The Amazing Race Season 27: It’s Not Easy Beating Green


T0802This leg of the race the four remaining teams are flying to Hong Kong, where they will get a ride in a Rolls-Royce Phantom to their next clue. All teams are on the same flight, making teams pretty neck in neck, although it takes the green team and Chris & Logan extra time to find the correct cars. Tiffany & Krista reach the hotel with the clue box first, and face a detour. In Sam’s, teams have to go to a workshop and cut out six pieces of fabric for a suit jacket. Once the tailor approves that their cuts are the correct measurement, racers will deliver a finished suit to the world famous Sam’s Tailor shop in order to receive their next clue. Cells requires teams to search through hundreds of phones to find one that works, then call the number on the screen of the working phone to get the location of their next clue. All teams choose Sam’s except the green team, so it’ll be interesting to see which detour is faster (I’m guessing Cells). The cheerleaders reach the workshop and have some trouble figuring out what they need to do. While Krista & Tiffany are trying to find the correct measurements for the suit by arranging the examples in the shape of a suit, Kelsey & Joey arrive. Joey says that they just have to cut out the fabric around the examples, which is what he & Kelsey do while the cheerleaders are stressing out.

T0604For the detour Cells, the green team has to find a marked bin of cell phones in an extremely crowded marketplace. They find the multiple bins filled with cell phones and start turning each phone on to see if it works. Finally, Krista realizes that they don’t have to sew a suit jacket, just cut out the fabric for it. Logan & Chris reach Sam’s, but they disagree about whether it’s a good idea to cut through two layers of fabric at once or not. Logan thinks the cuts will be more accurate if they cut each piece separately, whereas Chris is rooting for the approach the cheerleaders are taking to try and finish the detour as fast as possible. After trying to turn on numerous phones, Justin finally finds the working cell phone and gets the address for the next clue. The green team jumps in a taxi and tells the driver to take them to the intersection of two streets, unaware that they are already at one of the two streets whose junction has the clue. Kelsey & Joey’s first attempt is rejected, because they didn’t pay attention to what was supposed to be the inside vs. the outside of the suit, so the pattern was upside down. All the teams at Sam’s now know that the T0904easiest way to cut the fabric is to fold the material over and cut through two layers at once. Chris is upset that Logan didn’t listen to him, but he does have a history of making incorrect calls. The cheerleaders finish cutting the suit to the approval of the tailor and head off to Sam’s to deliver the suit. Tiffany & Krista finish the detour in first place and set off to take a ferry to Macau.

Justin & Diana are still in a taxi trying to find the location to drop off their phone as Kelsey & Joey finish the detour. The green team’s taxi driver takes them to a hotel, then they finally get correct directions and learn that the location was a block and a half from where they hailed the taxi. Chris & Logan head to the ferry terminal as Justin & Diana argue on the taxi ride about whether the driver can tell Justin is being rude because of the language barrier. Finally the green team delivers the phone and finishes the detour, but they take a chance by going with the advice of a local to take a taxi to the Kowloon side of the terminal (which is closer) instead of the Hong Kong side like the clue stipulates. Diana says that this might be a bad idea, but Justin dismisses her concern. Kelsey & Joey, the cheerleaders and Logan & Chris are on the same ferry to Macau. When the green team reaches the Kowloon terminal, they try to buy the premiere pass (like it says to in the clue), but are told it’s only available at the Hong Kong side. They disregard this and buy tickets anyways, remarking how it’s amazing that they’re not in last place. In Macau, teams head to the City of Dreams, where they reach the roadblock. In Swim With The Fishes, racers will join the largest water show in the world. They have to take a 30 foot jump into water, find a golden fish below the surface, and then swim to the fisherman’s raft to get their next clue. If the music stops before they deliver the fish to the raft, they have to repeat the roadblock from the beginning.

T1105Krista, Logan and Kelsey are getting their makeup done for the show while the green team is still in a taxi. Once the racers are wearing their costumes, the three women get into the water and the show begins. Smoke envelops the water as a ship rises from the lake and the cast start climbing the nets and doing crazy jumps. The racers climb to the top and jump off after the performers, but they have trouble getting deep enough underwater to find a golden fish. Logan gets the fish and then Kelsey grabs one shortly thereafter, but Krista can’t find the fish before the music stops, so she has to wait for the next show and try again. The green team reaches the roadblock and Diana decides to do it. Meanwhile, Chris & Logan and Kelsey & Joey are off to the pit stop at Nam Van Lake. Diana is unable to get dressed in time for the next performance, which gives Krista a 20 minute lead – if she can see the fish underwater this time. As Krista is just swimming obliviously over the fish, Justin contemplates the possibility that they might be eliminated this leg. Justin says that he would trade all of their previous wins just to stay in the race this leg, which says a lot considering he used to be so focused on breaking the record of number of legs won. Krista really can’t see anything underwater, and although she keeps swimming extremely close to the fish she doesn’t find one before the show ends.

T0803The two teams currently in the lead are anxiously waiting to reach the pit stop, hoping to finally come in 1st place. As the show starts again Krista and Diana get in the water and their teammates anxiously watch them climb the rope and then jump. Diana hangs onto the wall too long for Justin’s liking, but when she finally goes under she gets the fish right away and brings it to the raft. Krista still can’t find the fish before the performance ends, and she doesn’t really appreciate the green team’s words of encouragement as they leave. Justin & Diana are currently in 3rd place, but they’ll probably have a penalty for taking the wrong ferry, so the cheerleaders could possibly catch up. Once their taxis reach Nam Van Lake, it’s a footrace between the reporters and the paparazzi to the mat. Logan & Chris make it to the mat in first place and win a trip to Peru. Kelsey & Joey are disappointed to get second place yet again, but at least they’re still in the race. Justin apologizes for taking his anger out on Diana in the taxi ride to the pit stop. At the roadblock, Krista is in tears because she has to attempt it for the 4th time. Krista jumps in the water and tries to look for the fish, but she still can’t see it before the show ends. Krista says that she can’t do the roadblock anymore, but Tiffany comforts Krista and says that she can’t give up.

"It's Not Easy Beating Green"--In this Road Block, Tiffany (left) and Krista (right) perform in a state of the art water production at the House of Dancing Water in Macau, China on THE AMAZING RACE, Friday, Dec 4 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Justin & Diana reach the mat in third place, but Phill tells them that they’ve incurred a 30 minute penalty for taking the Kowloon ferry, plus a 25 minute penalty because the Kowloon ferry was 25 minutes faster. Of course Logan & Chris and Kelsey & Joey are still at the mat to gloat about this turn of events, although they might be a little too confident (because Krista cannot see underwater at all). After calming down, Krista attempts the roadblock for a 5th time and she finally finds the fish! The green team has 40 minutes of their penalty left when the cheerleaders leave the roadblock, but their taxi driver takes them to the wrong place. Tiffany & Krista try to hail another cab, and by the time they get in one the green team has 15 minutes left of their penalty. Much to the disbelief and disappointment of their fellow racers, Justin & Diana’s penalty ends before the cheerleaders arrive, putting the green team in 3rd place. Tiffany & Krista arrive in last place minutes later and are eliminated from the race. They handle the elimination well, proving how strong of a team they turned out to be. Although Justin & Diana definitely deserve to be in the race based on their performance throughout it, it’s disappointing when teams leave the race like the cheerleaders – partially because of problems with the roadblock, and partially because of a bad taxi driver. What did you think about this episode of The Amazing Race Season 27? It definitely was interesting, and I’m sure the final leg will be very intense. Let me know who you’re rooting for in the comments below!


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