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BB18_battleback2016Since the Battle Back is all comps and DRs, I decided to recap it in pictures only, (click on it to enlarge it), and especially because by the time I post this, the Battle Back will be old news… Instead of writing about it, I’m going to honor our evicted houseguests instead. Glenn: They should have listened to you about that freakin’ castle puzzle, but they didn’t and it’s a shame. I was really happy to see someone over the age of 40 in the BB house again and now more than ever, those kids need some adult supervision. 😉 Jozea: You were a fun houseguest and it would have been fun with you back in the house, for me especially, and I wish you the best of luck in building your empire in your post-BB world. Bronte: Trust me, girl, you’ve got more important things to do than BB this summer. You work on those prime numbers, be grateful for new friends, and next time I visit my aunt in Denver, we should meet up for lunch or something. And finally, Tiffany… UGH! I was screaming at my TV for you to move those letters up to the top because I wanted you to get back in the house so bad! It would have been brilliant and you were all set up to unleash the bad ass within and take over that house and WHY did those girls turn on the Fatal 5??? The Fatal 5 was this show’s best shot at an all-female alliance making it to the end, but ::eyeroll:: I understand you’re probably not a huge fan of Da’Vonne – I didn’t like that message either, but I think if you and her could have mended things and brought the Fatal 5 back together… It would have been glorious. Really sorry you’re not back in there because I couldn’t wait to make up “bad ass Tiffany” pictures for my blogs. 😉 Love you, girl! All the best you and Vanessa.

1_paulhasmixedemotionsSo Victor is back in the house and everyone is smiling and excited, but you know they are all just sorta faking it. Paul is leary of associating too much with Victor because he’s in a good place in the game and Paulie is nervous because HE is the one who backdoored Victor out of the house. Frank is disappointed he couldn’t keep Tiff around, but now there is a new number in the house and he’s hoping he can pull Victor’s loyalty. Then we learn through James that two hours before he re-entered the house, he, Paulie, Da’, Frank, Corey, and Nicole all agreed that if it was Victor who came back into the house, he might have to be sent right back out the door. After all the excitement of Victor’s return has settled, Frank and Victor end up in the Bathroom together and Paul is there too, but Paul quickly leaves when he gets confirmation that Frank, Curly Cue, is on the prowl. He knows exactly what Frank is trying to do. Frank fills Victor in on what happened when Bronte left, and that he thinks he has Corey and Paulie, he really doesn’t know who to trust since everyone screwed him over when they flipped and evicted Bronte. Victor knows what that feels like. Later in the Storage room, Frank and James have a little chit chat about what a threat Victor is and how this week will not be a walk in the park.

2_curseyourinevitablebetrayalSometime later, Da’, Nicole, and James are talking in the Safari room and Nicole asks Da’ what she would do at this point in the game with Victor being back – she’s still gunning for Frank. Afterwards, Nicole is in Tokyo with Frank and Corey and she asks Frank for his thoughts on Victor – he wanted Bronte or Tiffany to come back. Then Frank asks Nicole what she, Da’, and James were talking about in the Safari room and Nicole tells him that Da’ wants him out before Vic; he says the feeling is effing mutual. Nicole reminds him that she’s just telling him the info, she’s not keeping it from him, and Corey just lays in the bed without saying a word… Elsewhere, in the UK room, Paul and Paulie are sitting down for a chat. Paul wants Paulie to know that they are the Friendship – he doesn’t want any kind of buddy-buddy he’s doing with Victor to make Paulie think that Paul is going to align with Vic. Paulie kept him safe and because of it, he has Paul’s loyalty. Paul is going to bring Victor up to speed on the situation with Frank and let him know that he’s been the target for the last two weeks, that he can’t believe a word out of his mouth, and they’ll just have to wait and see if Vic goes to Frank with the information. And while Da’ was previously on Paulie’s radar, now that there are no teams, and no Roadkill, it might be the best time to boot Frank outta the house. Within minutes, Zak, Da’, and Michelle join the boys then Paulie takes over the convo for a second to remind everyone that the stakes have been raised and they all need to step it up; Paul speaks up again. He lets everyone in the room know that Vic ran right to Frank and that’s NO BUENO, so what they all need to do is trust Paul because Victor trusts him more than anyone else and they all just need to let him do what he needs to do – damage control. He assures everyone that he’s with them, no matter what they see between him and Victor – he’s with them.

