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Episode 27:
Ika was very close to winning the Solve for X HOH, but Demetres beat her to win his 5th HOH, giving him the record for most HOHs in a season of BBCAN. He’s also won 2 POV’s which gives him the record for most comp wins in a season. Ika really wanted to win the HOH to guarantee her spot in the final 3.

Kevin is irritated that Demetres and Ika are still there. He is talking to himself in the pantry saying that putting Dillon up as the replacement nom could have been $100K mistake. Karen says in DR that she wants Demetres and Ika to win 1st and 2nd place. Kevin wanted a split vote so that he could add getting Demetres out to his BB resume, but Karen didn’t want to give him that opportunity.

Ika is upset with Demetres for not letting her win the HOH. They have a super awkward conversation. She congratulates him for making final 3, telling him that they’ve had a great partnership. She feels it’s been 1 sided, though. She was ready to go out 5th so that he could get further in the game. Demetres feels guilty for winning, and Ika tells him she isn’t mad at him, just disappointed in herself. She sleeps in the pink room and tells Demetres to stay in his ‘little room’ that he won. The next day she forgives him and they are making out again.

Nikki Graham shows up to style the houseguests for the BBCAN awards. She gets drunk on vodka and naps in the HOH bed until it’s time for the red carpet. She takes pictures with the houseguests, and then the final 4 enjoy the awards show.

We are shown 4 awards:
1. Best makeup mayhem. Winner: Ika’s brows

2. Best fight. Winner: Ika vs. Neda

3. Best kiss. Winner: Kevin and William

4. Best foodie. Winner: Dillon eating egg rolls

Kevin is on the outs with the remainder of the final 4. Karen lets Kevin know that he’s been blacklisted since Day 6 when he became a ‘defector’ and voted to keep Mark. She hasn’t trusted him since then. Ika tells Demetres that no showmance has ever made it to Final 2, and Kevin Martin is standing in their way. Demetres tells Kevin that they have been after each other since Week 7. No one has won an HOH besides them since Day 34. He tells Kevin that this week will be no different since he’s putting him on the block again. It’s obvious as a viewer that Kevin didn’t start playing until Bruno was evicted. Kevin and Karen are nominated. Demetres tells Kevin that he has a good chance to beat any of them in Final 2.

Episode 28:
BBCAN sets up the finale as a battle of titans between The Greek and The Card Shark. BBCAN points out that Demetres has the record for most competition wins in any season. Kevin has been playing alone since Bruno left.

The Final 4 POV is a unique days comp. Using magnetized placards of events and day numbers , players must match the events on the top level with the day they occurred in the “underworld” (lower level). They must climb up and down a ladder to switch between worlds and must complete the comp in 45 minutes. In the episode, the houseguests are shown going out of order. Ika actually went 1st, then Kevin, Karen was 3rd and Demetres went last. Since this took place overnight, Karen and Demetres went at 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. respectively. Kevin was announced as the Veto winner at 5 a.m. He got down on his knees for Karen to put the veto necklace on him. Um, Kevin, you aren’t being knighted.

Dillon arrives at the jury house. He tells the jurors that Kevin won HOH and nominated Ika and Demetres. He explains that Kevin won the veto, and after Ika told him to shove the veto up his ass, he gave her the veto and put Dillon up as the replacement nom. Dillon then reads a letter from Big Brother. Each of the Final 4 have :60 to plead their cases to the jury.

They watch the pleas in hopes of gaining perspective on how each of them has played their games. As they watch, they each say that they hoped for more from Kevin, wanted to hear more about how Demetres wasn’t Ika’s lapdog and were surprisingly impressed with Karen’s story of her game. Karen explained that she wanted to latch onto a power couple. She picked Ika on Day 2 and Demetres on Day 3. She explains that while it seems that they drug her along to the end, she saved them in Week 5 and Week 8. This impressed all the jurors.

Arisa comes on the TV in the living room and tells the houseguests that 1 of them will be evicted within the hour. Ika campaigned to Kevin, stroking his ego. She said the he, Demetres and herself were most deserving to win BBCAN5. Ika tells him that evicting her will seem like a weak move and taking Karen to final 3 is going the easy route. Kevin says that of everyone left, he respects Ika’s game the most. Kevin says that taking Karen is a bitch move. Kevin tells Ika that she is one of if not THE best BBCAN player to ever play.
Time for the eviction:

Kevin tells Ika that she’s the baddest bitch to ever walk through those doors and she’s played the best game of all of them, so he must evict her. Ika hugs everyone and tells Kevin that she respects him. So close, yet so far—I hate to see Ika out of the game in 4th place because she played an outstanding game and was the most entertaining houseguest. She was in the house with Gary and Cassandra, so that’s saying something! Arisa tells Ika that she is now an even bigger Big Brother legend than she already was. I hate that she walked out with no audience because Ika Wong deserves applause. She made BBCAN5 an awesome season. After she leaves, Demetres is crying, but at least he doesn’t ugly cry like Dillon.

The special effects for the BBCAN5 finale are extremely cool. The final 3 are each shown asking the Odyssey to show them how they each got here. Demetres is listed as the Competition Beast, Karen is called the Straight Shooter and Kevin is listed as Strategist.

