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After Kaycee won HOH, she and Angela discussed that Angela told Sam the plan was to vote out Scottie on Thursday and take Haleigh out next week. Hence, the unanimous vote against Scottie. If any of you missed his speech, he said that the houseguests had been ‘dicking him around all week, so they could all suck it, except for Tyler who he’s pretty sure had already been getting Hilton Head.’ After the show, Angela was obviously feeling attacked, but pointed out that “2 grown-ass men have gone after her character with their eviction speeches.” She feels it would be different if they had game-related ammo against her. They discussed that Kaycee would nominate Sam and Haleigh. Scottie’s speech was bad enough that Producers supposedly met with houseguests to demand no more speeches like his.

Oddly on Friday the feeds were down from 8 a.m. until after 4 p.m. EST. So much speculation about why the feeds were down…did JC finally do something so egregious that he was asked to leave the game? Did Sam self-evict? I even saw a rumor that BB took them to Urban Outfitters for a field trip. (WTF?) We’ll see on Sunday that the house was full of alumni including: Danielle D., Britney Haynes, Paul, Josh, Derrick, Victor and Nicole. Those are all the names I’ve picked up on feeds so far. Victor and Nicole got engaged; Nicole thought she was there to host a comp. Guess she’s had 3 showmances now. Seriously, congrats to them. I’m giving them the showmance name #ElFitNic. The houseguests got to talk to the previous houseguests, and they were all super excited they are part of the BB family. The previous houseguests obviously weren’t allowed to say much about the season, and Paul was a dick to Kaycee, probably since she trashed him in all her pre-show interviews. He pretended not to know she won HOH last night, for example.

For the nominations, Kaycee is putting up Sam with Haleigh, but Sam is just the pawn. JC is starting to really bug the shit out of Brett after he’s been spending so much time with him, and Haleigh is bugging the shit out of Kaycee and Angela because she’s constantly up their butts, but I mean, is she supposed to hang out with Sam who hates her? It will be interesting to see if Sam goes nuts on the block this week. Kaycee told Haleigh that she was probably going on the block before the ceremony, and Haleigh turned on the water works. 3 times in a row on the block must sting.

The veto was BB Comics, and Kaycee won the POV. She apparently got all the comics correct on her first try, and this year’s competition includes a helicopter, jumping in a dumpster and a balance beam. It’s not the zip line. That’s 3 comp wins in a row, making her record start to look threatening, especially because she’s had a great social game with jurors. Wonder if Tyler is willing to take her to final 2 now? That’d be a big mistake! He needs to sit beside Brett or Angela if he wants to win.

JC is still talking about taking out Kaycee or Angela in the double eviction this Thursday, and Brett and Tyler have eluded to it slightly, but haven’t told them outright that he is targeting them. Since Kaycee has the Veto, she would probably backdoor him if she knew. Tyler has a final 2 with JC, too, so he’s keeping his mouth shut. Level 6 is still talking about the 4 of them in Final 4, but Brett and Tyler may be bullshitting. It’s hard to tell. Kaycee and Angela are going to be PISSED that Tyler and Brett didn’t tell them JC wants to target them, but they need someone else to a shot at them. Hope they realize taking Angela to the end is probably the smartest move for either of them. JC thinks he is the mastermind of the season. If he wins this season, I’m punching my TV. And it’s brand new. (Please save my TV, CBS.)

On Sunday, the houseguests got messages from home, so expect to see that on Thursday along with Haleigh’s eviction. She knows she’s a goner after losing the POV. Poor thing. Is she crying about having to be around Fessy again or Scottie? She says she won’t hang out with them after the show because of their speeches targeting Angela. I call bullshit. I think that Haleigh won’t be a bitter juror, even though she’s the youngest houseguest. I don’t think that she’ll take part in picking one player who won’t win as Bayleigh, Scottie and Rockstar have said they will.

Before you go, please comment below. What do you think of the season so far? 

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