BB18 Week 8 Blog Recap Double Eviction



1_foreshadowingPaulieWe begin this week’s blog as we began the last with an HoH endurance comp and NO ONE wants Michelle or Zakiyah to win because they were left in the dark about the Da’Vonne vote out aaand, yeah. No one wants them to win HoH and exact some kind of revenge upon the house. In this HoH comp, the HG’s are perched on disk swings and spun around the Backyard – we are all very familiar with this comp. This year, the theme is hashtags and whenever someone falls off, these dudes in costumes, “trolls”, come out and poke at them with “U Suck” sticks. It’s pretty great and I’m STILL waiting for McCrae to admit he was one of them and I have challenged him to dress up as a BB Troll for the finale. 😉 ANYWAY, before we get too deep into the HoH comp, we are informed that my predictions about the guys alliancing up is officially what’s happening. Paulie, Victor, James, Paul, and Corey have dubbed themselves “The Executives” and the only girl that has a chance in hell of getting anywhere close to the end is Natalie and she’s gonna have to fight like hell and win some comps if she wants to make BB history and go to the Final Two with James. As for the rest of the women, Bridgette could slide by, but she doesn’t have a James to protect her and Paulie says he’s gonna keep her safe, but there will come a time when he has to cut her too…

2_noootfriendshipAnyway… The HoH comp… James is first to fall, turning him into a Have Not and the first target of the Trolls, (Paul joins in on the James bashing as well), then Bridgette slides off her disk and cannot recover putting her on slop with James. Eleven minutes or so pass then Corey hits the mat and the Have Nots requirements have been met. After 24 minutes, Michelle succumbs to the nausea, joining the other fallen HGs – the Trolls leave her alone… until she’s feeling better. Nicole drops next, after 41 minutes, barely missing the pools of Michelle’s vomit when she lands. Zak knows she’s gonna be next and makes a deal with Victor who hasn’t forgotten that he was voted out 9-1 and will bounce checks all over the house because he doesn’t owe anyone anything. As soon as Zak falls, Paulie drops and Zak knows he did it on purpose, that he was waiting for her to fall, and she’s right. So it’s down to Victor and Natalie and both are playing hard to hear from their moms. It’s been over an hour since the comp started and even though they both want to win this for their moms, it’s getting really tough for Natalie, but she’s doing great. NOTE: Nearly the whole comp was broadcast on the live feeds and I watched it all and the longer Victor and Natalie lasted, the more I began to think that Natalie should just give this to Victor. She doesn’t need to be making nominations this week and neither does James because they are safe. After an hour and 45 minutes, Natalie falls and Victor is HoH. Goood. Goooooooood.

3_hoesAreGardeningToolsBack in the house, Victor feels good and he wants to get out a big threat to his game. Michelle is worried about Victor having power, Zak is angry at Paulie and feels betrayed and alone. Paulie tries to get out of her what’s on her mind, but she’s tight-lipped. Natalie is upset she didn’t win HoH, but James calms her down and eases her mind about nominations and stuff. In Tokyo, Bridgette converses with the Pauls, she feels good about working with Paul moving forward because everything the he said would happened happened. In the Bathroom, Zak and Michelle are upset that they were left out of the loop about the Da’Vonne vote. Michelle is convinced Victor will put her up… In the Safari room, Paul asks Victor what Da’ said to him on her way out the door – “they want to get you out in the double”, but she didn’t elaborate on who “they” were so Paul brushes it off and it’s time to talk nominations. Paul points out that Natalie is playing the sympathy card, Victor says never cared, then he says that Michelle is an emotional wreck so it’s probably best to vote out Zak this week. She was not emotional during the comp at all so she’s gotta go – and if she pulls herself down, Bridgette joins the Jury. No big deal. Victor doesn’t want Bridgette to go, but it’s gotta be one of the girls so he just has to figure out who’s the bigger threat. Later, Paul joins the guys, then James walks in – the girls are freaking out and they are the most worried about Zak because she was so calm and collected during the HoH comp. Paulie gives his blessing to boot his showmance out the door and that’s the plan for now.