Then, The Odyssey comes back to Earth, dropping the pods of the Final 3 into prehistoric ruins , where Arisa appears to “Initiate the final HOH competition.”

Part 1 of the Final HOH is an endurance comp that involves running up the steps of the ruins, grabbing a gold bar, sliding down the slide into a mud pit and carefully using a vine to balance a platform upon which they build a pyramid with the gold bars. The running and sliding part need to go as fast as possible, while the pyramid must be balanced very slowly with the vine. The set for this comp is amazing, from the steps and slides to the mud pits in the shape of a dinosaur’s foot. It’s also extremely difficult with all 3 players dropping gold bars from their pyramids. When that happens, the dropped bars must be returned to the top of the stairs and the pyramids rebuilt. Kevin and Demetres ran neck and neck at times, but Demetres pulled out the win, which means he is competing in Part 3 of the HOH with the winner of Part 2.

For Part 2 of the HOH, Karen and Kevin compete. They must solve 5 questions using ropes to make constellations with the stars named after houseguests. Each constellation uses a specific length of rope, with all of them varying in length. Once each constellation is completed, they must hit the button to learn if they solved it correctly. Karen goes first, and learns by trial and error that the ropes vary in length. She makes some errors that she ultimately corrects, but by the time she finishes, she is very discouraged by how long it took her to complete the comp. Kevin lays out his ropes at the beginning of the comp, which ultimately saves him time. He studies A LOT so the answers to the questions come to him very quickly. In the end, Karen’s time is over 41 minutes, while Kevin’s is just over 12 minutes.

Arisa checks in with the first 5 evicted houseguests: Mark, Dallas, Cassandra, Gary and Emily. Mark says he wishes he had lasted longer in the game. No shit. Arisa calls Dallas Big Deezy. They all comment on enjoying watching the show from home and seeing plots develop. Cassandra said she would drink wine and yell at her TV during the episodes. Dallas says that he LOVED the double eviction episode; he thinks it was probably the best BBCAN episode ever. (It was!) Neda has yet to learn how much she was hated this season.

For Part 3 of the HOH, Kevin and Demetres face off. They are in a cool cube shaped box with 9 squares outlined in white lights with photos of the jurors featured. The questions were quite difficult. For BBUS, we’re used to seeing Part 3 of the HOH comp have questions about jurors like so-and-so’s favorite moment in the house was A or B. This wasn’t like that. This was tailored to someone who really studied A LOT. Ahem. There were 7 questions planned. Demetres missed 2 in a row after both players getting the first 2 correct. Once question 5 was asked, Kevin got it right and became the Final HOH.

Kevin evicted Demetres. Karen tells Demetres that she really wanted him to win as she hugs him goodbye.

Tim comes in to host the jury deliberations. All the jurors are speculating that Kevin will be the next juror to arrive. When Ika arrives, she hugs several of the jury members and gives Jackie the cold shoulder. Jackie flips her off behind her back. Such a brave girl—do it to her face or when she’s looking. Neda is pushing for Kevin to win. Ika is pushing for Demetres to win. Sindy points out that Ika’s approach may hurt Demetres’ chances. Tim points out that Demetres does have the record for most HOH wins in BBCAN history. Tim points out that Kevin didn’t start playing until half-way through the game, and Neda says that was strategy to keep a target off himself.

The jury is brought in one at a time. They all get some applause, but the crowd goes wild for Ika, clearly a fan-favorite of the season. Then, Demetres walks out as the final member of jury. He gets very loud applause, too. The jury gets to see best-of moments for the first time. There is a segment on how strong the women were this season, and they show how the vets verses newbies theme played into the season. William is shown finding the Secret POV, to everyone’s delight.

As the jury asks questions of Karen and Kevin, it’s clear that the jury is leaning towards Kevin. They do give Karen an opportunity to expand on her statements about keeping Ika and Demetres in the house during week 5 and week 8. She didn’t impress the way she had in her :60 plea. I think that Karen thought she’d be beside Demetres in the end, and she didn’t want to lose potential votes from Ika and Demetres.

Time for the vote: Kevin Robert Martin is voted the unanimous winner of BBCAN5.

Jackie, ever the victim, has said that Ika bullied her in post-show interviews with various outlets. She is someone that constantly sought negative attention during the show, and she’s consistent with doing so afterwards. She will continue to talk about Ika because BBCAN5 was very much the Ika Wong show with Ika coming away with LEGEND status. Jackie is forgettable, except for Karen nicknaming her Flip Flop Floaterville. Rumors are also swirling that Neda and Ika have serious beef, although Neda is faking that everyone is “BBCAN5 Family.” According to past houseguests’ interviews from Your Reality Recaps on Finale night, Jon Pardy was stirring up drama about Neda verses Ika. Watch all the great interviews by Eric Curto and Jon Richardson on from the viewing party and from inside the Odyssey with BBCAN5 houseguests. Fan Your Reality Recaps on YouNow so you’ll know when Eric is going live. Become a Patreon so you get ALL the tea, especially with BB19 starting on 6/28/17.

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