#RHOA Season 7: Divide and KiKi


divide1.jpgWe pick up this week where we left off at the tail end of NeNe and Claudia’s catfight. While Kenya, Demetria, Clauda and Cynthia all excuse themselves, Claudia takes a minute to apologize to Demetria for acting out at her event. She feels bad for being the “Ratchet” friend but sitting next to NeNe and Phaedra and hearing all their comments she couldn’t take it anymore. It’s nice to see someone who will actually call out NeNe on her crap and not be afraid of her. NeNe, Porshe, Kandi and Phaedra are still in the restaurant making fun of them all. From their hair to their dress. Such class from grown women I tell you. Claudia does have things pegged even though she is new to the group. While NeNe hates Kenya because she thinks she’s the boss of  her crew, NeNe is over there with her band of women telling them who to talk to and who not to talk to.

The next morning, NeNe, Porshe and Phaedra are all eating lunch and NeNe admits to feeling bad about last night, that she may have lit the fire with Claudia. Kandi joins them later, and they talk about how Phaedra was thinking about leaving because of the bad energy between her and Demetria. The girls convince her to stay and they do what they do best….go shopping. Demetria is practising for her show. Claudia, Cynthia and Kenya are getting their drink on where Pina Colada was created. Now that they are rested they congratulate Claudia on her read of NeNe. Kandi is having a redo of her bedroom party. Before hand Demetria takes a minute to clear the hair with Phaedra. Claudia apologizes for  her digs on Apollo but will Phaedra apologize for her inappropriate comments. NEVER! But at least now she can “appreciate” her pop concert. The two hug it out and strangely bond over wardrobe. I am cautiously optimistic that these two MAY get along after all.

divide2.jpgKandi is having her bedroom night on the beach. Porshe is looking like a hooker and Kandi starts off asking her how her African man is doing and when they will meet him. She gives some bad excuses. Kandi breaks the ice with a little dildo hot potato. NeNe wins the game but unfortunately Demetria has to go and rest for her performance. The rest of the party went pretty well with a little Kandi Coated Nights. The next day is beach day and Kandi’s plan is to keep the two groups separated so they can make it to the even without weaves being torn out. Kandi is having a little interview session with Phaedra, Porshe and NeNe. Phaedra is happy now that god fixed the tension with Demetria, NeNe says she doesn’t want to fight, then Kandi’s battery dies and interview session is OVER! The others are having fun lounging by the pool. They are having a good time talking about the fun of last night.

divide3.jpgAll is calm til they have to take a bus ride to the even together. NeNe starts it off somewhat nice inviting all the girls to see her in Cinderella but not before getting in a dig about how everyone is talking about how The New Normal was cancelled, and she would never take away anyones accolades. Cynthia gives NeNe credit for how hard she works. Claudia jumps on that and tells her how she feels NeNe has discredited some of her accomplishments. Claudia is not letting go about NeNe calling her whore. NeNe doesn’t want to talk about that but does apologize for taking her accolades (or acculades as NeNe says) The women just want Claudia to take the rare apology and run with it, but she’s not backing down. When Porshe steps in as NeNe’s body-guard, Claudia is quick to tell her she didn’t appreciate her and the others seeing NeNe’s attacks as entertainment and points out that while she is being called a whore Porshe’s man is married. Somewhere in all the yelling NeNe actually did apologize for calling Claudia a whore, but demanded on for the attack on her weave (she didn’t get it) Kenya and Cynthia enter the mix and heat it up even more. If these ladies would just shut up when the fights don’t involve them there would be a lot more resolution but these women just fuel the fire. The girls miss most of the performance arriving 20 minutes late. The catch the last song and support her by getting up and dancing and just enjoying the music. Even Phaedra is impressed. Kandi believes she could be a strong R&B artist and Porshe just wants to go home after the drama on the bus.

Do you think that Claudia should have just let things go after NeNe apologized the first time? Have Phaedra and NeNe gone too far with their shade throwing? Comment below and let me know what you think of all the drama in Puerto Rico! Don’t forget to check out our BRAVO PAGE for all our written blogs on RHOA and all the Bravo shows plus Jon is reading you the ladies Bravo blogs. They are hilarious and give you a lot of behind the scenes info, you won’t want to miss them!


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