Amazing Race 24 All Stars 2 Blog Recap Episode 6 “Down and Dirty”


blondes_flirtyWell, well, well… I’d say I don’t know where to being, but I do. This is the Amazing Race after all. Dave and Conner begin this leg at 2:50am. We all know what this means! Since their destination is a local location and there are no flights to catch, the playing field is going to be leveled at the start of the episode. When Dave and Conner arrive at the Dutch Museum, they discover that it doesn’t open until 8:30 am so there will be a camp out at the front door until morning. Of course this is good news for the teams at the back of the line. And the Blondes are so happy about being in the front.

Once the museum opens the teams rush inside and the clues are handed out to everyone. Now they must get to the train and find a fuel station. The Cowboys are in last place leaving the museum, but the train doesn’t leave for twenty minutes so everyone is going to be riding together and they all seem to enjoy the experience. In particular, the Afganimals are having quite the time with some drummers who are providing passengers with rhythms in addition to those provided by the train tracks. Getting off the train, Brenchel is first to the Road Block.

rachel_readtheclueRoad Block: Pump It Up requires that one person from each tribe (oops, thought I was writing about Survivor…)  select a colored card. Once selected, the player must find the tiny, three-wheeled cars with a colored card to match the one they selected, lead the car to the pumps and fill it with three liters of gas. Four cars must be gassed up and ready to go in order retrieve the next clue from the station manager. Of course, Rachel picks green and go is what she does… In the wrong direction of sorts because she’s looking at the color of the – What are they calling them? Tuck tucks? Whatever they are, Rachel is looking at the color of the car, not the colored card on the windshield so she is filling up every green car she sees. RACHEL! Pay attention, girl! I love you dearly, but you’ve done this before, you should know to READ YOUR CLUE and read it well. 

While Rachel is quickly and unknowingly slipping behind the rest, Jamal is spraying gas everywhere and Dave has noticed Rachel’s mistake, but he chooses not to say anything to her about it. Dave is also getting pretty aggressive  with these – What are they calling them?! Tut tuts? Whatever, I don’t care. I’m calling them cars. Despite spraying some gas, Jamal is managing the task very well; so is Cowboy Cord and Big Easy. Dave just can’t seem to get along with anybody this leg, though, and starts butting heads with John; it’s not a brawl, just not a very friendly exchange. And Rachel is still doing the task wrong. Brendon thinks she’s finished, but she’s not and he feels their lead is slipping away. Finally, though, John steps up and points out Rachel’s mistake. What a nice guy!

Remember, future racers: READ YOUR CLUES!

cluepuddleSo we’re nearing the end of the Road Block. John is almost taken out by one of the cars, Big Easy is physically moving them out of this way. It’s craziness! I would not be fairing well in this challenge! Too many people, too many cars, too much chaos! The Globetrotters take the lead by finishing this road block first, but the Afganimals and the J Team, (Jessica and John) are behind them as Rachel dings another one down for the green team. Cord finishes next and the Cowboys take off just before Dave and Conner, then the Blondes and what do you know, Brenchel is back in last place. Brendon is being really supportive, though; it’s his turn to wear the cheerleading skirt! He says they can out run everyone; as soon as she finishes they will sprint, sprint, sprint! No, Brendon, you need to RUN, RUN, RUN because the train is leaving in five minutes! Next location: The Ramabukkankanaka something Elephant Foundation. The next clue is on a small branch, in a large pool of mud.

Detour: Trunk or Sheets. Trunk requires that teams work with an elephant to move logs onto a truck. Sheets is making paper from elephant dung. Trunk is the obvious choice in this Detour. No one is going to… Oh wait… What’s this? There aren’t enough of the special chains that must be used with the elephants and some of the teams will be forced into doing Sheets. Mwah ha ha ha! The Blondes, Brenchel and the Globetrotters make their way to the dung fields and get to work filling up the wheel barrows. Everyone is digging right into this challenge; Flight Time is loving every minute of it, the Blondes are getting all up in that dung and claim it doesn’t smell. I was going to make a comment, but I’m sure it’s been treated so that the paper doesn’t smell when it’s finished. Everyone is doing really well with the Sheets task, but…

daveconner_chainsAround the corner, everyone is struggling with the elephants. The chains have to be attached to the logs in a very specific way for the animals to be able to move logs safely. In the lead at the moment? The Cowboys and Afganimals; Dave and Conner know they need to hustle, but those damn chains are really giving them some trouble. Jessica, the only girl working with the elephants is doing very well. Back to the dung field, the tricky part of the Sheets challenge comes into play. Bubbles are the culprit of Brenchel, the Blondes and the Globetrotter’s frustrations. Now everyone is struggling along very nicely; drama and conflict created! Once the Globetrotters figure out that they really have to push down on the paper presses hard, everyone starts moving more quickly.