4_CURSEyourinevitableBETRAYALIn the UK room, Nicole is mending things with Michelle because Michelle is really upset that Nicole didn’t clue her in on the Da’ vote. Nicole explains that she was threatened by Da’ and she was afraid to tell Michelle about it because she might have told Da’. Michelle says she wouldn’t have and blah blah blah. Nicole says she’s just trying to be a friend right now, and she’s really sorry. Michelle seems to accept it. Later in the Safari room, Paulie and Z are talking about Da’. Paulie says he was very clear about his intentions with Da’ then Zak asks if he fell on purpose – he says he was struggling and couldn’t get himself back on the disk. He’s trying to keep her calm, and not give away that she’s the target so she doesn’t get emotional and blow up his game. Zak is going to give him an ounce of trust; because she’s not a dumb girl, Paulie doesn’t get all her trust sooo… Good job, Paulie. She doesn’t suspect a thing. You are one smooth operator… Up in the HoH, the Pauls and Victor are having a little chit chat. Victor says that getting to the Final Five with the Executives is great, but he wants to be in the Final Three and this group of three… The Bromigos? No… The Board! The Pauls play along, they are comp beasts, but Paul… He’s all about the PP and there is no V in PP… Downstairs, an assortment of HGs are gathered and Michelle blows up at James a bit for wearing her jacket so he has a talk with her later in Tokyo while she’s in bed. She brings up the Da’ votes and her not knowing. James says he’s sorry that he didn’t check in with her, but she never asked him what was going down; she shouldn’t take it personally, like Nicole, it wasn’t a malicious move – it was a personal game move. Aaand… Now Michelle’s emotions are putting a bigger target on her back because Paul was listening to the whole conversation…

5_lookattheirfaces!In the bathroom later, James tells Paulie about his “chat battle” with Michelle. Paulie is starting to think that keeping Zak around is much better. If they save her, she’ll be more reeled in and Zak wouldn’t put up James or Corey and his personal relationship with her is good. If Michelle is still up there after the Veto, Paulie is going to push hard for votes in favor of keeping Zak. James says he’s down for whatever then it’s time for America’s Care Package! And the winner is… James! In addition to the Vote eliminations, James gets underwear, socks, and sunglasses. So this is how the vote thing works, during the next live show, Julie will ask him what he wants to do with his votes. James is a little nervous about having this power, he’s grateful for everything, but the power makes him super nervous. At the Nomination Ceremony… Victor nominates Zak and Michelle and in his explanation for the reason for his nominations, he brings up that he was evicted 9-1, now they will feel the eviction he felt. To Zakiyah, he says that it’s strategy, if it were up to her, he would be on the block AND… He doesn’t give him that much attention; Paulie has all her affection. lol Wtf? To Michelle, it should be clear to see; she shouldn’t have been rude to him – this week wasn’t the week to piss people off… And it’s… LOL… Just one of the best Nomination Ceremonies ever because shocked faces are all around the table, James is laughing then to top it off, Victor grabs Mardi Gras beads out of his robe pockets, says “it is what it is,” then toss/slides them across the table to the ladies. Michelle is deeply upset, Zak is keeping it together and everyone else just as these, like, “omg, wtf, did that just happen for real” faces.

6_hehasnowordstospeakAfter the nomination ceremony, Victor is really proud of himself for stirring the pot with his speech and stuff. Michelle is in tears because she doesn’t know what she did to Victor and she’s such a super fan and… Everyone else is trying to keep themselves from laughing because they do feel bad that Michelle is so upset, but… That was one crazy nomination ceremony, the likes of which we do not see very often on Big Brother; some people can’t help, but laugh when put in awkward or uncomfortable situations – my best friend is the same way. While the girls comfort Michelle in the Safari room, the boys are celebrating in Tokyo, but break it up fast, then Paul, Paulie, and Corey join the girls in the Safari room. They are all trying to comfort Michelle, but she’s just so shocked that she’s on the block because she doesn’t know what she did to piss Victor off so much. She’s not the one who backdoored him, Paulie did, but he’s kissing Paulie’s butt… She just knows that someone got into Victor’s ear to persuaded him to nominate her. Michelle leaves the room to go lay in bed, Paul tells her to let it out… Afterwards, Paul asks to chat with Victor in the HoH. What just happened is prime example of why they need to vote out Zak – Michelle is destroyed, but Zak isn’t worried a bit and why is that? Paul urges Victor to lay low, they need to make the girls feel comfortable, and they need to stick to the plan. Back downstairs in the Safari room, Paulie is telling Zak that because of THAT – Michelle saying what she said and being all emotional – that is why they need to get rid of her. He says if she gets to choose a Veto player, choose him. She asks if he’ll take her down. He spins the beads more, then says he will, but Zak and I can both read his body language – She doesn’t trust him. Good girl! You shouldn’t… Pick him for the Veto. You shouldn’t pick him for the Veto

