King of the Nerds 2 Blog Recap Episode 2 “Weird… Science?”


Well, well, well, King of the Nerds season two cast members. Aren’t you all an entertaining bunch! Conflict, drama, back-stabbing, tequila shots and this is only the second episode.

Let’s get right into the action, shall we? Curtis calls all nerds to the courtyard and announces that in the second Nerd War they will be recreating the classic grade school science fair project, the erupting volcano. Each team must construct a volcano and make a presentation in front of three guest judges that will choose the winner based on the accuracy of the science, the chemical reaction and creativity of the presentation. Everything they need is in the “Radio Shack Room”, which shall henceforth be referred to as the T.A.R.D.I.S. in this blog, because – Doctor Who.



So the teams grab their plastic crates of supplies from the T.A.R.D.I.S and retire to their separate War Rooms to plan their science fair strategies. Midas Touch Attack is in a tizzy because they are worried about the chemical aspect of the challenge; Jack is the only chemist they have! Oh no! Whatever will they do? Zack wastes no time in demonstrating the definition of irony in a spur of the moment attempt to squash the doubt forming in the minds of his teammates about the Nerd War. He quickly throws Nicole under the bus, exposing to the rest of MTA that she is also a chemist. This ignites a flame of new doubt, and suspicion, in Jack, the other chemist on the Gold team because, duh, Zack, you and Nicole were keeping a secret and you just told everyone about it! Strike number one, Zack. Strike number one.



Over in the Titans of Rigel War Room, they have come up with the idea to use the super volcano in Yellowstone National Park as the inspiration for their project. To present their ideas, they will pose as future folk that have traveled back in time to warn and educate people in the past about the explosion and destruction. A little drama pops up; however, when Katie and Kayla disagree on what part of the challenge to focus on: science, chemical reaction or theatrics? Weren’t both equally important? You’ve got a well-rounded team, ladies, don’t sweat the small stuff because I think those boys are going to stick together if you have to go to another Nerd Off.



Back in the MTA war room, they decide to model their volcano after Mt. Doom (of Mordor) and will use a ring to create the chemical reaction to erupt it. Such nerdy brilliance, that is! Once the idea is proposed, Nicole literally drops to her knees in delight; her mood is out of the red now and she’s able to… blow off some steam … instead of freak out about keeping her background a secret. We also learn that Josh is more than just a Pokemon Master; he must be channeling Matt Kennedy Gould.*



When it’s time for the Nerd War, the contestants are introduced to their judges: One Mr. Bill Nye the Science Guy is the first judge to take a seat in front of the teams. Talk about a nerdgasm! These kids all shared a very intimate experience that day. Next to join the panel is some 19 year old kid who won some super important science award – just kidding, that’s an inside joke for those of you that have watched the episode, his name is Blake Marggraff and he won the 2011 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. The final guest judge is Big Bang Theory, (and Blossom, remember Blossom?), actress Mayim Bialik, who really does have a PhD in Neuroscience.
TOR are first to present their project to the panel and their theatrical flair makes a real impression upon Curtis, though some of
their facts are questioned by the judges. MTA chose a more scientific look for their presentation, but Frodo-Jack trips on his way to throw the ring into Mt. Doom and their chemical reaction goes up in smoke. As the votes are tallied, the score is, of course, tied and the fate of the nerds is in the hands of the Science Guy. I don’t remember a unanimous Nerd War win in season one and I doubt we’ll see one this season. Bill Nye has a special place in his heart for the super volcano, though, and the Titans take home the win; the hand of Midas will lose a finger this week.  
And now for my favorite moment of this episode! After the Nerd War, the Titans are off to celebrate their victory; not only have they secured their team’s safety, but they also won the opportunity to hang out with Bill Nye for bit. Meanwhile, in Nerdvana, the Gold team is left to their own devices – and the Nerdvana liquor cabinet! Taking advantage of the open bar,
Mary Kate invites Zack to do a shot with her, the tequila goes straight to
Zack’s head and they begin a little strategy talk. Zack thinks that because
he’s wearing blue he will project an image of tranquility and he throws Nicole under the bus again! Apparently, Nicole has been talking about Mary Kate as a target. <eye roll> Nice try, Zack, but Mary Kate isn’t buying your snake oil, sir! In fact, MK is more impressed that it only took one shot to lubricate your lips… That sounds dirty, but I’m leaving it in…Damnit…Now I can’t stop with the innuendos so it’s time for a new paragraph.


Before the Nerd Off, the nominees are voted upon and announced; Zack receives four votes from his own team, which breaks down his blue shirt offensive. Before his opponent is even revealed, Zack spouts off about how his team has sealed their own fate or some such nonsense. TOR votes for Josh to join Zack in the Nerd Off, which prompts Zack to spout of again about how he has memorized more Pokemon than Josh, or some such nonsense. (Strike number two, Zack. Strike number two). After both are asked to bend a knee, Curtis and Bobby explain that to stay in the game, Zack and Josh will be performing an Alien Autopsy and are given the chance to study both human and “alien” anatomy before the challenge. Not before Zack engages the Gold team in what will go down as one of the most awkward hugs in reality TV history, though.
Josh correctly ascertains how the challenge will work and with the help of the remaining three members of his team begins a process of assigning mnemonic devices to the alien and human body parts in his study guide. MTA’s Xander is the only nerd willing to help Zack, though, and actually has some medical credits under his belt to qualify him for this task. Xander’s
motives are not pure; however, because TOR would love Zack to stick around and create more chaos and unrest within the Gold team.
And chaos and unrest is exactly what the Gold team will be dealing with next week. Zack’s photographic memory prevailed over Josh’s smart study methods to win the Nerd Off, squashing Josh’s dreams of sitting upon the Throne of Games.
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*Matt Kennedy Gould is schmo/star of the first season of The Joe Schmo Show. One of the challenges in his game was a talent show, judged by Jerri “the Bitch from Survivor” Manthey, in which he displayed his talent for beatboxing.


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