Hey guys, It’s 2 days til the Big Brother Canada premier and it’s been such a chaotic week with cast reveals and house reveals. It’s Mardi Gras for Big Brother fans. We at Your Reality Recaps are so excited to be providing you with  a one stop shop for all your Big Brother Canada needs. You really need to look no further than this site for recaps, podcasts, interviews and much much more. Before I tell you what we are doing lets meet who we are going to be watching all spring long.

Ashleigh , 21, is from Calgary, Alberta. She is here for the adventure and will align with someone unexpected. She plans to plant ideas in other people’s heads and let them think it was their idea. Big Brother Canada Cast Ashleigh Wood, Brittnee Blair, Bobby Hlad, Bruno IeloShe’s all for a showmance and plans to leave her morals at the door. Being one of 8 siblings she is used to large groups so the Big Brother house will just seem like regular day to her. Bobby is 27 from Oakville, Ontario. Hello my hometown boy. This rock climbing instructor is planning to give it 110% in all the physical challenges and suck at the mental ones. He says he’ll have a good social game and is open to a showmance. He seems like a charmer to me. I’m all in with Bobby. Bruno, 31, from Ottawa, Ontario is our parent this year. He has 2 young kids at home so I hope that missing his family doesn’t impact his game. He’s a construction worker who plans to win only when he has to, and will hide he’s a black belt. He’s color blind and thinks he’ll be stronger in the physical challenges. Brittnee, 25 is a model from Calgary, Alberta but is living in New York. First of I love BBCAN casts real women. Not the stick figures that BBUS Casts. She’s plus size and gorgeous. She’s also freaking hilarious. Not opposed to a showmance she plans to charm the pants off of everyone. She’s looking for a buddy (male or female) to play both sides of the house with. I think her fun easy-going attitude will get her far. I will say now I love Britnee!

Godfrey, 22, from a student from Toronto, ON is originally from Zimbabwe. I love his accent talk all night long. He loves cats and is in this for the Big Brother Canada 3 cast Godfrey Mangwiza, Graig Merritt, Jordan Parhar, Kevin Martin$100000. He will raise hell and manipulate. Thinking his Psych major will put a target on his back he plans to tell people he’s a stripper so they don’t know he’s smart. He’s a bit crazy and chaotic. I like him but he needs to be careful. Graig is 36 from Pitt Meadows, BC. He’s a MLB Baseball recruiter and he too plans to use a fake career. He’s down for a showmance. Graig went through the casting process last year but had to drop out because of a major car accident. Glad to see he’s recovered and happy he was given a second chance. Jordan, 21, is a BB superfan from Cloverdale, BC.  He is going to portray the McLovin persona on the outside when inside he’s really Frank Underwood froom House of Cards. He’s a bit Peter Brown-ish and thinks he’ll be the smartest in the house. Me thinks he needs to reign in the ego a bit to make it far in the game. Kevin, 22, from Grand Prairie, AB is a professional poker player. HELLO people, my pick to win right here! He plans to relax and just let people blow up their own games. Worked for Derrick didn’t it? He’s open to showmance to have fun and manipulate the person. Obviously Kevin is keeping his career a secret..DUH!

Naeha, 29, from Toronto, ON is stunning and smart. This Chiropractor and entrepreneur is a superfan who plans to play a social game. She wants to be Big Brother Canada 3 cast Naeha Sareem, Pilar Nemer, Risha Denner, Sarah Hanlonthat girl everyone wants to talk to. Showmances are a no go zone for her but she wants to align with a physical/mental player (male or female). Pilar is 22 from Dartmouth, NS but is originally from Mexico. She’s young and it shows. She is competitive and silly. Pilar doesn’t like strict people and would like to win the first HOH. Did Paul teach her nothing! She seems to me she’ll be the Talla of the bunch, and if she can win physical challenges she’ll be more useful. Risha at 41 is the oldest of the group. She plans to be the big sister of the group. Right off the bat I notice she has boobs, and they have their own twitter. She loves the show and will use her ability to take criticism with a smile to her advantage. With a 20 year age gap between her and most of the others I don’t see her going too far. Sarah is 27 and a Hemployee. Yes she sells  pot legally for a living! She is a superfan and a student of the show. She can get along with anyone and is a self-proclaimed Good Witch. She can feel people’s energy. SHe plans to win every HOH she can. Sarah reminds me of Nicole, Christine and Anick so I’ve been calling her Anicotine.

