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The house is left reeling after that insane double eviction. Quick cliff notes version in case you missed it. Jared went home, the brothers one HOH and nominated Tim and Nikki, Cass won the Veto, took Tim down, Nick tried to nominate themselves but was talked down by Kelsey and Joel went up, Nikki went home. What we didn’t get to see was all the drama behind it, but that ends today! The first half of this show was a behind the drama look into the double eviction so hold on to your hats because it was a bit crazy!

Big Brother Canada 4, BBCAN4, Your Reality RecapsIt all starts before the HOH is even played after Jared’s eviction. In an effort to save her own ass from the block this week, sitting on benches with Phil she promises him not to use the Veto if she wins it. The two make a deal, and I mean for Cass this would normally be a no harm no foul deal because she hasn’t won a competition all season. When Nick wins and need to immediately make nominations Phil stands up and nominates the internationals without consulting his brother who knew nothing of the deal with Cassandra. Nick is pissed that Phil would do that and pulls him into the pantry where Phil explains the deal. Nick is not feeling this deal but what is done is done and they now need to play the cards they just laid down. Before Veto is played talking a page out of Jared’s Intimidation 101 text-book, the boys pull her into the bathroom and tell her she is dead if she uses the Veto. Cassandra manages to pull out a Veto win and now she Big Brother Canada 4, BBCAN4, Your Reality Recapsreally has a huge decision. Save her best friend or honor the deal she just made. The boys are on Cass like flies on poop after this competition to make sure she doesn’t change her mind and she tells them she needs to talk to Joel for a minute. He says he’ll vote Nikki out if she leaves noms the same, Tim’s telling her the boys won’t keep their promises but he’s got her back and he doesn’t really trust Joel to vote out Nikki. The pressure on Cassandra at this point is crazy. She decided to keep her alliance safe at the end of it all and uses the Veto. Part of me thinks it’s a big FU to the brothers for trying to strong-arm her. Kelsey tries to explain that her using the Veto would only be natural. They’d probably do the same thing but hot-headed brothers can’t be calmed.

Big Brother Canada 4, BBCAN4, Your Reality RecapsNow that is all over and done with Nick takes Phil into the Pink Room for a tongue lashing. Hello dominate Nick where you been all season. He lays into him about how he just screwed their game up, it was his week to compete and he took over and now they look like idiots. For the first time all season Phil is realizing his mistake and takes it from Nick. Nick ends it with a you listen to me til the end of the season and we all rejoice…….for now.

It’s time to get our new HOH. In a competition called Previously on Big Brother, the house guests are Big Brother Canada 4, BBCAN4, Your Reality Recapsgiven a quick recap and they need to guess who was HOH that week. The person with the most right wins HOH. Lets just think back a few weeks when Kelsey wrote out a cheat sheet and was able to study it for a few hours before BB took it away. Can we guess who is going to win this competition? Cass and Joel fall behind quickly. Tim and Kelsey are neck and neck. Tim gets one wrong and now Kelsey is in the lead. Kelsey gets one wrong, ironically one based on the week Jared was HOH. It all comes down to the last question. If they both get it right we go to tie breaker. They reveal their answers. Kelsey chose Joel where Tim chose Maddy. Who’s right. Kelsey is! She has finally won her first competition of the season! The Threekshow is not happy but the Brothers are elated.

They all take a moment out of the game to bask in the fact that they are final 5 in the hot tub. Talk BBCAN27-11goes to alliance names. Apparently there were more names than we ever knew about. Then Tim drops the
bomb. There was an alliance the boys didn’t know about…..who they all wonder. Thinking it involved Nikki and deducing it was a Tim and Cass alliance they all think they figured it out. Tim stupidly drops the name and Joel just
about lays a brick in the hot tub. The whole conversation he’s acting twitchy and uncomfortable, something the boys don’t notice but Kelsey does. Cassandra is trying BBCAN27-12her best to steer it away from the actual alliance name and Tim isn’t getting the hint. About to have a full mental breakdown Joel just slinks away before his name is mentioned and continues his meltdown in the bathroom. This is why they can’t have booze. They get to crazy in that house! The Threakshow regroup in the Blue Room. First Tim is given hell for the reveal then they need to work on damage control for Joel. Up in the HOH room, Kelsey and Nick are piecing together its Joel as the third member not Nikki.

Kelsey now goes at Cassandra for not being “loyal”. The brothers join in the party and Cassandra has had enough. She hasn’t been loyal to her, but she has been loyal to her actually alliance. It’s not her fault that they know how to have an undercover alliance and keep their mouth shut. Fed up with the nonsense, they decided to have a come to Jesus moment with Kelsey and tell her about The Middle. You know that group that Phil and Nick belonged to and joined to go against whoever wasn’t in power that week. This spurs a house meeting
BBCAN27-10where Kelsey confronts the boys on their involvement and it ends up in a huge screaming match where the brothers are defensive and calling everyone liars, Cassandra is a sociopath and Tim is a senile old man. The brothers (in my opinion) have now hit rock bottom. They were fun to watch, but once Canada gave them a bit of power and then they won some their egos have inflated and they have become mean and nasty where there is no need. Tim and Cassandra try to stay calm while being hit with insult and slur. Kelsey is shocked at what is happening and Joel is missing. Tim has had enough of the immature brothers and walk away and Cass follows. Once the dust clears Joel talks to Kelsey and lays it out. The reaction the brothers had is not a reaction of people telling the truth. The rage and name calling is smoke and mirrors to deflect her from seeing the truth.

BBCAN27-13Kelsey has a tough choice for nominations. With no real options left she can stick with the obvious or take Joel’s advice and put the brothers up on the block along with Cassandra. One person from each side and let them fight it out. Kelsey ends up going with the obvious and Tim and Cassandra are on the block side by side for the first time all season. She explains she has respect for their game but they’ve made it 10 weeks without being nominated together and the duo needs to be broken up. The Threekshow’s only chance at survival this week now lays in the hands of Joel. Can he win the POV and save the alliance? Comment below and let me know what you think!

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