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We speculated all year about BB20. Many suspected an All-Star season or at least some returning players. While we have a roster of 16 new houseguests that we’ll cover here, there’s space for 18 houseguests, not counting HOH or Have Nots. According to The Hollywood Reporter, there will be 3 competitions in the Premiere episode, including the HOH and unprecedented punishments and rewards. We also know that there is a BB App Store twist, which will deliver rewards, punishments and powers like last year’s Den of Temptation. Receiving these will depend on how they’re trending. Spoilers out so far say that all 16 new houseguests entered the house before the live audience, and before the HOH competition took place, the audience was quickly ushered out. Hmm…

Let’s take our deep dive into the cast. I compiled my info from Ross’s interviews, cast bios, Ika Wong’s ET Canada interviews, The Hollywood Reporter and social media. Spoilers are out on who entered the house first, so let’s start with her. The first in has never won the game. #BadJuju

Baleigh Dayton, age 25, is a Flight Attendant who lives in Atlanta, GA. She was the first black Miss Missouri and won Miss Congeniality. She’s a certified Yoga instructor and loves to travel. On the plus side, she says that she calls people out in real life and will have a hard time containing that in the house. #TeamFunFeeds. However, as a pageant girl, she also wants to be BB Miss Congeniality. She says she’ll save her sassy side for the DR. Her favorite player is Donny Thompson, who is sweet, but was no master strategist. She wants to dominate competitions. When the houseguests didn’t recognize the diary room in interviews with Ross, I immediately thought RECRUIT. Baleigh called it ‘somewhere special.’ She seems open to a showmance, though she doesn’t like that term and says that boys are her weakness. She told Ika that she doesn’t think that she’ll find someone that can ‘handle all this.’ She will use her looks to her advantage, pretending she doesn’t know she is hot. How humble. Her strategy is to be competitive and social. She told Ika that she’ll have a hard time controlling her facial expressions and won’t like another sassy houseguest. She will be adaptable, but if someone dominate tells her how to vote, she is likely to flip the vote. She doesn’t want a target on her back immediately by showing her competitive side and may have a hard time if someone is ‘trying her.’ If she makes it to jury, she plans to be bitter if someone stabbed her in the back. Twitter: @bayydayy

Steve Arienta, 40, is a former undercover cop and current college professor from NJ. He says Derrick ruined the game for other undercover cops, so he is saying he’s a mechanic. He plans on forming a strategy once he meets the houseguests and learns the season’s twists. He is a former state champion wrestler and had a football scholarship to Northwestern. Given his education and being a college professor, he needs acting chops to pull off lying for 3 months. He’s married with children, so missing them will be the hardest part. Boogie is his favorite past houseguest because he was ruthless and hilarious. His background as a cop will tell him when to engage and when to hold back. He told Ika that he’s good at melding with people, reading them and sniffing out lies. He realizes his age is going to be a detriment because he may not win comps. Loyalty is important to him, but he’d cut a ride or die to win the game. He’s likeable but needs to relate to young castmates or the oldest houseguest may be first out. Twitter: @StephenArienta @BB20steve

Sam Bledsoe, 27, is a welder from Stuarts Draft, VA. She used to cut hair because she says that in her small town, you’re either a hairdresser or a pastor. She has a ruthless tattoo in honor of her grandmother Ruth. She’s sweet and charming. Her favorite past houseguest is Danielle Donato. She gives off a BBOTT Whitney vibe with her Southern accent and was likely cast as the country girl. She says that she is a master of the “mirror” technique during conversations and will be able to influence and manipulate other houseguests. She wants to win the first HOH to establish herself as a leader. She plans to form several alliances and then determine who to bring further into the game. She told Ika that she won’t get sucked into drama or get paranoid because she’s bringing her own sunshine. She sees the good in everyone and has never met a stranger, but she can’t tolerate a bully that breaks people down. She will put the person being bullied under her wing and freeze the bully out. Love her! She’s making it far in the game.