3_twerkinlidlessbottleCue the music! It’s time for the HoH comp and it’s the same set up as the last Battle Back round, but altered a bit. In this comp, each player will be attached at the wrist to a pin that’s keeping a box of confetti closed and will have to hold their arm up over their heads to keep the pin in place. But wait! There’s more… A strand of rope lights has been stretched across the playing field – one for each competitor – and they have to step over it continuously while holding up their arms. This comp is called #WatchYourDubStep and that’s how it… wah wah wah… Twerks. Omg, BB, you and the puns… So the comp begins and 23 minutes in, Paul is eliminated and he starts in on being the peanut gallery, trying to distract Bridgette and Frank, but he’s distracting everyone. After an hour and 19 minutes, Nicole receives her confetti shower and joins Paul in the cool, white chairs next to Paulie’s “DJ station”. And I have to say, Nicole, if that is all your real hair and you’re not wearing extensions, you should totally donate your hair to Wigs For Kids when you get out of the house. You definitely have enough hair and you’d look cute with a shorter cut. Think about it! Moving on! At the hour and 40 minute mark, Zak gets caught up on her rope lights and falls, followed by Natalie nine minutes later, then about an hour later, at the two hour and 41 minute mark, Corey’s arm drops. Before he takes his seat, Corey hands Frank a bottle of water, who hands it to James, who tosses it to Vic, at HIS request, even though it doesn’t have a lid and DOH! Victor is out because of a lidless water bottle.

4_theneverendingHoHSo we’re down to James, Frank, Bridgette, Da’, and Natalie. And Frank starts goofing around and DOH! He’s outta the contest. At the three hour and 23-minute mark, the sun is starting to rise and the party is still “raging”. Everyone is yawning, Paul curls up in a ball pit at one point, then at the four hour and four minute mark, Natalie trips leaving James, Da’, and Bridgette to battle it out for the HoH. As the sun continues to rise, we are shown that this competition has been going on for six hours. SIX HOURS! And everyone is totally ready to get this comp over with already! Paul wants someone to punch him in the face, Bridgette isn’t feeling so great with her hurt ankle, but Da’ and James are goooooooood. So Frank steps in to do some wheelin’ and dealin’ with Da’ because he feels he’s good with James. She wants safety and doesn’t trust Bridgette, but she’ll let go and give it to James is Bridgette drops first. Frank says Bridgette won’t do that, but he will make sure Victor is up on the block, which prompts Da’ to remark that THAT IS the plan… Then Frank dips into his pocket of information and tells Da’ that an hour ago, someone told him that Da’ still wants Frank out and Da’ can’t believe what she’s hearing… Paul is watching all this, doesn’t like that they are keeping their little conversation so hush hush, and decides to go over there and see what’s happening. Zak does too. Da’ tells Frank that she can stay up there all day, Frank says Bridgette can too and he’s just trying to get them both down so they don’t have to stay up there all day, but Da’ is not dropping before Bridgette… Unless Frank tells her who told him that she wanted him out before Vic. Frank asks for some privacy, Paul and Zak respect his wishes and walk away, then he mouths to Da’ that it was Nicole.

