Survivor 32 Koah Rong Brains vs Beauty vs Brawn Blog Recap Episode 10: I’m Not Here to Make Good Friends


1_bruteforceThis time on Survivor… The Brawny Boys could not be happier with the vote at Tribal Council – they still have their Idols, the girls ate one of their own, and Jason knows that Debbie being booted from the game is a direct result of Operation Sabotage. LOL! Puuuh-leeease. There seems to be a lot of Scot and Jason haters out there, but I’m not one of them – These competition shows do funny things to people’s minds and editing slides a person’s game personality into a slot fitting for that season’s theme and mix of other players. Scot and Jason are like a classic literary duo, very Shakespearean – tragically handicapped by their over-confidence and belief that their ways are quite cunning when in reality, they have no idea what’s going on in the main plot and bumble their way into the story. 😉 I love Scot and Jason. And then there’s Tai… WHO GIVES THE SECOND IDOL BACK TO JASON, which is NOT what I would have done because it was given willingly in front of witnesses… Anyway… Jason also says “we” have the Super Idol, like, it belongs to the group of them, as if he/we controls it… The next morning, Tai comments to Scot that it’s time to cease fire on the sabotage and bring camp life back together; Scot says he will talk to Aubry to see what her thoughts are on the subject, buuut… Scot’s agenda is to drive home the fact that he, Jason, and Tai are the providers and they LIKE providing and if Cydney was gone, camp life would return to normal because their only beef is with Cydney for betraying their alliance and if Aubry and the gang want to get on board with the Brawny Boys to get rid of Cydney… Aubry nods and gives Scot enough of a favorable response, buuut, hell no. She has no intention to align with the boys Scot or Jason. None. At. All. Aubry will gladly listen to whatever Scot has to say, though. 😉

2_eatfastmicheleCome on in, guys! It’s time for Reward and this one has a twist that we’ve never seen before. There will be three rewards and three people will win reward. Each Survivor will choose what they want to play for – Food (Loaded Cheeseburger with fries, soda, beer and cookies), Love (letters from home), or Advantage (to be revealed) – and they will only have to compete against the players who choose to play for the same reward. In this challenge, each player will place one foot on a balance beam with two pots stacked on the other end – once the pots falls, you’re out and the last person standing in each reward group wins. So here are our match ups! Playing for Advantage: Tai, Cydney, Aubry; Playing for Food: Scot, Jason, Michele, which leaves all the Love for Joe and Julia. Survivors ready? Go! Joe struggles early and *snap* – Julia wins Love from home. Jason and Scot begin struggling after a short while; Jason recovers, but Scot does not. When a breeze blows up, it shatters Jason’s shot at food – Michele wins Food and does not waste a single moment of time getting down to the business of eating it. So we’re down to one reward category: Advantage and Tai, Cydney, and Aubry are all looking pretty solid when suddenly, Cydney’s pots fall aaand… The funniest thing about this challenge is watching Michele eat and eat and eat and drink and drink and eat and eat during every shot we see of the people sitting on the bench. She’s not even facing the challenge. lol But she’s eating so fast because… It’s only been TEN MINUTES since it started! Aaand now both Tai and Aubry are showing a little movement – this isn’t about the Advantage for Aubry, by the way, it’s about proving it to herself, but here comes that breeze again aaand, she’s down! Tai wins the Advantage.

