Is NeNe Leakes done with #Bravo #RHOA?


NeNe Leaks Quits #RHOA

As RuPaul said on WWHL:  “NeNe Leaks is my least favorite drag queen”!   Coming off the heals of a scathing lashing from Ru on Watch What Happens Live, and a reunion we hear she walked on out…  is NeNe loosing fan appeal?  Is she really leaving RHOA?!  Between Bravo announcing yesterday that she officially has a spin off show with Kim, her cryptic tweets, and a land fills worth of wigs moving cross country…. I say yes!  But before we say, “Bye Girl”… lets think about this:

This season of RHOA has not been without drama. Who was at the center of it all? Why NeNe of course. Her relationship with BFF Cynthia is no more, her hatred of Kenya seems to have grown and she even found issue with new comers Demetira McKinney and Claudia Jordan. The only two she was friendly with all season were Phaedra and Porshe, with NeNe really only tolerating Kandi. Sure there were a few fake attempts at reconciliation that never went anywhere, including a therapy session with Dr. Jeff that NeNe set up and walked out of. With no one seeming to be able to co-exist with the Queen B of RHOA it makes us wonder; Are NeNe’s days numbered? Ask me a day ago and I’d say never! They’d replace the rest of the cast before letting NeNe go BUT  now I’m not so sure.

Every week the ladies are supposed to write a short blog on their perspective of that weeks episode for Bravo to post on their website. The ladies of NeNe Leakes posts a want ad for bloggers to write her RHOA Bravo TV BlogsAtlanta are notoriously late on posting these, with NeNe being the worst. On her website she has posted a “want ad” looking for bloggers to blog her last 3-4 episodes. She’s asking them to blog as themselves stating she’ll post whatever they write about her as long as its fair. So in reality she’ll post nothing about herself because she never feels she does anything wrong! Is this the latest way NeNe is distancing herself from the show. Stating health issues plus work commitments she didn’t attend the the group trip that airs as the season’s final episodes. Really she didn’t go because it was on the heels of the disastrous Dr. Jeff sessions. With the reunion episodes already filmed, the timing of this ad is very suspicious. Will this be the last straw for Andy Cohen, creator of the housewives franchise? Has NeNe burnt her last bridge with BravoTV. I, personally, thing RHOA will be better without her but what do you think. Comment below and let me know if you think RHOA needs NeNe Leakes?

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  1. Teresa Denning on

    NeNe has been THE STORYLINE on RHOA this season and most of last season. Who is everyone gonna hate if she leaves?? NeNe is the only original housewife on rhoa. Kandi is miserable this season because she’s not getting any sex from Todd, does anyone care? NO. Kandi’s marital problems don’t compare to what Phaedra is going through with Apollo. She can’t stand that NeNe has been a better friend or that Phaedra discussed being hurt by her lack of friendship. That’s the extent of Kandi’s storyline: no sex from her husband and being a hater!! The others have no storyline!! Cynthia is always accusing Porsha of being NeNe’s follower. So she’s gone from being a follower to being jealous that someone else took her place. Bye gurl. Without NeNe this show is not worth watching!!!! However, NeNe is better off leaving and surrounding herself with positive supportive TRUE friends!

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