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Picking up after nominations…In DR, Swaggy says Tyler’s nominations are whack because “they” (thinks it’s also his HOH) could’ve gotten out a big target this week, namely Angela or Winston. Tyler talks to Robot Sam and tells her that he is sorry for nominating her while holding her robot hands. He then heads outside and throws himself down on the couch opposite Steve and other houseguests and starts crying. Steve comes over to console Tyler and says in DR that Tyler is a good kid, and he doesn’t hold this against him. Most of the houseguests see him crying, thinking that he’s upset because he has a heart. In DR, Tyler admits that he is turning on the water works on purpose. (This same tactic was used by Johnny from BBCAN6 during his first week HOH with half of the house safe and 7 possible nominees. He called it the ‘sad puppy’ strategy. Tyler is a BBCAN fan, so…)

Robot Sam is sad in the storage room, and when Rockstar comes in and asks if she’s okay, she says that she’d like to talk to people 1 on 1. Bayleigh rudely and loudly crunches chips while Sam is talking to her and completely dismisses her. Hayleigh treats Sam poorly, telling her to turn her volume down. JC tells her that as of this moment, if noms stay the same she is staying. Tyler is having a heart to circuit board talk with Sam when Kaitlyn comes in and starts cursing at Sam, asking her if she is ready to play the fucking game and ready to fucking fight. When Sam seems taken aback by that, she asks her how she would feel if she were in this situation (robot) and couldn’t go in the hot tub with Fessie. Kaitlyn leaves the room because she knows it’s true. Kaitlyn goes out and tells everyone that Sam was just cursing at her when Kaitlyn was the one cursing at Sam. Tyler tells Sam that she can’t do that moving forward.

Steve and Scottie have become Ride or Dies. They spend every waking moment together and then some sleeping moments, too. (Steve is a horrific snorer; I don’t know how he has a chance to stay this week.) Obviously, if Scottie wins the POV, he will pull Steve down. He says that priority one is to save Steve.

Bayleigh and Swaggy are sharing a bed, staying up all night talking and are clearly becoming more than “best friends” in the house as they’ve tried to sell other houseguests. Bayleigh tells him that she doesn’t like his made-up nickname because it’s one that he gave himself. She like Christopher better. In DR, she says that Swaggy is the most ‘extra’ person on the planet and wonders aloud who gives themselves a nickname and forces everyone to call them that? However, she does like the sweet Christopher part of him.

Kaycee says her Pinwheel of Death punishment sucks because she is missing out on all the firsts of BB20. She missed Rockstar’s birthday party and family dinner; she gets stuck in storage room alone and kaleidoscope lounge when everyone decides to go eat. She feels like she is missing out on bonding opportunities. If she feels that way, imagine how Sam feels!

Brett says in DR that it’s time to make it official and put a ring on it with the alliance. Winston, Brett, Angela, Rachel, Kaycee and Tyler name themselves Level 6, referencing video games. They have their own hand signal, with BB adding some video game sound effects. Tyler lets them know that Swaggy’s side of the house was pressuring him to put up Angela and Winston, and he’s sure they’ll push for a backdoor of one of them. Angela is fuming on the inside, but she trusts her alliance.

Swaggy tells Kaitlyn that he’s getting too close with Bayleigh.  He says he’s here to win the money. Swaggy tells Tyler and Kaitlyn that he needs to put some distance between them. Kaitlyn asks if he’d want to date her if they didn’t meet in BB house. He admits that he would. Later that night…








Swaggy is pissed at himself for hooking up with Bayleigh. He says in DR that he’s not here for a showmance, and now he’s confused because this is not what he planned.

The BB App Store is announced to the houseguests. Tyler explains that each week, viewers will answer a series of questions to determine who is most and least trending. The most trending houseguest receives a reward while the least trending receives a punishment. Once a houseguest trends in either direction, they’re ineligible to trend again.

As the houseguests enter the App store, they place their hand on a touch screen to learn if they are trending. As the houseguests learn their fates all are denied except for two. First, Fessie gets the Crap App, and decides to pick the Hamazon Delivery because he’d rather eat gross food than have something that effects his game. (Hamazon–That shit is funny, BB!) As he read the item description, he learns that it is actual ham he’ll have to eat, which as a Muslim, he can’t eat ham, so he’ll have to ask for a substitute.

Swaggy says he’s always trending, and he expects that he’ll get the reward. He says that getting the reward will give him another way to run the house, which he already does. His ego sucks, and he needs to NEVER trend positively, America. After he scan his hand, he is shocked that he isn’t trending. He says that now he has to smoke everyone in comps. (Not if other houseguests tell you not to let the backdoor hit you where the good Lord split you…Hopefully next week, so we don’t have to hear obnoxious, egotistical 3rd person DRs anymore!) Anyone that talks about themselves in 3rd person—Nope. Just no, especially because he is now in a showmance. Lucky for us—Bayleigh + Swaggy = Baggy.

Sam enters the App Store and learns that she was the highest trending houseguest. So happy—she’s a DR star, and she isn’t taking shit off anyone. (Looking at you Kaitlyn!) She chooses Extra Life, which gives her a CHANCE to re-enter the game or a fellow houseguest during the next 3 weeks. During week 4, if the power is unused, the 4th evicted houseguest gets a chance to re-enter the game.

Swaggy complains that America got it wrong, and he’s going to give us 1 more chance to get it right next week. (Please, for love of God, vote against him!) Sam says she’s 50% robot, 50% human and 100% grateful to America. Steve says since he wasn’t trending, he has to win the veto.



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