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We saw The Revengers trailer on Thursday’s episode. Paul again worked to get Kevin to throw the competition. He told Kevin Christmas was going to take it, but Christmas, Paul and Josh planned on Josh taking this HOH because Paul needs to win the next one. Josh wins the HOH, which appears to be based on the extended The Revengers trailer that we will see on Sunday’s episode. It sounded like a questions competition. As the outgoing HOH, Alex didn’t get to play, but she got a cool Revengers costume to wear during the competition. The target for Josh, Paul and Christmas this week is Alex. Josh briefly considers putting up Paul this week. He runs through scenarios and realizes that he probably can’t take Paul out this week even if he puts him on the block. He won’t have the votes. He decides to nominate Kevin and Alex.

After nominations, Alex fake cries to Josh to make him feel bad. Afterwards, Alex tells Paul that she is using her ability to cry on command as a last-ditch effort to get through to Josh. Paul tells a crying Josh that what she is doing is manipulating him with tears to stay in the game. Paul reiterates that this is why they played out last week the way they did with the split Jason vote because Alex trusts Paul and is still giving him information, which he shares with Josh and Christmas. Christmas and Paul spend a lot of time emotionally supporting Josh after all the drama of the double eviction and nominating Kevin and Alex.

Josh asks Christmas who she would take to final 2, and she tells him that she hasn’t made that decision yet because they aren’t there yet. She hopes that she’s not in a position to have to choose between Josh and Paul. Josh tells her that he would take her to final 2. (Paul has previously told Josh that he would take him to final 2, but Josh reads this as Paul thinking he can beat him.) After this conversation with Christmas, Josh talks to feeders about his end game strategy. He says that he doesn’t think Christmas would take him to Final 2, based on her demeanor when he asked her. He thinks that Alex would take him over Kevin and Kevin would take him over Alex. He thinks he could beat either of them. Then, he says that if he wins the veto, he could take Alex off the block and backdoor Paul. He says that neither Alex nor Christmas would vote out Paul, so his only chance to take out Paul is at Final 3.

Later, Alex goes back to Josh fake crying and tells him that she doesn’t know if she wants to be friends with him post-game, but she will give him a fair assessment if he sends her to jury. She knows that being friends with everyone after the game is important to Josh, so she is using some dirty manipulation tactics here. She tells him that he’s crossed her three times with the Jillian vote, taking Jason out and now with putting her on the block. She asks him how the plan to get Jason out came together. He lies to her and says that he was on the fence all week, but Jason told him about an hour before eviction that he trusts Alex and Paul the most and that once they get to Final 5, they’ll all battle it out. Josh says he didn’t feel that Jason had his back, so that’s why he voted him out. (Side note: Josh could’ve told Alex the truth about Paul’s plan to get Jason out, forcing a tie vote this week if Alex wins the veto. Then, Josh probably could’ve sent Paul out this week, which would be a major feather in his cap with jury.)

Paul and Christmas spend a lot of time with Josh to assure that the 3 of them are going to final 3. While they don’t know that he’s been considering flipping, they appear to not want to chance it, given that Josh is so emotional and easily manipulated, especially when someone is playing on his emotions the way that Alex is. He’s only 23, so he’s not very emotionally mature, in case you missed him crying ALL season long. People that don’t watch Big Brother know that Josh cried all season.

As indicated by The Revengers trailer, BB Comics was the POV competition. Here are some of the comics: Christmas’s is Fa La La Lunatic, Paul is Potty Mouth, Josh is The Meatball, Kevin is a Merman, Mark is The Incredible Sulk and Elena is Hellena with devil horns. The comp was like it has been in years’ past with the zipline. Kevin maxed out his time at 45 minutes (leaving the houseguests wondering if he threw it), Christmas wasn’t medically cleared to compete, Josh screwed up the comp and got 3rd place, Alex got around 14 minutes and Paul won at around 12 minutes. Paul originally thought about using the POV on Alex, but changed his mind.

Paul, Christmas and Josh talked about giving game reasons to Alex as to why Paul isn’t using the POV on her. He plans to tell her that if he pulls her off the block, he is essentially giving up his BB game. He says that he will tell her that he will lose potential jury votes from Kevin, Josh and Christmas because: 1. Josh will be forced to nominate Christmas, pissing her off, 2. Kevin will be evicted when he believes he has a Final 2 with Paul and 3. Paul is going against Josh’s wishes. He says that he will tell her that he would’ve been sent packing had he not won the POV, and she already has votes from Cody, Mark, Elena and Jason. Even if Paul and Alex were able to steamroll until final 2, Paul would lose the game to Alex. He is going to tell her that he can’t vote for her to force a tie this week. Christmas is going to tell her that she can’t beat her if they make it to final 2, and Josh is going to reiterate his nomination speech, which referred to her as a strong competitor and his target for this week. He referred to Kevin as a floater that hasn’t done anything in the game.

Later, Josh talks to feeders saying that he doesn’t like how Paul is positioning him and Christmas with the jury. They are getting more blood on them than Paul is. He is insistent that he has to take Paul out at Final 3 because he hasn’t seen anyone play this good of a game since Vanessa Rousso. Paul and Christmas keep trying to make him understand that they aren’t pointing the fingers at Josh, that they are both voting Alex out this week so he doesn’t have to break a tie, which puts the blood on them, especially since Paul isn’t using the veto on her. Josh didn’t like the talk about Paul losing jury votes, like they are forcing him into not using the veto. He tries to explain to him that this is to keep their alliance under wraps, especially from the jury. Josh instantly knows that he fucked up with his goodbye message to Jason, but doesn’t tell Christmas and Paul about it…at least not as of the publishing of this blog.

Paul tells Alex that he can’t use the veto on her because he will cross Christmas, Josh and Kevin which means that he loses 3 jury votes and she already has 3 or 4 votes in jury so he would lose the game. He feels terrible doing this to her because she is his friend, and he hates to hurt her in order to move forward. He tells her that if he can weasel his way around Josh, Christmas and Kevin, he thinks he can win the game. She’s upset, but understands Paul’s logic. He told her that they had indirectly threatened him with their jury votes if he uses the veto on Alex.

But then Josh goes and starts crying to Alex, which pisses her off and exposes Paul, Christmas and Josh to taking the heat for her eviction. Paul had taken the heat for the three of them by sort-of low-key throwing Kevin, Josh and Christmas under the bus. Christmas and Paul are pissed that Josh did this. Josh crying to her gives her the ability to manipulate him for the next 2 days. Now Josh is telling them to split the vote, and they don’t trust that Josh will send her home. Paul had Alex positioned perfectly, and bull-in-a-china-shop Josh fucked it all up by crying about how hard it is on HIM to send her out. It’s anyone’s guess who he sends home should they split the vote.

As of right now, Alex has accepted that she is going out on Wednesday’s eviction episode (which happens Tuesday BTW, so feeds will go down some time on Tuesday until Wednesday approximately 12 a.m. EST/9 p.m. PST after episode airs.) We’ll find out who won the 4 to 3 HOH competition at that time. Paul is discussing his end game strategy with Alex, getting her input on who to take to Final 2. She has promised him her vote, but will Jason’s bombshell that Josh dropped in his goodbye message throw a wrench in both of their games?


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