Survivor 35: Heroes Healers Hustlers Blog Recap Ep3: My Kisses Are Very Private


This week on Survivor… It’s a Survivor yard sale at the Hustler beach as Ryan and Patrick go through the clothing items Simone left behind: a matching shirt and pants, a pair of knee-high boots, which Ryan jokingly says are very useful when searching for Idols. Adidas Zx Flux Homme Rouge When Ali and Lauren take to the beach Ryan and Patrick agree that Ali is the one they would prefer to stay if they land themselves another date with Jeff. In the water, Ali and Lauren are discussing the same prospect of a date with Jeff when Devon enters the scene; they ask him to join them in the water. Lauren brings up what Patrick said at Tribal about trusting most of the tribe, because she knows she’s on a tribe of younger people and she feels like a teacher with a group of students and needs to put the target on someone else. Ali and Devon agree that they didn’t like what he said and that he’s a bit of a loose cannon, but Ali feels like Patrick is better at challenges and she needs him in this game – he just needs to remember the social aspect of Survivor. At the Heroes camp, Chrissy and Been feel like they are sitting reeeal pretty and have a good amount of control of their group. They both like Ashley because she’s good at challenges and is fun to be around so if they end up going to Tribal, they will have to choose between JP and Alan. Ben tells us that both men have their pros and cons; both are strong, good at challenges, but Alan is a hot head loose cannon and JP walks around like he doesn’t know what’s happening. Also, it takes Alan a good 30 minutes to open a coconut, which baffles him; it’s hard out there, ya’ll. It’s tough. Sooo, all that misdirection Alan used to paint a power couple target on Ashley has backfired, but worked at the same time. Ashley won’t let herself be seen speaking to JP, even though every time he strides back to camp with a fish on a spear something happens inside of her – he’s becoming QUITE the dreamy provider – but she REALLY wants Alan out now. Alan is trying to play up that provider role as well with all the coconuts… Alone, Ben points out the pros and cons of both men to Ashley; Ben says JP is like a puppy waiting to be lead around and Ashley points out that they could train him, he could be THEIR puppy. Ben thinks that JP could be easily swayed when it comes to mingling with the other tribes, but Ashley things Alan could too. Also, Ben isn’t liking that Ashley is swinging so hard for JP; power couple or not, it sure seems like something could be going on and Ben knows being a “power couple” is never good on Survivor. Over at the Healers camp… Um. Question for all the super grammar nerds: Should I be using the plural possessive form when saying “the Healers camp”? I’m not sure what’s grammatically correct in this case; I kind of think both “the Healers camp” and “the Healers’ camp” could be considered correct given the context. Let me know on Twitter what you think. ANYWAY, Healer Joe feels great about their tribe, they haven’t lost a challenge yet, he has the Idol, and Dr. nike air jordan 5 homme Mike is still the main target, buuut… Cole KNOWS Joe has the Idol and Joe doesn’t like how chummy Cole and Jessica are with all the fishing together and what not. Cole is a dangerous little love bird and that’s worse than the flu. Jessica loves her fishing “dates” with Cole, it’s a great bonding experience, but she’s like a slug when it comes to love and romance. She comes from a super religious background and she’s a virgin so just thinking about Cole thinking about her makes her blush. Awww. Nike Air Max 1 gs femme Isn’t that sweet? She really is a cute, sweet girl, isn’t she folks? After another fishing “date”, Cole and Jessica lounge on the beach and Cole reveals that Mike does NOT have the Idol, Joe does. Cole telling her this information makes her sooo happy that she gives him a kiss on the cheek, which is a BIG DEAL for Jessica; her kisses are very private, but secrets are powerful so she’s elated. Bouncing back to the Hustlers, Patrick has gone Idol Crazy and everyone else has noticed it. Ryan points out that this is not the way to build relationships, and Ali agrees, but since she wants to work with Patrick, she finds alone time with him to warn him how shady it looks when he’s obvious about looking for an Idol. It paints a target on his back and it could turn things against her as well. Patrick sees her point, but thinks that he’ll have trouble building relationships if he isn’t himself sooo it sorta seems like Patrick doesn’t quite comprehend what she’s saying. He babbles to us stuff about he’s always moving, he has a moving company so the wheels are always