5_ilovewhenpeopledojazzhandsDa’ can’t believe it. Frank swears on his grandma that he’s telling the truth and Da’ asks him to let her think for a minute; Frank obliges and walks back over to the DJ station where the fallen HGs are gathered. And after a minute or so, she tells Frank, from across the yard, that he just told her some hurtful stuff. He says he has her back then Paul shouts out that they should just give it to James, who smiles and pipes in to say that he isn’t targeting either of them. Da’ is cool with tossing it to James, but Bridgette has to drop first because she doesn’t trust her. Bridgette says she doesn’t trust Da’ either, that’s obvious, and Da’ says they are just stuck up there then. Frank brings up that Da’ said she would drop if he gave her information, but if that information is true, Da’ is not dropping because she will be more concerned about her safety if that’s the case. Paul, again, speaks up to suggest that they just all discuss this information openly. Da’ is cool with that, but Frank would rather talk about after she drops like she said she would; Da’ decides it’s time to talk and tells everyone that an hour before the comp, Nicole told Frank that Da’ wanted him out before Vic. Nicole denies this happened. Bridgette nods her head that it did because she was there too. So, after Da’ does some Vic damage control by stating that she didn’t talk about Vic and was happy to see him back, Frank says Nicole either lied to him or told the truth so why not throw this to Bridgette and they’ll put up Nicole! lol

6_firstkissOkay, this is long and we’ve still got two episodes left for this week’s blog so let’s press fast forward. After some more talkin’ and dealin’, Bridgette agrees to bow out before Da’, after James says he’s not going to put “them” up, and Da’ makes good on her promise to drop the next second after her because she doesn’t want to battle James all day. So James is HoH, he gets a kiss on the lips from Natalie, and he’s really happy that he can keep them both safe and out of the Have Not room this week. Frank thinks James has is back and is pretty confident that he will go with the house and nominate Victor, who is hoping that there is a target out there bigger than him this week. Back in the house, Nicole is on damage control duty with Da’ in the UK room, but Da’ doesn’t really trust Nicole at this point, not 100%, but she’s going to keep things real cool with Nicole so she’s going to make like they are good and everything between them is crescent fresh. But Da’ is keeping her eye on Nicole. Later in Tokyo, Nicole whispers to Corey that Da’ didn’t believe her, Corey says she shouldn’t have said anything – she knows. Frank walks in and wants to talk to Nicole later, because he knows she probably doesn’t want to talk to him right now – she doesn’t. Nicole says she’s done with Frank, but she’s said that before so we’ll see… In the Have Not room, Bridgette and Natalie are talking. Natalie promises Bridgette that James isn’t targeting them and she’ll make sure to influence him to not put her up…

7_probablynotagoodweekforjamestobehohIn Tokyo later, Paul is with James, Corey, and Nicole and he points out that Bridgette is a fierce competitor, she almost won this HoH, and if they want Frank out this week, they have to put Curly Cue and his Cabbage Patch Kid up on the block together. James says he wasn’t going to let Bridgette win that one, Paul says he knows, but Bridgette is really smart too. It doesn’t make sense to go after Victor, he’s not a threat, they can take care of him later, if anything, he’s another vote for them to get out Frank and Bridgette. They have to nip this in the bud, right now, if they really want Frank and Bridgette out the game. Later, in the UK room, Paul hashes it out with Victor and tells him that Frank has to go and Bridgette will be next so if he doesn’t go against the majority, he’s guaranteed two weeks of safety in the house. Paul advises that Vic talk to James to tell him that he will be loyal to the plan to vote out Frank this week and urges him to lay low and not do anything crazy. Meanwhile, Frank is upset that neither he nor Bridgette won this week, but he and his girl both think they are safe because they think the deal they made with James is good, but it’s not. Even though he wants to stick to his deal, and tells Da’ that he’s going to by putting up Victor and Frank, Da’ reminds him that if Bridgette is picked to play Veto and wins in that scenario, she’ll take off Frank and they will both be safe. Da’ says she has his back 100% then we cut to a scene in the Have Not room where Victor tells James, while he’s in a bumper car with Natalie, that he’s down for the plan that Paul told him about wherein James will be putting up Frank and Bridgette. Vic leaves, Natalie urges James to do what HE wants, not what the house wants, it’s his HoH and he made a deal. Then Paulie comes in and says he has James’ back if he puts up Frank and Bridgette, that’s what the house wants, but yeah, it’s his HoH…

