hang out. Another spot for showmances to begin. Or a place to pee in…if you’re Paulie from US BB18.

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