3_youngjuliaiscunningAnd Scot thinks it’s just sooo great that Tai won the Advantage for their alliance… As if Tai won it for the three of them and not himself… And he’s happy Cyd didn’t win anything and she’s going home this week. Back at camp, congrats are bestowed upon those people that won. Michele is sooo happy she took that burger out of Scot and Jason’s mouths, but Tai winning the advantage is scary because he has an Idol and this game is just wracking the crap out of Michele’s nerves. Tai wastes no time in finding private time to inspect his Advantage package – to get it out of the way, he’s out in the jungle almost as soon as they get back to camp. His advantage? An extra vote and he wants to keep knowledge of this hidden since everyone knows about his Idol. What he’s not sure about is what he will do with both advantages – it’s a rich man’s problem, but he’s just going to trust himself and hope to not go home with both. After Julia reads her letters from home, which is, as it always is, a great boost to her spirits, she’s ready to keep moving forward and she wants that moving to be big. Julia voices her opinion to Michele and Aubry that it was sooo dumb of the boys to reveal those Idols and with Tai winning the advantage… What Julia would like to do is flush the Idols, (but keep her ties to the boys in good shape), and to do this she would like to target Tai. If they throw all their votes to Tai, they are pretty sure he will get scared and play the Idol; Julia knows the boys are voting for Cydney so no matter what happens, the three of them are safe and they will have flushed one Idol. The three ladies are all in agreement that this is a good plan, buuut… Aubry knows better. She knows that Julia is playing both sides and she’s doing a damn good job of it. Aubry really respects Julia’s game, but she doesn’t want it sitting next to her in the end and she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty.

4_justanIdolThe next day, Tai and Aubry are collecting water and swapping feelings about the game; they are both having trouble with the moral dilemmas of the game and the struggle between the heart, the mind, and when to stop thinking. Tai really likes Aubry, he digs her energy, and Aubry would be pleased to know this because as they walk back to camp, Aubry has a little chat with Tai. Going out on a limb, Aubry informs Tai that some of the girls are pushing to flush Idols from the game and that she would like to work with HIM. She says she will have his back, he can trust her, and it is her hope that Tai will see this as a way to abandon the underhanded ways that Julia, Scot, and Jason are playing the game, buuut… Tai thinks that Scot and Jason will LOVE the idea of working with Aubry AAAND… Tai tells Jason and Scot about the conversation he had with Aubry that morning – He says that Aubry told him some girls want to flush Idols and that Aubry wants to work with THEM… Um, no. That’s not what Aubry said. Aubry wanted to work with TAI, not the Brawny Boys, sooo… I mean… I love Tai, but the dude doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut. So this leads to Scot saying they are gonna vote for Aubry at the next Tribal Council – How about they do that? Scot and Jason continue to discuss the plan the three of them are going to run with, but Tai doesn’t really get to say much and he doesn’t like it…

5_brainybeastmodeCome on in, guys! It’s time for Immunity… This week, players will stretch their arms and use their finger tips to hold two wooden discs in place – dangling from the disks are pots aaand… Ya’ll get the idea. Survivors ready? GO! Aaand… Joe is out within minutes. After 25 minutes, everyone else is still in it, but everyone is moving around to keep the blood flowing. After a close call from Julia, Scot drops all of the sudden and Julia’s thumbs give out on her. Suddenly, Tai’s disks start to slip and he can’t recover leaving Michele, but OH! Nope! Michele is out and it’s down to three: Aubry, Cydney, and Jason. At the 45 minute mark, Jason begins to struggle with a disk, but it’s Cydney’s muscles that fail and she drops. And for the second time this episode, Aubry is one of the last two standing. Jason says he’s not backing down, Aubry says she’s not either and him saying it too doesn’t bother her at all; she knows he’s tough and there’s no reason he shouldn’t do very well in this challenge. After and hour and 15 minutes, both Brain and Brawn are still in it to win it, but Aubry’s disks start to slip around; she recovers, buuut… we are definitely at the end of this challenge because both players are struggling and Jeff is yelling at them to DIG and Jason’s fingers are shaking sooo bad, but it’s Aubry who suddenly drops. Jason wins Immunity. Great.