8_frankshailmary1Sooo… Despite telling Frank to his face in the Safari room that he and Bridgette are safe, James nominates them both and doesn’t feel bad about it – this is the BB house and you can bounce checks. Frank isn’t surprised to be on the block, but he is surprised that James put up Bridgette, who feels pretty down about the situation. She’s hurt and angry and if Frank leaves, making the house even more lonely for her than it already is, she’s going to be out for blood. In the Storage room, Da’, Nicole, Zak, and Paul have a victory dance and Michelle is really happy Bridgette is on the block because she’s never liked her because she seems fake… Later, Frank heads up to the HoH to talk with James; he’s not mad because he knows that reacting angrily will definitely send either him or Bridgette home. Frank wants to pull James to his side because James knows Frank is loyal, he knows Frank will go to bat for him, so why not team up and work together. James isn’t chomping at the bit to work with Frank because all the conflict in the house seems to involve him. Frank attributes this to the stigma stuck to him because of #BB14; he’s trying to get rid of it, but he can’t. The way Frank sees it, he’s not the one stirring up drama – the person doing that is Da’. She’s the one who keeps bringing up his name and turning him into the “bad guy”. All Frank is really asking, though, is that if he or Bridgette are taken off the block, he wants James to put Da’ up as a replacement. Frank would love it. Buuut… Sorry, Frank, James isn’t on board with you. He thinks you’re playing the victim card and he has no intention of putting up Da’…

9_justalostlensTime to pick players for the Veto! What? Already? There must be storms ahead because usually we don’t pick players this early in the episode, but it’s time! James draws Michelle, Bridgette draws Da’, the one name Frank didn’t want to see come out of the box, and Frank draws Nicole. After a quick segment involving Paul rallying Da’ and Michelle to win that Veto so they can rub it in Frank’s face – because Paul thinks people are mistaking his name for “Pawn” in this game and he does NOT want to go up as a replacement nominee. After that, it’s time for the Veto comp and THE MOST ANNOYING OTEV CHARACTER EVER – it was d-d-d-dumb and I wanted him to s-s-s-stop t-t-t-talking like th-th-th-this in a b-b-b-bad British accent… Instead of names, this OTEV wants his “dope” tracks named after competitions thus far in the game. Round One results in James being eliminated because he wants to throw it to avoid more blood on his hands. In Round Two, Michelle totally bites it on the slide up to the OTEV pedestals, but Da’ is eliminated. In Round Three, everyone urges Michelle to be really CAREFUL going up the slide and a race to the slide is won by Frank, eliminating Nicole. Round Four results in Frank’s elimination and it’s down to Bridgette and Michelle. Aaand… Michelle wins!

10_frankshailmary2Even though neither of them won Veto, Frank has hope that he can still rally some people to save Bridgette and himself. In the evening, after the comp, Frank pulls Michelle into the Safari room before she goes to bed so they can chat. And Frank is going to appeal to Michelle’s love the game, her ego, and her desire to win. What do the fans like to see, Michelle? We absolutely DO love to see the Veto get used, we LIKE to see big moves that flip the house, and WE LIKE to see backdoors – I know, we’re a sick bunch, us BB fans, but if we didn’t love the drama, we wouldn’t watch the show and none of you would have a chance at half a million dollars… When asked what Frank needs to do to get her to use the Veto, she says he has to throw Bridgette under the bus and campaign against her in favor of himself. It’s the only way she can use the Veto safely, but Frank won’t campaign against Bridgette, and he has another way – backdooring Da’. Michelle doesn’t want to do that because Da’ isn’t targeting her, Frank says neither are they, but Michelle thinks Bridgette would nominate her in a heartbeat – Not as long as Frank’s around… She’s one of the most loyal people in the house, but as much as Michelle would love to keep both Bridgette and Frank around… Because she wanted to work with Frank and had a little crush on him in the beginning then he went with Bridgette so she’s a little salty… She wants Frank to stay, she really likes him, he’s funny, he’s a good person, but it’s the house… He urges her again to flip the house with him. If using the Veto would get rid of Bridgette so that SHE could be his “ride-or-die”, Michelle is totally open to that. He tells her that he thinks he can get the votes – she tells him to let her know if he does, then he reminds her that she has to use the Veto on him first!

