Big Brother Canada 4: Episode Episode 22 & 23 Blog Recap


It was an emotional week in the BBCAN Grand this week. So much happened where to start. Maddy and Ramsey are on the block. The brothers are feeling secure in their decision (Tim’s decision really) and showing loyalty. While Ramsey is taking it in stride, Maddy is angry. Why can’t they see Jared is the bigger threat. It makes no sense that the little blonde girl is the bigger physical threat than the beef cake. She even refuses to hug Kelsey and Jared after the nomination ceremony.

Kelsey, Tim and Nikki are picked to play the veto competition when reality screeches the game to a BBCAN23-1complete halt. Ramsey is called into the Diary Room where the producer hands him a phone with his mom on the other end. His mom shares the devastating news that he father suffered a heart attack. Ramsey being the emotional guy he is immediately breaks down but Mamma Rams (as we’ve been affectionately calling her on twitter all season) tells him he did survive it but does need a very serious surgery in the coming days. Ramsey is now faced with an incredibly difficult decision. Do I stay or do I go home? Ramsey immediately goes to the HOH room to tell the brothers and whoever else is in there that he just got bad news from home so if he’s acting weird it’s because he’s going BBCAN23-2though some stuff and will be deciding his future in the game.. He then heads to the pink room to be alone and think. The HOH room is left stunned and Tim heads downstairs to fill in Maddy so she can comfort her friend. She runs up stairs to help Ramsey but he just wants to be left alone. He doesn’t tell her what has happened. She presses him but he won’t share and just tells her to go. Feeling helpless Maddy leaves him as he wishes. Jared checks in on him and guesses the problem and opens up to Ramsey about his dad having had heart surgery too. Game takes a back burner for everyone as Ramsey goes through this.

BBCAN23-5Veto still needs to be played though and Ramsey has pulled himself together, refocused and vows to win for his dad. In this Veto they one by one need to watch before and after photos and need to pick out the different piece of clothing in each photo, find the piece of clothing hanging on the clothes line and throw it into the laundry basket. You miss they need to spend 7 second in the spin cycle and try again. The one with the fastest time wins. Poor Nikki spends a lot of time in the spin cycle while most of them have no problem with laundry basketball. It’s all down to how fast you can recognize the differences and find your clothes. Ramsey wins the Power of Veto and $5000 in honor of his dad!

BBCAN23-6After spending a day with his dad, Ramsey makes the incredibly hard decision to leave the Big Brother house to spend the days before surgery with him. Everyone is emotional as Ramsey delivers the news to the house. Game drops to the wayside as they all just become friends and support Ramsey. Maddy helps him pack his bags and Ramsey tells her to fight, don’t roll over and die in the game. They all congregate at the main doors say their good byes and Ramsey leaves the BBCAN Grand making BBCAN history as the first self eviction.

Ramsey is gone but the game remains and the boys now need to replace Ramsey on the block. Maddy is a lone wolf and a number on their side now. Tim goes to work with Phil by the pool urging him to make a move and put Jared on the block. Phil is hesitant to do so because if the house rallies around him and he stays then he has just made an enemy of the showmance. Phil is also onto what Tim is doing. The flip-flopping from side to side has his guard up. A day ago he was campaigning to keep Jared safe, now he’s done a total flip making him Tim a target in the brothers eyes. It was a somber veto ceremony this week with just a lonely necklace dangling in the hands of Nick. The boys have decided to keep things safe and calm and stick to their allegiance to Jared. Nominating Tim in the place of Ramsey as a pawn. Tim volunteered for the job and Maddy now realizes she definitely has some campaigning to do.

Cassandra’s advice for Tim now that he’s on the block is to keep your mouth shut and stay under the radar. Tim can’t fly under the radar it’s just not in his nature. He’s got to make sure that Maddy isn’t getting any votes in the house. He’s afraid that the apprentice might out do the teacher. Maddy has lost all her fight. Once her enemy Phil is encouraging her to campaign and fight and he’ll help her get the votes to stay. Embrace your villain status, exploit it to point out you will always be the target with no back up.