Haleigh Broucher, 21, is a psychology student at Texas A&M. She plans to use her major to read and manipulate her castmates. Derrick is her favorite past houseguest because he was never nominated, and she plans to play a very similar game to him with her social game carrying her. She wants to lay back for the first few weeks to see who she can trust and won’t want to put a target on her back by winning comps. Ika called that being a floater, and Haleigh agreed with her. Then, she contradicted herself by saying she can’t stand floaters. She says that she has a hard time thinking before she speaks. She seems likely to get into a showmance, and she told Ika that she likes men tall, dark and handsome but only if she wears the pants. She would rather lose and be loved by America, and Ross gave us a knowing glance. With Ika, she said that she can’t stand people that are inauthentic and hopes she’ll be able spot the fakes. She can’t stand how Joey and Victoria played the game. Is Season 16 all she knows? Recruit! Not #TeamFunFeeds material. Twitter: @haleighbroucher

Kaycee Clark, 30, is a Pro Women’s Football Player from San Diego living in Tempe, AZ. Her bio threw me because she sites Cody as her favorite past player because he’s a comp beast and didn’t follow Paul like everyone else did. She’s gay, so I’m going to assume she doesn’t know his anti-gay sentiments. She’s a people person and will use social skills to build relationships. She thinks she’ll be good at physical comps, but she wants to hide that at first so she’s not a target. However, she told Ika that she wants to win the first HOH. She thinks it’ll be tough building trust knowing people talk behind her back. BB is the only TV show she watches, and she’s watched since Season 1. (Yet, she picked Cody?) She doesn’t like cocky or disrespectful people (Again, Cody?), but it takes a lot to get under her skin. She will be a chameleon, would like to be part of alliances without starting them and will be as honest and loyal as possible. She’s likable, but not a brilliant strategist.

Tyler Crispen, 23, is a lifeguard in Hilton Head, SC. At first glance, he’s the prototype of a surfer dude character. Everyone on feeds’ chat during his interview with Ross thought he sucked. His bio says his strategy is to find someone to partner with to split the house, then use that person to gather intel from the other side and keep him off the block. Later, he will cut that person and take credit for everything. He describes himself as a superfan and loves BBCAN. He was starstruck by Ika. He loves that BB is a ‘super evil genius experiment.’ His favorite past houseguests are Victor for resilience, Zach because he’s hilarious, Dan Gheesling for being savage, “BB God” Derrick and Queen Ika. He’s going to see how the vibes are before deciding if he wants to win the first HOH, and if he needs win it, he’ll cry about having to nominate people (like BBCAN6 Johnny’s ‘sad puppy’ strategy.) He wants to work behind the scenes while the loud people go after each other in the beginning. He’s hoping to be a swing vote (floater) so people don’t know what he’s thinking. He doesn’t want a showmance but joked that ET Canada may be able to roll back the tape in a month and laugh at him. Tyler’s bio says that people think he’s lying when he’s telling the truth and vice versa, a problem in the BB house. He doesn’t like ‘alpha dudes trying to run shit.’ He says he won’t be a bitter juror. He won Ika over, and that’s saying something. The interviews between Ross and Ika were night and day. Check out his extended ET Canada interview if you haven’t already; he surprised me. Twitter: @TylerCrispen2 and @BB20Tyler

Kaitlyn Herman, 24, is a Life Coach in Encino, CA and from Long Island, NY. She’s all about crystals, chakras, sensitivity to auras, essential oils and is depending on being super intuitive by reading peoples’ energy to carry her through the game. She loves BB and wants to shift people’s perceptions to seeing love, opportunity and gratitude. She may annoy houseguests because she will try getting them to look at circumstances differently, i.e. being a Have Not or not being HOH. She wants to make sure everyone’s perceptions including being on live feeds 24/7 are positive. Hold up…stopping drama on Live Feeds? Nope. Ross told her that she needs to let people dig their graves. Her favorite past player is Danielle Donato. She answered that she’d rather be hated and win as she believes in redemption. She followed that up by saying that she wants speaking engagements and opportunities post-BB, but not to be famous. (UGH.) She claims that she manifested herself winning BB for months, if not years. She wants to prove that you can win BB using “New Age love and light, which will be a win for the whole country.” Ross looked at live feeders like Dafaq? Kaitlyn knows to ask the right questions as a life coach and won’t feed into negative energy. She told Ika she’s going to play a game like no one has ever seen: choosing who to align with based on reading auras and energy. Kaitlyn said her game will be social and mental because she has strong mental health and will help others if they’re having a breakdown. She gets ‘hits’ off people’s energies or guides and explained that when she gets hits, she rubs her left hand, so we should watch for that on feeds. She knows people will think she’s insane but invites us to “Step into her truth.” She’ll be interesting to watch, but how far will she really make it? My guides are giving me a hit: pre-jury.