11_paulflipsoutAt some point, James, Paul, Paulie, and Victor walk by the Safari room and look in as they pass by the open door. In the Storage room, James and Da’ are discussing the situation in the Safari room when Paul walks in and asks if he needs to take care of said situation. When Paul joins Frank and Michelle, Frank asks him to give them a few more minutes of privacy and Paul, surprisingly, grants Frank his request. A few moments later, Zak glides into the Safari room and as Frank asks if he can get some time alone with the Veto winner to try to convince her to use it on him, James, Paul, and Da’ join them. After a few more pleas from Frank, Zak says he has five minutes left with Michelle… SO! Everyone leaves, but Paul is fuming. Da’ walks up the stairs and into the HoH and she and Paulie are on the same page- they need to calm him down, buuut… Da’ kinda wants Paul to go off on Frank and she’s got his back the whole way! Back downstairs, Paul and Paulie walk into Tokyo where Nicole and Corey are in bed and from the looks of it… Things are getting a little hot and heavy in Tokyo! But all that stops when Paul walks in wanting to “pop off” on Frank. Paulie urges him to keep his cool, but NOOOPE! Pauls walks out of the room, back into the kitchen and… I’ve really gotta wrap up this episode… Basically, Paul is worried about being put up on the block and I get why he’s upset with Frank for trying to get the Veto used on him – he’s scared of going home, but Frank is playing the game too and he wants to stay too so he’s fighting to stay. I love you, Paul, you’re great, but I have to side with Frank on this one – He’s just trying to stay in the house and you would do the same. And you’re safe, buddy! You’re off the radar for now and you’re playing well so I hope you can keep your head in the game because I want you to go far.

12_lastminutedramaMoving on! James decides to call a house meeting because Frank’s making everyone feeling uncomfortable and with everyone in the HoH room, the meeting begins. Paul speaks first, saying that they all know there is Veto winner and it is time to “put on the big girl and boy pants” and talk about it because he’s over it and who wants to go first? Franks speaks immediately: he wants the Veto used and he wants Da’ to go up in his place. Da’ says that the Veto isn’t going to get used and that’s not going to happen. Frank asks if that 100%, Michelle asks everyone to say “aye” if they want Da’ gone, and OF COURSE, no one is going to say they want her gone in such a public setting… Paulie speaks up at this point to say that this whole scene isn’t cool, he was just going to pull Frank aside to let him know the numbers were not in his favor, he should just stop campaigning because it makes him look like an idiot, it is what it is, sorry, bro, he hates seeing him try and he gets it, buuut… Frank understands, he thanks Paulie and Da’ for having a backbone and clearly people are not shooting straight with him. Then Paulie says he done and that he’s going back to eating. Later in the bathroom, Michelle is putting on make-up and Bridgette is doing beauty maintenance as well and she takes the opportunity to try to talk to Michelle because she knows they aren’t on the best of terms AAAND… Michelle must be really jealous of Bridgette because of the whole Frank thing because she is really salty to Bridgette who is honestly trying to make peace with her – it has nothing to do with the Veto. Michelle uses the explanation that Bridgette is a threat to her then admits she got jealous when she swooped in and took Frank away from her… Then Bridgette lets the issue go because she knows she’s getting nowhere near to patching things up with Michelle and she’s just glad she tried to talk to her.