BBCAN23-7It’s been a rough week in the house and Big Brother has decided to liven in up a bit. Phil starts in at Nick about how he looks bad his face looks sick and Nick is not in the mood. They have a fight in the kitchen and everyone else just sits and BBCAN23-8watches. It’s showtime. Big Brother has tasked the boys to start a fight. Phil needs to tell Nick he wishes he wasn’t his brother, Nick needs to throw a drink at Phil and Phil needs to kick Nick out of the HOH room for their task to be successful. The boys did an amazing job convincing everyone that they were legit fighting. Tim is wondering do I get the popcorn out or do I intervene. Nah  pass the popcorn, this is better than any movie Shomi has to offer. The boys hit all their marks and they win the house a training session with Elias Theodoru, ex Amazing Race Canada contestant and UFC fighter. Nikki isn’t complaining. Elias is like a Greek God. Teaching them all some fighting moves she’s a smitten kitten and didn’t want him to leave, but alas he must. There is a game to play.

Phil is spending his time with Jared planting seeds of doubt about Tim without going to far. Maddy starts working on Joel and Cassandra. Using the I am hated I will always be a target. Tim has everyone, everyone is best friends and told everyone he’d work with them. He has created the illusion he doesn’t want to BBCAN23-9win. Cass then relays all this to Tim. He says it’s not true but now his “game” is exposed. He points out she has a resume. Tim realized he has underestimated Maddy’s abilities. Cassandra says she will drop Tim if she needs too and asks Maddy what info she has to help her make that decision. Maddy falls for it and tells her how Tim said he would never work with Cassandra in a four-way alliance with her. She points out he will always have help with Nikki at his side. Cassandra says she’d vote her way if she could gather two more votes. With that traction  Maddy calls a house meeting. First point of business is that she points out that everyone in that room would put her on the block and everyone agrees. Point two is Tim will always have Cass and Nikki on his side. If he’s on the block there is an automatic 2 votes his way, she has  0. His chances of getting to the end are greater than anyone in the room. She wants them to see through is illusion of not wanting to win the game. Tim is amazed at how smart Maddy is playing this. She’s done all she can. All her compelling arguments are on the table, everyone just needs to do the math and see that is adds up correctly. But will they?

Before the eviction we check in on Mitch in the jury house. Maxing and relaxing somewhere in cottage BBCAN21-10country he gives us his take on the house ASAP Science style. Raul arrives and he finds it funny how he ended up there but there is no resentment. Raul tells him about the veto competition and now the boys get to spend their time chilling out together. We’ve all been wondering about the status of Ramsey’s dad. Ramsey returns to the stage to
give us an update. That’s me clapping for him in the picture. BBCAN23-11First lets just say Ramsey in that suit was OMG perfection. On a more somber note he lets us know that his dad has made it through surgery which was on Wednesday. It was a complicated one, and dad is still in intensive care. Arisa allows him to update the house on what is going on, We wish the Aburaneh family all the best. Prayers and positive vibes are sent their way for a speedy recovery.

byeMaddyNow to the order of business. It’s eviction time and not surprising the original target of the week was sent home in the first unanimous vote of the season. Maddy has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Talking to Arisa she said that she played the game the way it was meant to be played. She wasn’t here for best friends and friendship bracelets.  To crown a new HOH Big Brother has taken it out of the House guests hand and put it into their nearest and dearest. Each person has a family member taking part in the HOH. They are put between a rock and a hard place. Standing on the edge of a crater with rocks falling into it they need to simply hit their buzzer when they think 1000 have fallen. During the challenge they will have to make some difficult decision along the way. We will find out the winner on Sunday and it’s also a double eviction week. A real one this time.  Whose loved one do you think will emerge victorious.? Comment below and let me know.


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