7_somuchdenialBefore we pick players for the Veto, Michelle is talking to Zak in the Have Not room about Victor’s nominations. Michelle thinks that Paulie wasn’t upset that Zak was on the block because he influenced Victor to do it – because he wants the money. Michelle says “over her dead body”. Zak isn’t sure that Paulie had anything to do with her being nominated, and is pretty certain that Michelle is his target. Michelle being all against Paulie could be something she could use to her advantage… Later in the Backyard, Zak is setting up the balls on the pool table with Paulie guiding her and she is testing Paulie. She tells him what Michelle said in the Have Not room and Paulie’s mind is made up – Michelle is his target now. Later, the PP gets PP time and Paulie tells Paul that he would rather see Michelle leave this week, but Paul doesn’t agree – He wants Zak out of the house. Uh oh! More trouble in paradise! Paul is adamant that Zak is the bigger threat – Michelle can’t hack it because she’s emotional. Paulie pushes hard in favor of keeping Zak, Paul sees his points, but Paul thinks Paulie’s personal feelings are getting in the way. Paul says he’s sticking to his guns this week. Alone with James in the UK room, Paulie makes a play for James using his Care Package Power to help him keep Zak in the game. He plays up the fact that Michelle is jealous and attention driven, Zak is lined up to do whatever they want, and Michelle will be more loyal to Victor. James doesn’t give a definitive answer, says he has to use the power strategically, and blah blah blah… Let’s pick players for the Veto and get on with that…

8_theVetoVictor draws first, hoping mostly executives are picked so they can get Zak out, and he pulls Nicole – she’s happy to play so she can win and stay safe. Michelle picks James – he’s super excited as well so he can lock up the noms. Then Zak draws HG choice and chooses Paulie… ::eyeroll:: This will definitely be a test of his trustworthiness, that’s for sure… It’s Veto time directly after the picking of players and it’s the Hide-n-Seek comp. Those not competing, even the Have Nots, are able to enjoy adult beverages and the pool during this comp and it’s a good thing because it lasts about five freakin’ hours. Corey is passed out in a lounge chair at one point, Paul is on his back on the Host platform, everyone is bored, and it just takes forever for the players to find five Veto cards. And James TRASHES the kitchen – he throws raw eggs on the floor! Like, that’s just unsanitary with everyone walking all over the place, on the beds, couches, chairs, etc. Not to mention, completely unnecessary – I will give him the pouring out of the cereal – it’s not a great hiding place, but it’s more acceptable a hiding place than the carton of raw eggs… ANYWAY, Nicole finds the first and second Veto cards, (Victor & Zak’s), and over an hour later, Paulie is contemplating finding his own card just to speed things up in this comp. James is next to find a card, it’s Michelle’s, then at the two hour and 51-minute mark, Victor finds James’ card. This is when everyone starts napping because it isn’t until after 4 hours and 47 minutes have gone by that it finally hits Victor where to look for a card and it was wherever his lightbulb led him because he finds it, ending the comp, finally. Aaand, Paulie wins because he put his Veto card IN the smaller kitchen table – he had to slide the top off to retrieve it after the comp.

9_notevenasorryZakiyahBack in the house, everyone is horrified at the state of things in the house and Victor hopes Paulie can stay strong with the plan to vote out Zak and not use the Veto on her, but he just knows that Zak is going to get all kissy face and snuggle bear with him. Cut to Zak getting all kissy face and snuggle bear with Paulie in Tokyo… Up in the HoH, later, it’s PP Talk time, but Paulie doesn’t like what he’s hearing from Paul. Paul is locked on getting Zakiyah out of the house; Paul says Nicole, Corey, and James all want Michelle out and THAT’S why, Paul says, that Paulie has to get them on the side of voting out Zak – it’s what’s best for HIS game and for the PP. Paulie tries to play up that he’s in the middle, but it doesn’t work. Paul is locked. Later in the Bathroom, Zak and Paulie talk Veto and he pretty much tells her he’s not going to use it by making chess metaphors, saying that James will use his power to eliminate votes cast for her to leave and blah blah blah. Zak is disappointed, but… In the Backyard later, Paulie talks to James and tells him that he dropped the hint to Zak that he may not use the Veto. To ensure that his plan goes down, Paulie plants more seeds in James that Michelle is going to target him and it’s better to keep Zak because he can control her. Paulie even says that they may not be able to trust Paul, so they could eliminate his vote and blah blah blah!!! I know what’s going on in the house at this point before the live eviction because I’ve been glued to the feeds so all this, like, doesn’t matter. At the Veto meeting, Paulie doesn’t use the Veto…

