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We saw Paul win HOH in the Inked and Evicted comp on Thursday’s episode. With the 8 people working together (Paul, Alex, Jason, Kevin, Josh, Christmas, Raven and Matt) to save Josh, Mark, Cody, Jessica and Elena are feeling like they are outsiders now. Paul goes to Elena after the live show and explains why taking Ramses out was the best strategic move. He is blaming Ramses for taking the $25K (to cover for Kevin), that he was sneaking around with no allegiance to anyone, telling lies about people and was a better competitor than Josh.

We saw Jessica say to the entire house and Julie Chen that she and Cody have “several weeks” of safety due to America giving her the temptation. That was a lie. 2 evictions have passed, so she has 2 weeks to enact her Hex. She’s been telling lies about it to the few houseguests she did clue in about it to the point that production called her out for using production as a strategy.

As Paul is determining nominations, his first choice is to call Jessica and Cody’s bluff about having multiple weeks of safety. If that’s true, then he tossed around putting up either as plan B Mark and Elena or Elena and a pawn with a possible backdoor of Mark. Mark is the bridge between Elena and Jessica and Cody, and they are public enemy #1. With everyone seeing those 4 (Jessica, Cody, Elena, Mark) cozying up since Cody’s return to the game, the goal is to break up them up. Elena is warned that she might be a pawn and Alex volunteers. Matt continues to be a puss about being a pawn, saying that he hasn’t performed well in comps so far and is afraid that he’ll go home if he’s on the block.  That initial plan was bitten in the ass on Friday morning when the houseguests learn about the curse of the Temptation Competition, which is an optional competition for the next 3 weeks with the winner being safe for the week and the loser being placed on the block as a special 3rd nominee. Mark, Matt, Jason and Alex competed. Jason lost and Mark won, becoming safe for the week. So, Mark on the block is a moot point.

For nominations, Paul decides to go with Plan A and puts both Cody and Jessica on the block, thinking that if they truly have safety (as Paul did with the Pendant), their temptation would be revealed and he would have to go with Plan B. Elena would be the potential target in this scenario, but it wouldn’t break up Mark’s connection with Cody and Jessica, which is the main problem as the house sees it. However, out of Mark and Elena, Elena is seen is the stronger and smarter competitor with a better social game, but she and Paul have a great relationship, so he’s not sure of sending her our pre-jury.

After the nominations, there’s a good 4 hours of chaos on the feeds. Paul calls Jess and Cody up to the HOH room. Jessica is being loud so Paul asks her politely to keep her voice down. Cody then explodes on Paul telling him to fuck off and getting extremely aggressive, stepping at Paul and asking him what he’s going to do. Paul says, “Tell you to get the fuck out of my room.” He has to say it a few times as Cody is clearing trying to provoke a fight. Paul steps out of the HOH room and yells over the balcony that Cody is childish, making digs at his lie about his age.

Then, Josh is yelling at Cody that he doesn’t have a personality and when Mark takes up for Cody, Josh starts banging pots and pans with his circus song. Mark then gets up and charges at Josh ripping the pans out of his hands. Cut to Fish. Kevin stopped Mark from hitting Josh with a pan, and Mark is called to the DR. Mark goes to the bedroom with Cody because he was apparently told to stay away from Josh. Everyone is then singing the circus song, and Alex is dancing around in her tutu saying she loves the chaos.

Elena is pissed with Mark’s behavior. She seeks advice from Paul on what she should do after being left out of game talk last week regarding the vote. Paul lets her know that the whole house has seen her and Mark cozy back up to Cody and Jessica. He tells her that she needs to pivot out of this so that she is no longer associated with Cody and Jessica. That’s the reason she was left out of the decision to send Ramses packing because people thought she would tell Mark, who would tell Cody and Jessica. He tells her that Mark’s aggressive behavior towards Josh is something else that she shouldn’t be associated with, so Paul advises her to step away from the showmance because it is killing her game.

Christmas comes to comfort Jessica and tells her in a gentle way that Cody is ruining her game. During their conversation, Cody comes into the bedroom, grabs all his stuff and moves into the have not room. Christmas tells her that is a red flag for how he’ll behave outside the house, and so is the aggression he’s displayed in the house. Jessica tells her that with her job, she will face backlash because of Cody’s behavior. They basically broke up, but ended up back together by the end of the night. Rolling my freaking eyes. These 2 continue to have sex repeatedly with BB often cutting the feeds away from them in bed.