Finishing the Detour first is the Cowboys, but the Afganimals aren’t far behind them. Teams must now travel to the Abmepussa Rest House (I think that’s how it’s spelled, it went away really fast. I know the pussa part is right because it made me giggle when I saw it and typing that word made me chuckle because I read in my head as I type. Pussa. Don’t worry, I’m not going to make the obvious jokes). Teams are advised to let their ears guide them to the wise man and having boarded their taxis, the Cowboys and the Afganimals are chasing each other through traffic. According to Jet, Cord doesn’t hear too good and those dang cowboys! Aren’t they just the thorn in the Afganimals’ side?

Flight Time’s booty shakin’ isn’t enough to impress the woman judging the Sheets task, but they are finished quickly enough. After laying out the required five sheets of paper on the grass to dry, the Globetrotters dash away with their clue. Teams arriving at the rest house did not pay attention to their clue because they are looking around the grounds, not listening. It doesn’t take them long, the Cowboys and Afganimals that is, to find the wise man sitting in a tiny and so awesome tree house playing a flute. A feelings flute??? (King of the Nerds reference – check out those blogs, by the way, it’s such a wonderful reality show). Once the Cowboys have listened we find out the Mount Lavinslkdfj;da Hotel Beach is the next Pit Stop and as soon as they leave the tree, the Afganimals climb up and stay right on their heels.

jamal_evillaughBrenchel finally finishes making paper and the Blondes finally finish behind them; they are last two spots in the race and it is a race indeed to the Pit Stop. The Cowboys are in front of the Afganimals and while stalled in traffic, Jamal starts asking another driver to block them, to not let the Cowboys through so he and Leo can pull ahead. You are an evil genius, Jamal. A mad. Evil. Genius. They still arrive at the Pit Stop location around the same time, though, and the foot race to the mat begins. The Cowboys are literally right behind the Afganimals, but they just don’t pull ahead and the Afganimals win the five night trip to Berlin from Travelocity. They are also hungry, by the way.

brenchel_hookedonphonicsMeanwhile, Dave and Conner and the Globetrotters have had a nice chat taxi-to-taxi; their drivers are brothers and there’s more zany taxi action. Dave and Conner want to send the Globetrotters in the wrong direction and with the help of their driver, they do! Evil! Dave is like the Emperor in Star Wars, pitting brother against brother, oh wait, the drivers aren’t competing, but man, Dave, what a move. You are cut throat, buddy! Since the Globetrotters are now befuddled, a new foot race to the Pit Stop is ran by Dave, Conner, Jessica and John. These young guns are just killing Dave, there is no way he’s going to keep up and they place fourth in this leg behind the J Team. And look who shuffles into fifth – Brenchel! I really thought they were goners last week since they had a Speed Bump, but I was wrong!  And hopefully Rachel will be sporting that Race Baby Bump sooon then we can all look at pictures of their kid on Twitter because you know there will be so many pictures you guys… I’m predicting the first will be a boy, second a girl. Rachel and Brendon’s daughter should have an older brother.

So, wrapping it up, the Globetrotters and the Blondes are fighting for last place on the mat and the girl’s wish of not being last is not granted; Flight Time and Big Easy job into sixth place. Not all is lost for the Blondes, though! It’s a non-elimination leg! BAH! They just wanted to keep the pretty blondes in the race! I hope they trip over their speed bump!!! Just kidding; I don’t dislike the Blondes, even though never call them by name… They seem like nice girls, but I’m more entertained by other people in the race. <cough> Rachel <cough> Afganimals. And we have to wait two weeks? Why the- Oh. Sports. Final Four. NCAA, (which I don’t care about anymore because “my” Jayhawks were eliminated…) and other sports related keywords as well that I will add to this post just because… So help me if they postpone Survivor…

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