BB18 Week 10 Blog Recap


BB18_ENDSEASON_Banner1_ziggyisconfusedOkay, Big Brother, we have to have a chat. I just barely have the time to get three shows a week blogged about so enough with the extra episodes already! 😉 And I’m pressed for time this week… So the extra episode this week is basically a season recap, but the HGs are enjoying a carnival in the Backyard. Ziggy Marley performed, they played games for prizes and advantages and such, there was food, candy, beers, Jessie – you all know which one – showed up, and blah blah blah. Game Stats: Balloon Pop – $5,000 prize, no one wins it. Jessie-Themed Electronics Package Victor: Victor. They talk about showmances, Michelle plays a great prank on James, and blah blah blah blah… Pie Eating Contest to Decide Have Nots: Michelle, Victor, and James; Winner of the HoH Advantage: Michelle. To wrap up the episode, we begin the HoH competition and it’s the Black Box comp, which is MY FAVORITE new BB comp and I’m glad they are making it part of the regular game rotation. In THIS Black Box, each person will hold a button then look for disks then hold a button again, for two hours. Michelle’s advantage: an additional 30 seconds of search time. So the HGs eligible to play enter the box, the atrocious smell hits their noses and Michelle has to keep repeating to herself that it’s not scary, it’s not scary, it’s not scary…

2_silentpaulsaysnothingAnd we’re in the thick of it now when the Sunday episode begins. It’s yucky in there, no one is having any kind of fun, no one can see, some of the disks are decoys, and if they let go of their buttons before the horn sounds, they are eliminated, BUT FIRST… Eighty-Two minutes before the eviction, Paulie gathered up Paul, Nicole, and Corey in Tokyo and since he knows he’s leaving, he tells them that their next target should be Victor or James, because he, James, is responsible for everything that’s about to happen. For some reason, I think because they walked out of a room together before Paulie said anything, Nicole thinks that Paul is targeting James and Nicole has no intention of going after James and Nicole wants Natalie to know that… OKAY, knowing what’s going to happen in the future, and after seeing this conversation again, ummm… Nicole, you were stirring the pot on this one. I did NOT hear Paul actually say that he was going to target James, but THAT is what you told James and Natalie in the Bathroom. This is going to get you into some trouble later! But for now, mission accomplished, Nicole. Natalie’s target is now Paul and James loves the idea of the two showmances going to the Final Four together. Bravo! Very sneaky… But maybe I didn’t hear the part of the conversation where Paul actually said he wanted James gone. Maybe I just didn’t see that on the feeds.

3_hohregrets1Back to the Box! And let me tell you, folks, this is a nasty competition. They have to go through spider webs, then sticky goop, and at the end of their lanes is a pit of feathery stuff. LOL It’s gross and hilarious to watch, people are losing their shoes and getting sprayed with stuff, but we gotta move things along this week. After 22 minutes, Michelle is eliminated because she let go of her button. Both Victor and Michelle herself are disappointed in her. After an hour in the box, people are hurting and lying about how many disks they’ve found, Natalie thinks it’s time to start making some deals, but she toughs it out and makes it to the final searching round and right before the final buzzer, James slips and doesn’t get to his button in time – he’s eliminated and hoping that Natalie got enough disks to keep them safe this week. And guess what! She does. Natalie wins HoH because she was four freakin’ seconds faster than Corey – because they both had 10 disks. And Paul and Victor think this is really great because they are aligned with Natalie and James… Back in the house, Natalie is nervous now because she forgot that winning HoH also means she has to nominate two people. Nicole can’t believe that her and Corey’s fate is in Natalie’s hands and she’s really hoping that her bond with James stays strong… And she hopes that Corey gets the Care Package. In the kitchen, Victor is congratulating Natalie on her win, and how much better it is to win on your own, she agrees, Paul joins and he is legit proud of Natalie because he could hear her struggling; he’s really proud of her and genuinely happy for her. Natalie is friendly and nice, but she leaves pretty quickly. Paul and Victor are a bit nervous now and they know they can’t let James and Natalie make any deals with Nicole and Corey or they are screwed. Up in the HoH, guess who is talking to James and Natalie? NICOLE.