Winston Hines, 28, is a Medical Sales Rep from Bowling Green, KY. He is a superfan, has no social media and isn’t there for followers. He is there to play. He thinks he’ll have a strong social game. The toughest part for him is going to be winning only when necessary because he’s competitive. Everyone in feeds chat loved him. He’s been mistaken for Justin Timberlake and Ryan Reynolds, and I can kind of see JT. His favorite past houseguest is Paul because he was able to gain everyone’s trust while simultaneously screwing them over. Ross said Winston was the first houseguest who knew right away he was in the diary room. Winston says he’s NOT getting in a showmance and is there to win the money but noted that it helped some people in previous seasons. Ross discouraged him vehemently and promised to show this footage on Off The Block if he’s booted for a showmance. Winston correctly answered that he’d rather win and be hated. Winston told Ika he doesn’t want to come on too strong with an overbearing personality. Ika started to do her role play game with him where she asks how he gets her as HOH not to nominate him. Before she could start, he asked her if she just farted. She looked at him jaw dropped, and he said, “because you’re blowing me away.” Winston doesn’t want blood on his hands with the first HOH but wants to throw it at the right time to seem like a worthy competitor. Even though he believes he’ll be in Final 2, if he is sent to jury, he promised not to be a bitter juror. He said how important jury management is, using Paul as an example even though he played the superior game to Josh. He’s the only houseguest to mention jury management. Have we met our BB20 winner?

Angie “Rockstar” Lantry, 34, is a Stay at Home Mom of 3 from Columbia, MD. Her youngest is 6 months old, and she’s gotten some Twitter flack for leaving her baby for BB. Her glasses need a set of windshield wipers. She’s very kooky but owns it. She admits people think she’s weird until they learn how cool she is. She said her IUD said, “I U don’t,” and she ended up with baby number 3. She picked Joey (early out) and Frankie from Season 16 as her favorites. She’s a hippy chic wishing she could bring mystical crystals, sage to clear bad energy and a statue of an elephant god to remove obstacles. (She and Kaitlyn are obvi ride-or-dies.) She decided to come on BB because 34 is her favorite number and age. Her parents are huge BB fans, and Angie’s mom encouraged her to try out for years because she’s a character. Her strategy is to ‘ride the middle’ and not win HOH too soon so she doesn’t get blood on her hands. She wants to spot potential allies early. She will tell white lies but play an honest game. With her background managing nightclubs, she can interact well with all types of people and will trick herself into liking people that she doesn’t. When role playing with Ika, Angie mentioned having a fake argument to hide their alliance. Interesting…Angie says she’ll try not to be a bitter juror but will have to assess it if she is not in final 2. She will either be too much or #TeamFunFeeds, but I don’t see her deep into the game. Twitter: @Mrs_ARockstar

JC Mounduix, age 28, is a “Pro Dancer” in West Hollywood. At 4’8,” he admits having a very short fuse about his height. There has been A LOT of unflattering info about JC coming to light on social media. Here’s a contradiction: he’s a gay Spanish immigrant and an outspoken Trump supporter. Then there’s his Twitter presence: barely dressed in crazy costumes, porn as a #MinionFucker and an appearance on a Spanish court TV show with evidence presented that he sells his body using social media. English is JC’s second language, and it’s a little difficult to understand him. He promises an entertaining summer. If anyone walks this season, it would be JC. In his interview with Ika, he said that Josh was his favorite player. Then he said may have to find something else to bang besides pots and pans. #SaveOrwell He’s the shortest nymphomaniac exhibitionist and exactly who nobody ever wanted to see on BB. He says he’s going to be quiet going into the house; he’s high energy, so that façade will quickly fade. He’s gone pre-jury and maybe first out if he doesn’t win safety. Twitter: @JCMounduix (NSFW!)

Brett Robinson, 25, is a Cybersecurity Engineer from Boston, MA. He’s going to lie about his job and say that he’s a surfer and model. He comes across as a douchebag. He plans on planting stories around the house that will cause chain reactions. He told Ross that because of his job, he’ll strategically plan events, access houseguests’ vulnerabilities and then cover his tracks. He gets just enough BB lingo wrong to show he’s a recruit—i.e. he calls comps challenges. He’s another one that picked Derrick as his favorite player. BB should require watching more than BB16 in sequester. He says he will do whatever it takes to win BB, taking the game week by week. Then, the dumbass said that he’d like to come in 2nd and be loved. He isn’t opposed to a showmance because that’s a vote for him in the end and could increase his social game. He told Ika that he will have a hard time flying under the radar because he likes the spotlight, is boisterous, obnoxious and has a strong personality that’s an acquired taste. He thinks he’ll butt heads with someone like himself; in other words, another D-bag.