rolling and what not and it’s very obvious to me that Patrick has very little chance of turning his social game around. Back with the Healers, Joe is not happy with the “doneness” of some potatoes the ladies have prepared and instead giving those bits of food to someone else offering to eat them, he just tosses those pieces into the jungle to go to waste. Not cool, bro! This is not sitting well with the ladies or Cole sooo Cole proposes to Jessica – NO, not THAT kind of proposal! Cole suggests to Jessica that maybe a Joe blindside could happen if they have to march to Tribal that night. Jessica had the same thought. THEN… Cole totally disappoints Jessica by sharing his information about Joe’s Idol and the blindside idea with Roark, who LOVES the idea of sending Joe home with the Idol as a souvenir. Desi joins the discussion and she is also down with this plan IF they go to Tribal. Jessica isn’t so sure about the idea anymore, though, not now that he’s told half the tribe; Joe could find out, play his idol and it could be any of them, probably Cole, with their head on the chopping block. Jessica is VERY disappointed. VERY. Come on in, guys! It’s time for Immunity and Reward! Up for grabs? First place will receive chickens, one rooster and three hens, and second place will be given a dozen eggs laid by said hens. In this challenge, each tribe will race through a series of obstacles: an over/under beam obstacle and a reverse net obstacle; they have to pull themselves up to the net, then make their way back down. After the obstacles, they will throw sandbags at stacks of block and once all of the blocks hit the sand, they have to stack them vertically. Survivors ready? GO! Sooo, we all know what’s going to happen here. No matter how slow or fast one tribe is over another, throwing those sandbags is the great equalizer and all three tribes make quick work of propelling themselves to the blocks station. Nike Air Max 98 Homme Healers are first to start stacking, followed by the Heroes and the Hustlers, well, Patrick seems to have forgotten that there are other people on his tribe. Even though the rest of the Healers are offering to switch out, Patrick is ignoring them, and they are all DESPERATE for him to give someone else a try. So as the other tribes are halfway done with stacking, Patrick is still trying to knock down blocks. When the Healers think they have it, they don’t – They’ve forgotten a block so they hustle to lift Jessica up to place the last block giving the Heroes the first-place win, but it doesn’t take them long to take second place for themselves sending the Hustlers back to Tribal Council. Lauren is NOT happy. She played center field for 25 years, she can hit a catcher in the forehead, but Patrick is a one-man show and the reason they lost this challenge and she intends for him to go home. As if we ALL couldn’t tell that the Hustlers would be heading to Tribal… It was sort of obvious from the editing, but whatever. Back at camp, Patrick apologizes and everyone except Lauren tells him that it’s okay; Lauren tells him that he can’t justify it. He knows she’s not happy, but he doesn’t think her subbing in for him would have changed much. Knowing what we know, I’m sure we all beg to differ. When Lauren leaves everyone at the shelter to have some alone time in the water, they all agree that they are voting out Lauren. Patrick feels comfortable knowing Lauren is going home, but he doesn’t want Lauren to go around worrying and wants her to be part of his conversation and enjoy her time there sooo… Genius social player that he is, Patrick joins Lauren one-on-one in the water. It’s very AWKWARD! Lauren is NOT shy about calling Patrick out on his stubbornness during the challenge; he should have let someone else sub in for him. new balance femme She would rather lose as a team instead of one person losing for everyone. When she asks him if it’s her tonight, he gets REAL weird, making it obvious to Lauren that she has some work to do. Alone with Ali, Lauren expresses her concerns about Patrick and Ali agrees: if he had a brain he would have let someone else try so all the heat wouldn’t be on him so she has some thinking to do about how valuable he actually is to the tribe and her own game. Lauren also talks to Ryan private, he’s the odd ball, she’s the older woman, and she trusts everyone, but Patrick. Ryan shares this conversation with Devon. Ryan wants to save Patrick, but Devon would rather go to the Merge with Lauren because he trusts her more. Ryan feels like they have some power in this vote, but he’s not sure what to do… And awaaay we go to Tribal Council! Jeff addresses Lauren first pointing out that they’ve lost two of the three Immunity challenges and asks