THE WAR IS OVER: Elissa, Rachel & Amanda Are Friends!


Elissa&AmandaMakeUpCheck your calendars people… it’s not April 1st and this is no joke!  Apparently Elissa Slater, Rachel Reilly and Amanda Zuckerman have working out their differences!  For those of you who don’t know Rachel and Ryan Carrillo host a show called “Reality Relapse” (yea you read that right).  Annnnnywho, Rachel posted the picture to the left earlier today which shows not only herself… but also her sister Elissa Slater doing a show with the one and only Amanda Zuckerman.  While the details about the show aren’t available yet, I’m sure it will be up soon for us all to watch.  When it is we will put a link for it in this post.  I had a suspicion that things are going for them all when i saw Amanda tweet this the other day:  amandatweet

I know I personally couldn’t be happier that they have moved passed their issues.  We think all the ladies are wonderful people in their own right and the stressful environment of the Big Brother house is not reflective of ones true character.  If you need a refresher on all the BB15 drama check our all our recaps with the cast HERE (thumbs up and subscribe when you are there)!  I am also super excited to be racing against Elissa & Rachel next weekend at the Reality Rally!  We will be LIVE STREAMING the events to you all right here FOR FREE April 11th – 13th!  All the deails will be on the site this weekend, so check back in then, or tomorrow for our Survivor live show at 3PM EST HERE.

But what I am dying to know is what you all think?  Let me know in the comments section below or over on twitter!  I think as fans of the show we should all support these new found friendships, and as their friend I wish nothing but the best and happy times ahead for them all!


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    Amanda has become a total joke. she failed in BB15, failed in her TRM business and totally failed in keeping McCrae. now she goes begging for forgiveness to Rachel & Elissa who she talked about so personally about, that I’m very disappointed in Rachel & Elissa in giving her the time of day. when will people figure out what Amanda is really about. Amanda is only about herself and will continue to use people for her benefit.

    • Alex Kidwell on

      Not as big a joke as your comment. Like, seriously? Come on. It’s just pathetic at this point, people. The individuals who actually know this girl and felt victimized by her in the game are already over it. It’s been a whole friggin’ year. The only ones not over it are sad, stupid hate-filled idiots online. Go find something to make yourselves happy instead of perpetually wallowing in all this venomous, holier-than-thou post-BB15 judging of people that, at the end of the day, you still have never and will never actually meet. If you can’t do that, I feel sorry for you.

      • Ron_Mexico_17 on

        If I could up vote your status more than once, I would, Alex.

        I will never understand why fans get so caught up with the events of the show as if these people aren’t human beings and they wronger them personally. More often than not, the players get over the circumstances far quicker than the fans and they’re better at understanding it was just a game. At the end of the end, if we sit here and judge these folks as if we know their entire character based solely on three months of them surviving in a pressure cooker environment then we’re, at best, massive hypocrites.

        People don’t have to like Amanda but the crap she’s gotten over a reality TV show is more than most should or could endure. It’s rabid fans the other people who’ve replied to this article who make so many of us nervous about even trying out to be on the program.

        Amanda isn’t the devil. Rachel and Elissa aren’t saints. Everyone is a shade a gray and capable of getting over a silly game. We should be too.

  2. I think it’s Great for all ! Elissa has a Huge Heart 🙂 I’m hoping it all works out! Michelle @MishaM1111

  3. She’s an abusive manipulative psycho. Elissa is sweet, but regardless of their newfound friendship, live feeders and former BB fans all know the truth about Amanda and will not forget her racist disgusting ways. Even post-show, she’s shown how vile she is on social media and in her twit cams. We all just want her to disappear already. On to the NEXT! Her 15 minutes are long passed…

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