Angela Rummans, 26, is a Fitness Model in LA originally from Hilton Head, SC. She also runs a business. She wants to let people think she is just a sweet ditzy southern belle model when she is really a BB superfan, including BBCAN. Her favorite past houseguest is Rachel Reilly. She’s extremely athletic, was a professional track and field athlete that trained with the US Olympic Team. She seems like she will be cut throat and is willing to use her sexuality to get ahead. She wants to scheme her way into the “bro alliance” that forms every season as she naturally relates better with guys. She describes herself as witty, loveable and able to find common ground with anyone. She’ll fly under the radar at first and as numbers dwindle, she will turn on her athleticism, lie, backstab and manipulate her way to the top. She says it’s time for another female Final 2 on BBUS. She was heart-broken last year when the jury essentially voted against Paul instead of for Josh when Paul played an amazing game “leading sheep to slaughter.” A houseguest like Josh that taunts with pots and pans will make her go ape shit. She’s one to watch—she can go far in the game. Twitter: @BBAngelaRummans

Scottie Salton, 26, is a Shipping Manager from Chicago, IL. Love him! While his bio says he’s a virgin and never been kissed, is he playing up the nerdy character, i.e. Steve Moses? Scottie has more swag, especially talking about BB. He’s a superfan with Evel Dick as his favorite player. He doesn’t mind being a prick. Hope to see that saltiness in the DR. He wants to knock out floaters and butterflies first, keeping big game players in so everyone is more stressed. He wants an upfront contest rather than a chess match. He and his siblings have watched BB since Season 7, and they roast the houseguests. Scottie explained his strategy—the first 2 weeks are about social connections and pivoting, but by week 4, everyone should be playing, or they are getting played. He wants to win one of the first 2 HOHs to set the season’s tempo. He sounds like a brilliant strategist, and if he is an insensitive prick that rags on other houseguests as he claims, #TeamFunFeeds. Twitter: @scottieo_osalt

Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat, 26, is a Substitute Teacher from Orlando, FL. He’s all jacked up like Mark last year with a tiny head and thick neck, but his bio says he wants to come into the house without seeming like a powerhouse. He says that he’s hilarious, but he was low energy in his interviews, even with Ika, and she’s great at bringing houseguests’ personalities out. She even encouraged him to get excited. It was like he was on Xanax. He played football in college and developed an app called Fessy Fitness…you check in at the gym, blah, blah, blah. He isn’t #TeamFunFeeds. He’s laying low for the first few weeks. He’ll align with 1 or 2 people because he can’t win every competition. He’s down for a showmance, but the $500K comes first. He wants a bromance. Predictable. He doesn’t like people that say one thing then do the other. He says he won’t be a bitter juror, but admits everyone probably says that going in. Watching his interviews put me to sleep. His arrest record and mug shot for indecent exposure came out on Twitter; guessing a cop caught him peeing while drunk. Plus side: he has a dog, and dog owners are generally not shitty people. Twitter: @fessyfitness

Rachel Swindler, 29, is a Vegas Entertainer who is best friends with BB17’s Jackie. She’s a superfan who applied to be on BB for years. Her favorite past player is Britney Hayne’s because she’s hilarious and had a good balance between her physical and social games, which Rachel hopes to emulate. She knows that she looks physically threatening, so her strategy is to form strong social bonds from the beginning, throwing the first two HOHs. She is hoping to form an alliance during that time that she can be loyal to until the end. She doesn’t mind flirting to advance her game and isn’t opposed to a showmance. She plans to collect info she can use to her advantage. She is going to play down being a Vegas entertainer and not let the other houseguests know how well she knows the game. She wants to vote for the best player, but if that player hurt her with their gameplay, she wants them to take responsibility (the way Paul didn’t last year). She’s nonconfrontational. She wants to play BB for love of the game, and she could be a force to be reckoned with this season. Twitter: @rachieswin

Chris “Swaggy C” Williams, 23, is a Day Trader from Bridgeport, CT. He’s coming in with licensed Swaggy C merchandise, and feeds better not become QVC for him. He’s immediately annoying, and his over-the-top personality will send him home pre-jury. He is a huge fan of Paul, who he thinks was robbed of $1M by placing 2nd twice, and was better than Dan, Derrick, Rachel and Evel Dick. He’s been watching BB for 12 years and is a student of the game. He claims to have a photographic memory. He plans on forging his own path rather than following examples of any past players. He’s there for drama and confrontation, can’t stand Cody, hypocrites or people that don’t clean up after themselves. He isn’t looking for a showmance but would entertain one only if it would help him win BB. He plans to play a strategically adaptable game and wants people to come to him when he’s in power to form alliances. Ika told him flat out that she gets villain vibes from him; he didn’t disagree but says he has kind side. He promises not to be a bitter juror, unless he gets backdoored.

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