The Amazing Race Season 25: Smells Like Dirty Tube Socks


Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 8.52.46 PMThis leg of TAR began with a clue instructing teams to fly to Manila, Philippines, and pick up their next clue from a flower vendor. The surfers book a flight for 7:25 pm, arriving in Manila at 11:00 pm. The wrestlers go to a travel agency and get tickets for the same flight, while the scientists -who left last- use their taxi driver’s phone to book the 7:25 pm flight on the way to the airport. When the dentists arrive at the airport, the soonest available flight is at 8:10 pm, arriving in Manila at 11:55 pm. The dentists are upset about this, but I highly doubt it will matter, because whatever they need to do will probably be close. Plus, almost every TAR fan knows that the 10th leg is going to be a non-elimination leg. Sure enough, when the racers arrive at the next clue, they find a sign telling them to pick up their clue from the flower vendor at 6:30 am. Once teams get their clue the next morning, they are told to take a jeepney to Rosario Municipal Plaza, then find Salinas Specials to receive their next clue. While Amy & Maya appreicate being immersed in Philippine culture in the jeepney, the wrestlers complain about the smell. Misti & Jim were very emotionally impacted by seeing unattended children just sitting in the street.

T04GRAB02Teams now face a detour – Catch or Coach. Catch requires teams to wade into Manila bay and use a bucket to transport fish to a broker offshore. Once they’ve filled three buckets (approximately 300 lb), they will receive their next clue. Coach requires teams to assemble a sidecar and properly mount it onto a motorcycle. The clue told teams to take a motor-tricycle to the detour, but Amy & Maya didn’t realize this, so they set off on foot. The scientists finally re-read the clue and learn that they need to go back to the box, then take a motor-tricycle. Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 7.06.44 PMRobbie & Brooke are the only team to choose Catch, and they seem to be struggling a lot. Robbie keeps complaining about how gross it is to touch the fish, and the wrestlers start yelling at each other when a bunch of fish fall out of the bucket. The three other teams are having some problems completing the Coach detour, although they seem toScreen Shot 2014-12-07 at 7.18.43 PM be neck-in-neck. The dentists ask the judge to check their motorbike first, but he doesn’t approve it because of the incorrect shock location. Back at Catch, Brooke & Robbie are having even more troubles when it starts raining. Despite the fact that they chose the more strenuous side of the detour, Brooke & Robbie finish first and are off to the Naic Rice Fields. Adam & Bethany complete the detour as well, followed by the dentists.

Brooke and Robbie reach the switchback – My Ox Is Broken – in first place. My OxScreen Shot 2014-12-07 at 8.41.47 PM Is Broken was originally a roadblock from TAR 5, which requires teams to use water oxen to plow for a buried clue in the mud. Brooke & Robbie are angry at themselves for choosing the biggest pond to search in, especially after watching the surfers wisely choose a smaller pond. All four teams are now at the switchback together, making it a game of luck for who will come in first place this leg. Misti & Jim find the clue, then Maya & Amy find a clue, prompting a race to the pit stop. The dentists beat the scientists to the mat and come in first place, winning a trip to Vietnam. Brooke & Robbie find the clue just before Bethany & Adam, making it an all-out sprint to the mat. Even though the wrestlers starting running first, and they dropped their bags, the surfers managed to make it to Phil seconds before the wrestlers. The wrestlers come in last place, but – surprise, surprise – it’s a non elimination leg! 

What did you think about this leg of the race? Although Brooke & Robbie aren’t my favorite team, I would’ve been disappointed if they were eliminated due to something so out of their control as luck of finding a clue. They picked a really tough detour, and worked through it despite their arguing, so I think they definitely deserved to at least make it to the final 4. Who do you think will make the final 3 of The Amazing Race Season 25? Let me know in the comments below!


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