6_greatpositionSooo Jason feels really good because now they can play the Idols as a Super Idol so he, Scot, and Tai are safe. They are UNSTOPPABLE! Mwah ha ha ha ha! Upon arriving back at camp, the obligatory congratulations are given to Jason. He is so happy. So is Scot. Aubry was a hell of a competitor, but she’s done. They’ve decided it and so it shall be. Jason shares his enthusiasm with Tai about having the Super Idol and they are all just so good, buuut Tai is not really all that enthusiastic; Jason does not notice at all that Tai isn’t giddy at the Immunity outcome and the Super Idol. He’s too excited about Aubry going home because she is definitely going home and there’s nothing – NOTHING – she can do about it. Nothing. Later, the Brawny Boys ask Julia what’s up and she lets them know about the plan to vote for Tai and flush his Idol, which the boys are fine with because they will just use the Super Idol to save him. They are also cool with her playing both sides, BUT – if she sides with them… Eventually they are gonna blindside Tai because they don’t want to go to the end with him – they want to go to the Final Three with Julia. Of course, Julia is thrilled by this because she doesn’t think anyone in the Jury is going to vote for either Scot or Jason in the end.

7_whatIShethinkingElsewhere, Aubry is talking with Cydney – they HAVE to break up Scot and Jason because they are the power players right now. Cydney agrees – both of them gotta go and she thinks Scot should be the first target. Ever since he found that Idol with Jason, which they can thank HER for, Scot has been real cocky and Cydney is ready to be done with all that. Aubry tells Cydney that she and Tai have been like “people on “Missed Connections” in Craigslist this whole game” and that if they can pull him to their side they might be able to pull off a Scot blindside. Aubry has a hunch that Tai wants to be true to himself in the game, but hanging with Scot and Jason isn’t doing that and eventually he’ll have to drift away from that in order to have a chance at winning the game. So Aubry finds Tai and informs him that the plan for the girls is to vote out Tai, but she doesn’t want him to go – she wants Scot to go and she has Cydney on board, she can get Joe on board, she’s totally on board, but they need him to be on board too. She’s not even supposed to be talking to Tai right now! Tai isn’t sure what to do, but the Brawny Boy Duo does scare him. His brain is telling him to stick with the boys, (which WE know is a BAD move…), buuut Aubry does her best to pull him to the lighter side of the tribe. She promises that he has three people backing him up and she hopes that he will use all the keys he’s holding in all the right ways. After her talk with Tai, she lets Joe know that Scot is the one to vote for and he nods. The Brawny Boys formulate their plan quietly: They are voting for Aubry, if the votes are thrown to Tai he can play the Super Idol – Jason gives his Idol to Scot and Tai just kind of nods and says “yeah yeah”…

8_expressivecastthisoneisTo Tribal! First thing on the agenda – Surprise, Idols! How about the big show last week with all the Idol reveals, Michele? Yup, shocking as suspected then Scot lets everyone know that there will be a second installment of the show this evening because none of them are going home. Jason pipes in at this point to say that their psychological warfare worked, Debbie is sitting over there because of it, and they have to cut one of their own tonight! Either “they” decide or “we” decide. And they gave them a chance to make a deal, they’ve always been open about what they are doing, and blah blah blah. Knowing what’s about to happen makes this scene sooo much better because… let’s just cut to the chase – Scot goes home. He broke Rule #1 and so has Jason – Don’t get too confident in this game. You can’t go around the island beating your fists against your chest the whole time so don’t worry Jason Haters and sorry Jason Lovers, he’s not going to win. You cannot break Rule #1 if you want to win Survivor and the second you do is the second you’ve put the nail in your own coffin.

9_byebyeScotSo, Tai voted with Aubry, didn’t play his Idol as Julia urged him to do, didn’t give up his Idol to save Scot with the Super version, and Scot goes to Ponderosa WITH Jason’s Idol, which he feels bad about, buuut, I think there was enough time for him to toss Jason back his Idol before leaving. There are those seconds before the torch is snuffed… NEXT TIME on Survivor… Tai is feeling great and Julia and Jason are NOT happy – Julia wants to eat Mark the chicken as soon as Tai is gone and LOL I can’t wait for Wednesday! Okay! I forgot to do this last week sooo… As always… If you like my blogs, check out other stuff around the site! We’ve got Amazing Race recaps, Big Brother Canada Coverage Galore, Hell’s Kitchen, Bravo Shows, The Bachelor, video recaps… We do a lot. You should really surf around. 😉 And if you’re shopping on Amazon, use this link – it doesn’t cost you more and it helps us out a bit! And if you really love us, join our Patreon program.


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