4_sittingducksSo, up in the HoH, Nicole is solidifying her plan of alliancing up with James and Natalie and Natalie is totally on board because the four of them would have the numbers and control the game – that’s her reaction in the DR to this. So with this kind of loosely agreed upon in the HoH room, Natalie asks how she feels about Paul… Nicole thinks Paul and Victor are a very dangerous duo, they can talk to people, Natalie agrees pretty much, and James tells her to go with her gut and do what’s best for her game. Later, Nicole is in the Safari room doing her nails… And I have to do a little shameless self-promotion right now because if Nicole had been wearing JAMBERRY NAIL WRAPS, well, she would NOT have spilled nail polish on the leather foot stool, which is NOT a COFFEE TABLE, in the Safari room. She probably still would have spilled her coffee AND drops of polish remover ON the LEATHER foot stool, because that’s part of the removal process, (minus the coffee). Anyway… I sell Jamberry nail wraps now and they are awesome, way better than nail polish and they won’t ruin your leather furniture… Because WHO does NOT use a flat surface with applying or removing nail polish, (or Jamberry nail wraps)? Nicole.  Anyway… In the Bathroom later, Paul wants to talk Friendship with Natalie. He’s still with them, he’s still Friendship, but whatever she feels she needs to do for HER game, Paul isn’t going to stand in her way. She should do what’s best for her. Natalie doesn’t buy it, though, because she still thinks Paul wants to evict James. Even later, Victor joins Natalie, James, and Corey who are in the HoH room and AWKWARD silence! Victor takes the hint and sees what’s going on – they’re all whispering around the bed when Corey is the one who’s supposed to be going home this week. He doesn’t like this. No matter that he was HoH twice and didn’t put THEM up, it’s okay. It’s okay… After he leaves the room, Natalie says she’s nervous, but excited about nominations. Victor heads into the UK room where Paul is in bed and lets him know what just happened. Why can’t anyone just stick to a plan???

5_seriouslyWTFisthatthingAfter a quick segment about Friendship Times with Paul, it’s time to drop the Care Package and this week, Michelle is the winner so she will be Co-HoH with Natalie. The girls could NOT be happier about this. They meet later in the Have Not room to talk about their nominations, specifically, Paul and Victor are big threats, they are gonna take each other to the Final Two and with all the light that Paulie shed before he left, Michelle definitely wants to target Paul. During this conversation, Paul walks in and is all “this is perfect, America loves us, Friendship” blah blah blah then he leaves and the girls reconvene talking about him. On Day 61, Paulie told Michelle that Paul was behind Da’Vonne going home – Not True! Paulie was responsible; Paul Never Cared if it was Bridgette or Da’. Am I wrong? So the girls definitely don’t want Paul to stick around much longer, and Natalie is threatened by Victor, but Michelle has never been wronged by Victor. Michelle would rather put up Nicole to split up Nicorey. Sooo… Corey gets in Michelle’s ear later about putting up Victor, but it’s in one ear and out the other for Michelle. Up in the HoH later, the two HoHs meet again. Natalie really wants to put up Paul. So does Michelle, but she doesn’t want to put up Victor. So they go back and forth about why Nicole is not really a threat and they finally agree: Natalie will put up Victor and Michelle will put up Paul. And that’s exactly what they do, BUT FIRST – Paul has to do a security check.