13_thingsarenotlookingoodforDaSo blah blah blah, Michelle doesn’t use the Veto. Frank doesn’t have any hard feelings, but Michelle has regrets. She worried that she is Bridgette’s target now and wonders if she should have used the Veto on Frank to get rid of Bridgette. This gets an eyebrow raise from Da’ then we cut to Frank and Bridgette having a moment in the kitchen – she doesn’t have a lot of true friends in real life and she’s grateful to have found one in the BB house with Frank. It’s sad they are going to be separated and Frank is not happy about it. Later, Michelle and Zak are sitting around the table with Frank and Bridgette; Michelle says she feels bad, but she couldn’t use the Veto and have nine people coming after her. She goes to the Storage room, crying about Frank leaving and both Frank and I are like, uuuhhhh… You COULD have used the Veto on him, but you didn’t. Zak and Da’ are in the Storage room too and Da’ thinks Michelle’s superfan-ness of Frank was cute when he was the underdog, but he’s the Devil now and… LOL Okay, Da’. Okay. Who’s been running their mouth all around the house telling secrets and throwing Tiffany under the bus? Who has been loyal to the people he thought he was working with, but was also thrown under the bus by you? I mean, excellent game play, sweetheart, love ya, but if Frank’s the Devil in the house, you his female counterpart because you’ve lied more than a couple times, but I haven’t seen any evidence of Frank doing that, but I haven’t been able to keep up with everything happening on the live feeds… Just sayin!

14_secretroomNext we have the Secret room segment. To be quick about explaining it:  there are signs in the house talking about the cities that the rooms have been designed around and the green-colored text on each sign are clues that lead to the Departures Board above the nomination chairs, which lead them to information about a flight to Paris and on a plane upstairs with the same flight number as the flight number to Paris on the Departures Board, letters on the windows of the plane tell them to CALL PARIS. Using the phone booth upstairs, Paul is the first to call PARIS by dialing the corresponding numbers, a trap door opens that he can either use or ignore if there are too many people around. He first ignores it since there are a lot of people around, tells Paulie and James that he has cracked the code and to keep Frank and Bridgette away from the phone booth. Deciding to throw caution to the wind, Paul calls Paris again, opens the trap door, crawls through a tunnel and finds himself in Paris. What’s in Paris? A chance to get back in the game if evicted – there are 12 envelopes from Big Brother Airlines and one of the tickets inside of the envelopes is a Round Trip ticket. If they are evicted, they will give their envelope to Julie and she will reveal if they are going One Way out of the house or if they will turn around and go right back inside. After he picks out ticket for himself, Paul gathers everyone downstairs to explain how things work, but he’s real coy about telling people HOW he got into Paris. He gives them hints, he doesn’t lead them in the wrong direction, but he’s not telling anyone exactly what to do. Not that we see on the TV edit anyway…

15_byebyeFrankThe next segment contains short interviews with Jason about Da’, Hayden about Nicole, Meg about James, and Boogie about Frank, then it’s time to vote. BUT FIRST, Julie explains the ticket thing and adds that the last ticket will be opened live on August 18th – after that, the tickets expire. So! Frank is given his chance to speak and tells Bridgette to take care and he’s sorry things didn’t work out better, then he puts on his Dr. Will mask and tells everyone else to NOT take care and he’s Sorry, NOT Sorry, and ha ha ha ha ha… Most people get that he’s joking, but Natalie looks sad… Then it’s time to vote and of course everyone votes for Frank and his ticket is… One Way… BUMMER! So now I have to say good-bye to Frank in my blogs and I am super bummed! I am such a Frank fan! I got THISCLOSE to meeting him and Boogie a couple years ago, but THEY didn’t go to the CASINO with Sandra, Todd, and Mallory… So I HOPE that if he makes the trip back to Kansas this fall for that event that we can meet up and talk Big Brother? Maybe??? She wrote as if Frank will ever read these blogs… All of that aside, I’m gonna miss ya, Frank! I would have loved to watch you and Tiffany take over that damn house because you’re right – we love to see the Veto used, we love to see the house flipped, we love to see backdoors, and we love you both for trying. 😉

16_gratzNatSince the HoH is sort of an endurance comp, this is where we are going to end things for week six. BUT FIRST! It’s time for America’s Vote! This summer we are sending care packages to the HG of our choice. The first one is a Never Not Pass and the voting is closed, but you can click here to go to the CBS page for more information on care packages that will be up for grabs in the future. Vote wisely, everyone! Once a houseguest wins a care package, we can’t give them another one, and there is a lot of power up for grabs in the future. I feel that there is a real life parallel that involves voting that deserves a lot of thought and consideration as well, America, sooo please vote wisely in all aspects of your lives… 😉


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