10_nomorePPTo begin the Double Eviction episode, we flashback to day 56… Oh! Yes… This is good. This is how it starts… So, Paulie and Corey are playing pool while Natalie and Bridgette are talking about who they want to stay – they both want to keep Michelle. Bridgette knows Paulie controls the house and she wants to take out a showmance this week, namely, Paulie’s. Michelle joins, how serendipitous, and they put together that she only needs three votes to stay if James uses his power. If she has Bridgette, Natalie, and James’ votes to stay – and he uses the power to eliminate votes to evict her – she’s good. As Bridgette points out, James won’t be on board unless he knows he has the votes secured and a majority is on board… Cut to the Bathroom where the PP is talking. Paul understands that Michelle blew up his game, and yeah, if it’s Michelle this week, whatever, but next week… They have to aim at a big target. Paulie suggests Natalie, but Paul doesn’t like that. Natalie isn’t a threat to him and neither was Da’ or Michelle really sooo… Why not Zak and Nicole next week? Paulie says he knows for a fact he’s safe with Nicole and Zak… Paul now realizes that Paulie is only in this for himself. When Paul says that if they don’t take a serious shot next week, he loves him and all, buuut… To this Paulie says that Natalie has to go, makes a gesture with his hand as if the decision has been made, and this segment is done.

11_iftheyhadtelepathy2In the UK room, Michelle is making her pitch to James; Natalie is in the room too. Michelle points out that everyone trusts Paulie, he’s running the show, Zak is one more number for him… If she could guarantee him that she has the votes to stay… James sees things from her perspective, he knows she wants him to use his power in her favor, but he’s in this alliance with the guys… Michelle tells him that if she didn’t have the votes to stay, she wouldn’t be asking him to use his power to keep her in the game.  Later, Bridgette joins James and Natalie.  He asks if Michelle sent her – Nope! She just wanted to see if Natalie wanted to wax. James mentions Michelle making her pitch to stay noting that she didn’t say who the other person was that wanted her to stay… Bridgette sits next to Natalie and they give James a cute little look… James gets it… He didn’t realize Michelle had so much support to stay and he thinks it just might be time to shake things up and he hopes America is ready. WE ARE, JAMES! WE ARE!!! OMG… We are sooooooooo ready for you to shake things up, James and you effing better shake things up or we are gonna be… PIIIIIIIIISSED!!! lol Later… Paul is in the UK room with James, Natalie, and Bridgette and omg… Paul is on board to flip the house because Bridgette tells him that Paulie told HER that Ferris passed out a 31 Flavors last night! Just kidding! Paulie told Bridgette that Corey was his #1 and Paul is like, yeah, not Friendship, Never CARED! Piiiiiiiiiiisssed… Paul gives James his blessing to nix his vote, they agree that Corey is the other vote that’s gonna get eliminated and omg…. LOVE THIS!!! LOVE IT!

So, I asked around in the Reality Recaps live feeds chatroom if people like the BattleBack photo compilation I did and if they would want me to do the same for the Double Eviction and the answer was YES!!! So, here you go, live feed chatters and everyone else! This thing took me a good four hours to put together, which is why I’m super late in posting this week. 😉

doubleevictioncompilationAnd now, my goodbyes… Zakiyah: Girl, I hope you walk away from this game a stronger, more confident woman. You’re beautiful inside and out, I’m still upset that you chose Paulie over the Fatal 5, but I’ll get over it. I wish you all the best in the future, I hope you find an awesome man, but until you do, get out there and have fun! Bridgette: I’m so sorry you got branded so early on in the game as a threat and that you and Frank couldn’t make it further together. You guys made a great duo! You seem like a super fun girl, I hope we can have a couple beers sometime, and I really want that cinnamon roll cookie recipe because they looked sooo good! DON’T FORGET, EVERYONE! Special episode this Friday! It seems that we are all on the same page about it being another Battleback… Not sure how I feel about that, but we’ll see… Let’s hope Bridgette gets to come back if that’s the case! Or Da’… Omg… If Da’Vonne came back!!! This season is turning out to be pretty damn good.

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