6_ticktocknicticktockSo after the Nomination Ceremony, Paul is pretty piiissed about Michelle accusing him of being a liar and stuff about knowing that Da’ was going home. He goes to the UK room with Victor where he learns that two hours before the nominations, Michelle told Victor that he was going up as a pawn and that Paul was the target. Paul exits the room and joins James, Natalie, and Corey in the kitchen; he asks Nat what he lied about. Nat says she doesn’t want to fight with him, he says it’s not a fight, but someone called him a liar and he wants to know what he lied about. Get everyone in there so they can all just tell him what he lied about. Nat says she will talk to him when he’s not heated, he says he’s not heated – someone called him a liar and he wants to know why.  If they had just said, “Paul you’re a threat to win this game” – no problem. So blah blah blah, Natalie leaves the conversation, Michelle steps in, and Paul asks HER what he lied about – She brings up that he knew Da’ was going home.  Whoa. Stop right there. Paul says that he told everyone his target was Bridgette, people told him they were voting her out, but clearly, people lied to him, which does NOT make HIM a liar.  She brings up the conversation she had with Paulie before he left, Paul says Paulie had a conversation with him and told him they had to get James out of the house. Natalie is back at this point and neither she nor Michelle have satisfied looks on their faces and Nicole finds this conversation very interesting, as she should because SHE is the reason it is happening. To end the conversation, Paul tells them they all suck at playing Big Brother if they are going to listen to Paulie and his, and these are MY words, “about to be evicted bullsh!t” and that the Veto should be fun. I don’t care what anyone else thinks. Paul > Paulie any day, every day, all day long. And he totally deserves that honorary spot in Chilltown even more now.

7_hohregrets2After a totally useless scene of Nicorey in the Storage room, during which she spills a whole box of spaghetti, we go to the HoH room where Natalie is telling Michelle and James that she thinks they may have made a mistake, then Paul walks in wanting to talk. He wants to know who boned him – she won’t give him a name. But Paul knows who told her and he tells everyone that “those two”, Nicorey, cannot be trusted. At all. Yes, Paulie brought up James’ name with those two in the room, but Paul didn’t say a word or even nod his head in agreement. And now Natalie feels sooo bad. Paul tells her not to feel bad. It’s a game, but she regrets winning HoH, Michelle tries to give her some support, and Michelle thinks that this whole situation gives them even MORE of a reason to evict Paul – he can get people to feel bad about nominating them. BUT, uh, HELLO? Paul never lied. Nicole kinda did, though, because she made assumptions and didn’t tell James and Natalie the truth. She ASSUMED… After the HoH conversation, Paul talks to Victor in the Storage room real quick, tells them that Nicorey lied to “them” meaning James and Nicole, and they hatch a scheme – one of them has to win the Veto and take themselves down.  Later, Victor talks to the Natalie, Michelle, and James about how Paul is piiissed at Nicorey, she knows they used her emotional link to James to manipulate her. When Paul joins, she says he trusts him again and she feels back for putting him and Victor on the block, but it’s okay, the boys have a way to fix it. One of them wins the Veto, Corey goes up, they do a clean back door and everything is Friendship. Natalie is cool with this, but Michelle and James both still want Paul gone and they hope he doesn’t win the Veto.

8_coreycantreadaroomSooo… Later, Corey is called to the DR because his penalty costume time period has ended and while he’s in there, Paul confronts Nicole about her being the reason she’s on the block. She puts on the “I didn’t do anything, I didn’t lie, I didn’t manipulate” people act, but Paul isn’t having it. So when Corey comes out of the DR all excited to take off his Patriotard, Paul and Nicole are still arguing, she’s trying to explain to Corey what’s happening at the moment, but he is completely oblivious and does a silly strip tease and puts his hat on her head and LOL. Yeah, it’s awkward. Then Corey realizes that something is off in the room, asks if they are fighting – Paul says he’s just asking questions – Corey says they are a buzz kill and the argument continues. Paul is basically calling Nicole out on what she DID DO to get Paul nominated, says she is a better player than him because she’s never been on the block, he’s not the liar and the manipulator, she is. All the while, Natalie, James, and Michelle are watching both in the HoH room monitor, listening through the HoH door, and James is perched on the balcony laying on his stomach. When Nicole excuses herself from this conversation to go up to the HoH room, Paul follows, but BB issues him a Red Alert so he’s gets to it while Nicole tries to pull some sympathy from the girls upstairs; when Paul does his duties up there, he tells her that BB issued this alert because of her lies and such. When he’s does his final checkpoint, he says that mission “call everyone out on their bullsh!t” is also complete then ducks right back into the HoH room, but before he can say anything else, BB tells him his job as Secret Service is complete and so is this segment.

