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First, let’s address the JC production drama. Wednesday night, he touched Tyler in what appeared inappropriate on the feeds, rubbing on him while he was sleeping and kissing his arm pit. This was picked up by multiple media outlets. The next day, JC was telling Tyler he would turn him gay by the end of the game. Turn the tables on that…what if Brett said to lesbian contestant Kaycee that he’d turn her straight by the end of the game? Tyler said Thursday morning that JC would not sleep with him again.

Then, Hailey was using the bathroom. JC opened the door on her and she scared him when she screamed. In retaliation, he took a towel and tied the bathroom door open. Hailey started screaming for production. Cut to fish. Feeds come back and Sam is calling JC out. He got pissed at Sam and stormed off. Various sources say that he, Hailey and Tyler were spoken to, and Hailey and Tyler said they didn’t feel threatened by JC, BUT if he left the game, that would either leave an 8-person jury or either houseguest would lose his jury vote for taking him out of the game. Remember that he went after houseguests’ genitals with an ice cream scoop. Producers supposedly met to decide if he should be taken out of the game, with more people deciding to keep him in then to take him out, though this wasn’t unanimous. This is some BS. There’s lots of media coverage regarding JC’s behavior. The best source is The Hollywood Reporter. Or Twitter if you just want straight gossip. Producers need to do a better job of protecting houseguests. Point. Blank. Period.

Originally the scroll at the top of the feeds invited feeders to watch the HOH comp immediately following the live episode. Someone fucked up, and the scroll was changed to starting at 1:30 a.m. EST. I’m gonna be honest; I tried to stay up for it but had to watch it on flashback. As previously spoiled, it was the spinning competition with a giant pie to hit the houseguests and get goo all over them and their feet making staying on the discs harder. Tyler and Haleigh were the last 2 standing, but the pie started hitting them and Tyler won HOH. Kaycee puked in tribute to Big Meech.

Tyler was heard going into the DR and they asked who he was thinking of targeting, and he said Haleigh and Scottie. Haleigh knew she was going up but that didn’t stop her from throwing Sam under the bus repeatedly to Tyler and camping out in HOH. Tyler spoke with Scottie and let him know that people want him up as a ‘pawn’ and Haleigh as the target. So, he stuck with his gut and put them on the block.

For the veto, the players were: Tyler, Scottie, Haleigh, Kaycee, Sam and JC. JC apparently didn’t throw the veto and placed 2nd. Sam did throw it. They had to stack different size emojis while walking back and forth across a beam that was wet. Kaycee won the veto and will leave noms the same.


After the veto, as Haleigh has camped out in HOH, been up Angela and Kaycee’s butts and talked things out with Tyler asking if they can quit targeting each, the target is now Scottie. Everyone is letting him continue thinking he’s the pawn, but he can’t be oblivious to the amount of time that Haleigh is spending with other houseguests.

One interesting thing that Scottie said to Haleigh is that the Hive will decide the winner and will all pick one person that they are definitely NOT voting for in Final 2. That’s kind of shitty, but Level 6 is sending the whole alliance there one right after the other. Unless there’s a drastic change, expect Scottie to return to jury on Thursday.

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