Big Brother Canada 5: When, Where and How to Watch


Arisa Cox, BBCAN4, Big Brother Canada 4, BBCANIt’s that time again Big Brother Fans! We have been waiting oh so patiently since Big Brother OTT ended to find out when Big Brother Canada 5 begins and that day is HERE! Global has issued their press releases and we are excited to announce that Big Brother Canada will premier on Wednesday March 15th at 9pm. Now get out your calendars and mark these dates because things have changed. Air dates are now Wednesdays at 9pm, Thursdays at 8pm and Mondays at 9pm.

Now how do you watch? For us Canadians simple. Turn your TV to Global (check your local listings for channel numbers) for the Show and the SideShow and Slice for BBCAN After Dark. You can also check out the Global and Slice websites if you missed shows on TV and your DVR’s have failed you. But Dana you haven’t mentioned the live  feeds you say. They are free again everyone. The Big Brother Gods are looking down upon us and showering us with live feed love for yet another year. So go to for all your hamster watching fixations! I haven’t forgotten about you my international fans. Find yourselves a VPN hiding app that you trust, like Hide My Ass or Browsec or Hola and DotVPN turn them on and visit the above websites. Unfortunately for you guys your cable companies haven’t discovered the TV gold that Big Brother Canada is yet so it is not available through your cable providers. I think you should start bombarding CBS with emails NOW!

THIS JUST IN!!!! There is an even easier way to watch BBCAN5 in the States now. Roku TV is streaming Canadian TV HERE. Now because I’m Canadian I can’t navigate the American Roku TV website but I’ve been told you need to click on Streaming Channels and then click NEW to find it. This channel does cost about $2.00 a month and the show is only available live.



Using Opera Browser on Computer:

1. Download Opera Browser here:

2. In settings turn ad blocker on.  Go to Menu, choose settings, a new window will open, & then check Block ads.

3. While in settings, choose Privacy & security from the Settings menu to the left & click on it.

4. Find where it says VPN.  Click on Enable VPN.

5. Next to the address bar, you should now see a grey VPN icon – click on that. Click On, then in the drop down menu for Virtual location, choose Canada.


6. You should be all set! To test before feeds start, play a few of the videos on the Big Brother Canada website.

FYI Opera has a built in ad blocker, but you can get Adblock Plus for it as well. You should only use one ad blocker at a time though – Either the built in one or Adblock Plus, not both.

Also – to watch the TV shows while they are airing, you will want to go to in Opera, with your VPN and ad blocker on!

Use Chrome with a free VPN extension, HOXX & free adblock extension adblocker

1. Use Chrome web browser with Adblock Plus.  If you do have it already, don’t forget to enable it in your extensions for Chrome.  If you do not already have it, Get it here:

2. Download the free VPN extension HOXX here: HOXX VPN Extension for Chrome

3. Choose “+ ADD TO CHROME”

4. Choose Add extension, it will take just a moment, the blue tab that said add to chrome before will now say added to chrome and turn green.

5. On the top right of Chrome browser, you will see Adblock Plus enabled and any other extensions.  You will click on HOXX (2nd in picture, gray icon), select language, & then you will need to create an account with your email.  It will give you a password in an email that it will send you after you’ve created your account.  It is a temporary password that you can change easily.

6. Select your location as Canada after logging in.

7. When you are watching BBCAN & HOXX is on, it will be blue.

When you are done and want to go to regular browsing, you will turn off the HOXX VPN by clicking on the blue icon. It will say Turn off VPN when you roll over it with the mouse.

Also – to watch the TV shows while they are airing, you will want to go to with your VPN and Adblock Plus on!

Watch BBCAN on a mobile device with Opera VPN app

1. In the App Store or Google Play, search for “Opera VPN”

2. Install the Opera Free VPN application

3. Open the Opera VPN app – the icon will look like the viking helmet from the app store. The very first time you open it, you will get a tutorial on how to use the app. You will want to select Canada as your location.

4. Open Safari and go to

5. Test play a video. If it plays, you will be ready to go for feeds! Just remember to turn off your VPN when you are not watching BBCan.

Also – to watch the TV shows live, you will need to use Puffin browser, select the desktop version in the settings and go to while the shows are airing!

We at Your Reality Recaps are super excited to be covering Big Brother Canada for a FOURTH year. Last year we had such an amazing opportunity to tour the house and interview each of the house guests in the Big Brother backyard. Truly a super fans dream come true. We are again doing weekly live shows, blogs, exit interviews and Finale night coverage. So make sure you book mark and follow Eric, Jon and myself on Twitter so you don’t miss a thing!

Meet The First 7 House Guests RIGHT HERE!
Our Live Recap Show & Interviews Will Be Fridays At 7PM On YouNow

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  1. You can always download it in torrent form too. That’s the way I’ve watched it each year (they edit out the commercials which is a nice little bonus). It’s usually updated within 2 hours of the broadcast (they have to format it, etc.) but you’ll get it in time to watch before the YRR update shows. They will not upload the feeds, but usually clips are uploaded to YouTube (like the US/UK versions). This works for me being on the west coast as the timing doesn’t work to watch live w/VPN.

    • Yes, that is a way to watch the shows. There are lots of people want to watch the feeds because they are completely free.

      Also, there is a west coast airing of the show at You can always catch it there if the east coast one doesn’t fit in to your schedule.

  2. Using the Opera VPN on Ipad works I can watch the videos but, installing Opera browser on imac the videos do not work message not available in my area. Not sure what to do?

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