9_determinationNext up! BB Storm Watch. When the storm watch announcements start playing, Paul knows that it’s for the Veto and he is determined to stay up all night, and keep everyone else up in his “alliance”, so they can all study together so they all have a better chance of winning the Veto. So while Paul is up in the HoH with Natalie and James, paying attention and repeating the weather alerts, Nicole and Corey are in bed with the lights off and Corey is feeling frisky. She tells him they need to pay attention, but he doesn’t care, he just wants to make-out and stuff, doesn’t think he needs to be worried about this Veto and blah blah blah… They pick players, they play the Veto, in which they have to be reporters and read a prompter in the crazy rain and wind while they answer the trivia questions in the weather reports. All the studying pays off for Paul because he wins the Veto and now Michelle has to pick a replacement, but what to do, what to do… She really wants to put up Nicole and vote her out because that’s what’s best for HER game, and it really really really is what is best for her game, BUT, she gets hustled into putting up Corey and now James is the swing vote. Oh, and James plays a really good prank on Paul – salt in his water. It’s great. Watch the episode again if you want to see it. Otherwise, nothing really important happens.

10_funfunfunEviction episode, Jury House footage, and Jury Member coming back time! So after the Veto Meeting, the couples are outside being all chatty chatty. Paul notices, Victor thinks he’s being paranoid, Paul tells him to find something to do outside and see what happens. Luckily, Vic has to deal with some laundry outside and Paul’s suspicions are confirmed because everyone shuts up once Vic’s feet hit the artificial grass. In the Bathroom, they hash a plan for Paul to put on the show that he is really close to Nicorey by spending at much time with them as possible and for these times to be seen by Michelle, James, and Natalie so they get so paranoid about Paul working with Nicorey that they evict Corey instead of Victor. Victor’s mission is to really pitch himself staying to the HoH crew and put the idea in their heads that he may not trust Paul and that he’s no longer aligned with him. He also works hard to convince the others that Nicole and Corey cannot be trusted and blah blah blah… JURY HOUSE FOOTAGE!!! Da’Vonne is super excited to see that Paulie will be joining them, so is Bridgette, and Zakiyah, blood boiling, is just like, quietly gearing herself up to give Paulie a piece of her mind. So as the girls kinda poke at Paulie a bit for being the one joining them, and letting him know JUST how happy they are to see him, he – in not so many words – calls them all catty and petty… Because poor Paulie’s ego has been battered and bruised because he lost a game he was “bred” to play, and now he’s stuck in this house with these women who are not capable of being charmed by him anymore and aren’t afraid to confront him about things. A wounded animal with strength left to do so will attack anything that threatens more injuries to the animal. It’s the best Jury house segment ever. While they watch the footage from his eviction episode, Paulie’s ears are bright red, he’s piiissed and the girls are having such a great time watching his demise. He keeps lashing out with little snide comments, and it’s just the best Jury House segment ever and you gotta watch it again.

11_notgoodbyeyetSooo… The eviction… James is the swing vote so his is the only one that matters and he votes to evict Victor and out the door he goes, BUT WAIT! A jury member is coming back sooo… We pull everyone from the Jury out onto the stage, Victor joins them, Julie makes the announcement to the HGs and the Jury members re-enter the house to compete in the HoH competition. It’s the Wall. Last Jury member standing will return to the game and the last person standing will be HoH. And that’s where we leave things for this week! I’m super late in posting again so I already know who comes back, who wins HoH, who gets the care package, who wins the Veto, yada yada yada… My week 11 blog… Not looking forward to it… Things have turned in the house again and not in the good way that we all like. I’ll probably be extra snarky in the next blog. 😉 Until then… Check out all the awesome BB coverage here at Your Reality Recaps & let me know on Twitter @thedolphinpoet if you’re interested in trying out an/or learning more about Jamberry nail wraps!

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