Johnny, 26 is a IT project manager from Winnepeg, Manitoba. He’s a superfan, live feeder (thanks for not saying feedster) and blogger. He plans to get Big Brother Canada  3 Cast  Johnny  Colatruglio, Sindy Nguyen, Willow McDonald, Zach Oleynikto know everyone and he’s easy to get along with. Johnny plans to have a strong showing but not win the first HOH. If there is another gay guy in the house he plans on definitely having a showmance with them. Sindy with an S (yes please for the love of God don’t forget the freaking S or she’ll go on for weeks about it) is 25 from Huntsville, Ontario. She is an assistant cruise director who loves a challenge. She is gonna be everyone’s BFFN and is allergic to running but will be a competition beast (if it doesn’t involve running I guess) She thinks she’s good-looking. I guess she’s right. I’ll be honest. Not my favorite. I’m sure she’s great…but I see her being first on the block. Willow, 26, from Lower Sackville is another one of my favorites. This sales and marketing rep’s  strategy is for people to think she has no strategy. She gets along with opposites so she’s hoping to find an alliance no one expects. She won’t throw a competition. This superfan is fun and goofy and I think she and Brittnee will be fun to watch together. Last we have Zach. He is 22 and is a student from Regina Saskatchewan. He’s a pre-med student but keeping that to himself and is going to play up the jock part of his persona. He’s looking for a motherly figure in the house and also would like a showmance and a bromance. Will Risha fit any of these things? I have tried to link you to as many Twitter accounts as I could find. Their personal ones are protected unfortunately but the links are here, get your requests in now!

Big Brother Canada 3 house picturesSo there are the 16 house guests we will be watching for the next 2 months. My top for are Brittnee, Willow, Kevin and Bobby. Who do you think can take home the prize, let me know in the comments below.  Now on to where they are living. I have to admit, It’s pretty freaking amazing. Every year the Big Brother Canada house gets better and better. Peter Faragher has designed the house again this year and it’s theme is SteamPunk Big Brother Canada 3 house picturesParadise. It’s sci-fi meets 20, 000 leagues under the sea and it’s truly breathtaking. The details of this future set in the past have out done any Big Brother House Canada or US. The 85 cameras and 65 mics are going to provides us with 46.5 million seconds of visually stunning HD free live feeds. This year the war room has been turned into The Vault. Arisa gave us a tiny peak but we have to wait til the premier to see it in person. The bedroom is Big Brother Canada 3 house  revealbeautiful light blues, a much nicer, more relaxing color scheme from last years Red and White Canadiana theme. The couch this year is simply spectacular. While last years was cool and could be moved, this one gives our living room the sense of importance Big Brother Canada 3 house revealthat the room demands. The bathroom is gorgeous in dark woods  giving you that hotel feel. The gear themed kitchen will make an interesting environment to cook food in. The HoH bedroom and bathroom are decked out in reds and gold giving it a luxurious feel that the powerful one should have! The cutting edge steam punk design has even made is way to the revamped back yard and pool area. I can’t wait to see if the memory wall is going to be out there again this year! Even the diary room hallway is awesome. I am excited to see how Marsha the Moose is going to look on those psychedelic walls! I guess you can tell I’m a huge can of the house but tell me what you think! I’m dying to hear…..again in the comments below.

So what are we doing at YRR  to cover Big Brother Canada? Well what aren’t we doing is the easier question to answer. We are first and foremost doing recap blogs  as always. Jon and I are doing a weekly LIVE video recap every Thursday at 3pm EST. Join us live or even if you can’t, tweet us your questions #YRRLive and become part of the show. We love to interact with all of you during the episode broadcasts on twitter and during our live shows. These shows are for you so comment and be part of it PLEASE. We value your opinions, give us something to think about. Every week we are getting telephone interviews with the evicted house guests. We are super excited about this. We want to ask them the questions YOU want answers to, so please again, tweet us anytime directly and using the #YRRLive  and we will get in as many as time permits. Like our shows these interviews are for you our viewers  and we want to talk about the things you want to hear about. You’ll be able to get the interviews on Itunes so subscribe to our Itunes  feeds and give us a 5 star rating it really helps us out! NEW THIS YEAR and we are so excited to be doing this especially for the American Big Brother fans, we are LIVE STREAMING every episode! YES  every episode. Every Sunday at 7pmEST and Monday at 8pm EST and Wednesdays at 9pm. I will be live bringing you the episode from start to finish. No need to mess with VPN hiding apps. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and come to yourrealityrecaps.com/bbcan and watch the show and chat with all the BBCAN fans in the chat room below. LASTLY, and this is HUGE people we are covering the finale! We will be there watching live, in the backyard doing interviews and giving you a behind the scenes house tour. We are the only AMERICAN website given this kind of access so make sure you are following us on twitter and subscribing to our You Tube Channel so you don’t miss a thing.

I hope you enjoy everything we are doing for you for BBCAN 3 but don’t forget we cover Survivor, Amazing Race, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Hell’s Kitchen and all the Bravo Housewives shows, so check out our website for all your favorite reality shows and check out Jon and I’s cast preview to see what we think in depth of the new cast




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