For the POV, the houseguests were kept up all night with the BB Weather Comp. Jessica and Cody didn’t study and went to sleep. Paul won it last year, and he won it this year. Atta boy! His plan is to take Jason off the block. He found out from DR on Saturday night that Jessica lied about her temptation during the live show and that no one is safe for the next few weeks. He shares this info with most of the houseguests.

Sunday morning, Paul talks to Jessica about her hex. She explains that if she uses it, it becomes a null week; the eviction will be cancelled. He explains to her that Cody is ruining her game. He has zero social game; his aggression has been on display a few times in the house and the only reason she’s on the block now is because of her association with Cody. Nobody wants Cody in the game because he doesn’t respect the game. No one is going to work with him. He tells her that if she uses the hex, she will go to the top of everyone’s target lists as Cody will be taking a spot in jury that a more deserving person should have. She will likely go out before jury. She pushes back that she doesn’t like having her arm twisted or being bullied. He says that’s not what he’s doing. He’s telling her the logical reasons that she should let the house take Cody out this week because her game improved exponentially when he was out of the house and has gone downhill since he returned. He asks her what she wants in return for not using the hex. She replies with 2 weeks of safety and Alex being sent home next week.

Paul informs everyone of what Jessica wants to not use the hex, including Alex, Jason, Kevin and Josh. Jessica asks to have everyone except Alex, Jason, Kevin and Josh in the HOH room to discuss it. Everyone agrees to her terms with no intention of honoring the deal, except for Mark and Elena who have not been clued into the fact that Alex, Jason, Kevin and Josh are in on this plan. Jessica asked about the POV in the DR and the timing of enacting her hex during the eviction. She asked that Paul take her off the block, but Paul thinks it logically makes more sense to leave both Cody and Jess on the block so that Jason feels comfortable, and Alex don’t think she is a target next week. Paul may need to re-think that as Jess is wavering on her decision and Mark is still trying to be aligned with Cody and Jess and the rest of the house. Fucking floater. Paul, use your head and pull Jess off the block!

I will update this blog post should anything change with Jessica deciding to use the hex this week (although we may not know for sure until Thursday) or if Jason is not the one pulled off the block, some signs as of the publishing of this look like Paul has perhaps pulled off the impossible. He’s the showmance killer.


Jessica decided that she doesn’t trust the house. Paul used the veto on Jason. She was afraid to lose her man and/or that the deal everyone made with her was bullshit. She got into a fight with Raven when she got paranoid thinking that Raven was talking about her when Raven was discussing how the veto is made with Jason since he does metal artwork. Kevin witnessed the conversation. Jason and Kevin assured her that’s what they were talking about, and Raven tried to talk to her in front of Cody. Cody asked why Raven wouldn’t talk to him. She honestly responded that he is public enemy #1, and she can’t put her game in jeopardy by associating with him. Jessica and Cody were fuming and have gone back into isolation. They’ve had sex multiple times since I last published this. Classy.

Jessica told Paul that she is using the hex, which means that everyone is pissed that 1 of them will take their spot in jury. Jessica is now public enemy #1, and she’ll likely be sent out before Cody because she jeopardized someone’s ability to make the full BB stipend. This leads to a massive confrontation with Jessica being called out on all her lies. Alex no longer has to pretend she doesn’t know that Jessica wanted her to go out next. People are wearing the tutus from the Bowlerina comp and Josh is banging pots and pans. Raven and Jessica got into a screaming match over Jessica lying to Alex about Raven hiding her cat ears and pouring out her Cokes when Jessica is the one that did it. Cody grabbed Jessica and took her outside where the houseguests continued to go off on Cody and Jessica. Before going outside, Alex takes an opportunity to go off on Mark. The house descends into mayhem.

Everyone (minus Elena, Mark, Jason and Kevin) is singing the circus song with Josh and is dancing around in the backyard while intermittently yelling questions or statements at Cody and Jessica. The point of all of this was to get Cody to lose his shit again so that Jessica wouldn’t use the hex. That didn’t happen. However, Jessica began talking about self-evicting with Cody. She was talked out of it in the DR. Damn you, DR! We could’ve extinguished 2 dumpster fires during 1 HOH reign but you wanted to keep these 2 assholes in the house despite the fact that they whole house is against them. I guess that means more #TeamFunFeeds, so I’ll take solace in that…until Cody or Jess win another HOH. I smell production manipulation all over this plot line.


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