when do they stop talking about how well they get along and start discussing how it is NOT working for them at challenges. Lauren says they lost because of one person, Jeff knows she’s talking about Patrick and the sandbags and he can see where she’s concerned and it could be his fault; he should have let someone else try. Again, Lauren says they should lose together and win together, but today, they did not lose together – it was a one man show. Ali agrees that Patrick made and executive decision, but she doesn’t know if things would have gone differently, you can’t change the past so they should look forward from here. Nike Pour Femme Homme Patrick is happy that it doesn’t look like he will be judged too much for one aspect of the challenge and tries to defend his actions: he really wanted those chickens. Lauren again pipes in to say that Patrick is not a team player, he’s admitted to looking for the Idol multiple times, and she hasn’t tried to look for it at all so what do those actions say about Patrick compared to her? Should they all be out there looking for Idols if Patrick is so concerned about finding one? Patrick claims that he was worried about Lauren having and Idol so her saying she hasn’t looked for one makes him feel better. Lauren jokes that she has two, which produces a grin on Ali’s face. Patrick brings up the conversation he had with Lauren in the water, but doesn’t exactly get the facts straight so Lauren recounts this chat to the rest of the group; she knew by the grin on his face that she was the target and one of them will get blindsided tonight. Patrick agrees. Jeff addresses Ryan, saying that what happening is kind of like being in a relationship; Ryan is quick to say he’s never been in one, does Jeff know anyone for him? Chuckles all around and Jeff reiterates his point that it’s like a couple attending couples therapy. At first, they just talk about things until the real issues are exposed and Ryan agrees that someone in the group is influencing the group in a negative way. Devon agrees that part of the problem with the tribe is chemistry and his vote will address this problem; Lauren is voting in favor of creating better chemistry as well. Ryan speaks up to say that when the Merge comes, they need to be a solid group and have something to offer and it SURE won’t be challenge-related so they need to be able to work socially with others and play to that strength. Patrick knows they need to go into the Merge with people that can talk and make friends with the other and he thinks that he has a lot to offer socially, which produces a raised eyebrow on Lauren’s face. asics paris Jeff asks Ali about Patrick’s honesty, buuut, Ali wonders why he can’t get along well with Lauren if he’s so good socially. Ali points out that they will Merge with people that have been together just as long as they have, but have formed more solid bonds and they have to be able to weave through those bonds. Patrick appreciates the constructive criticism from Ali and Lauren, he’s learning and that’s good moving forward, buuut… I mean… Come on, dude. Jeff even says that Patrick has been shown two LETHAL criticisms about himself and he, Patrick, thinks it’s good. Seems pretty obvious to me, now, which way these votes are swaying so let’s just get to the vote already… I mean, I was shocked when Jeff read the votes, but I was with customers during most of this Tribal and I obviously missed A LOT. Sooo… The Votes: Patrick, Lauren, Patrick, Patrick, aaand Patrick. Good decision, Hustlers, good decision. Nike Air Force 1 homme Next time on Survivor. adidas zx 10000 femme DROP. YOUR. BUFFS! I knew it! And all of those people should have known it was drop your buffs time too. I don’t understand shocked faces when Jeff says “drop your buffs” even with all newbies playing. Do you people NOT do your homework and watch a few seasons if you haven’t seen it before? Are you even fans of the show??? And why would you apply to be on Survivor if you’ve never seen it? Are they all recruits??? ANYWAY… As always, if you like my blogs, check out what else Reality Recaps has to offer, including Survivor recap videos. Eric still has Big Brother 19 stuff for everyone to enjoy along with his coverage of Bravo shows, and more! If you want to help support everything we do you can become a Patreon and if you’re buying something on Amazon, use this link to further help support the site – it doesn’t cost you more and it gives a little to us so we can keep providing free content for everyone. Thanks for reading! See you next time…   HELPUSHelp support us in our coverage of all our shows please consider becoming a Patreon, or making a pay pal donation. 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