Big Brother Canada 4: Episode 26 Blog Recap


OH MY GOD!  This double eviction episode was BANANAS! The emergence of Queen Cass as a power player this week was amazing. King Jared has been put on the block in replace of the brothers and he is not happy about it. Joel is feeling overwhelmed after a campaign attempt by Jared and the brothers. A bunch of BBCAN26-1lies about Tim and Cassandra have Joel re evaluating his alliance lines. He’s visibly upset and Cassandra not just for game but as a friend needs to find out what’s up. Joel’s not talking and neither is anyone in that conversation. Cassandra knows they are involved. She went to bed and Joel was happy, she wakes up and he’s melting down. Phil is being tight-lipped but Cass and Nikki aren’t fooled. Phil warns Jared that Cass is on the war path. While Cass and Jared fight back and forth, Jared sets his sights on flipping Joel. Will Joel believe Jared or will he stick with the Freakshow and his 2 person alliance with Cassandra? The final battle between Cass and Jared happens in the Hundo room. They can’t believe he’s up, she told them to fight for the Veto because one of them will be going up if they don’t and they didn’t. Apparently Jared is morals and she is not. She didn’t come here to win him $100 000. He tells her she won’t be in power next week and she bluntly reminds him that he won’t even be here. I’d say Cassandra has won that war on Jared.

Raul and Mitch have had a nice relaxing week reconnecting and now it’s time for Maddy to disrupt the Gaytopia they have created in the Jury House. Raul feels vindicated and Mitch can’t believe that they missed a shot at Tim. when she brings them the news of Ramsey’s sudden departure from the game it brings everything back to a human level again. On a game front they wonder what will happen now that the Jury is now an even number. Maybe a vote? We will just have to wait and see.

We quickly get to our first vote of the night.  Nikki was just happy to be there and proud of herself for doing this. Jared just implores the brothers vote for him to leave to not give Cassandra the satisfaction of breaking BBCAN26-2the vote. Tim votes to evict Jared, and the brothers evict Nikki. Next up is Kelsey. Her vote would of course to evict Nikki right? No. She votes to evict Jared. The audience goes insane. After the initial shock though of course it was planned to Cassandra didn’t have the power of breaking the tie. Joel also votes to evict Jared. With a vote of 3-1 King Jared is evicted. Before he leaves he tells everyone his hair is worth more than 100G’s.  Ok Jared! Go chill in Jury now. The icing on the eviction cake is him tripping out the front door. After a quick talk with Jared, Arisa lets them know it’s a double eviction and it’s time for the new HOH competition.

The HOH is Big Brother bowling. They need to knock down 5 pins by rolling their ball along a table top lane. BBCAN26-3The first one to knock down all their pins win HOH. Nikki and Nick are the first to get a pin down. Everyone seems to struggle with the challenge except for Nick. With a huge lead on them all it’s no shock that Nick wins the HOH. They are immediately called into the living room where the brothers need to make their nominations. Going with their theme of Canadians need to win, Nikki and Tim are next to each other on the block. To save herself Cassandra promises the brothers if she wins the Veto she won’t use it. They brothers tell her if she doesn’t use it, she is good, if she does she’s dead. It looks like they took a page out of Jared intimidation 101

BBCAN26-4The PoV is a who said what speech quiz. The brothers because of the veto punishments last week can’t play. Joel and Nikki are out on questions number 2. Kelsey is eliminate on question 6 leaving Cassandra and Tim to battle it out. Did Tim throw question to 7 to Cassandra to test her loyalty, we won’t know until the DR’s this week but Cassandra wins Veto. Will she be true to her word and not  use it or will she save one ally only to have the other put on the block. During the commercial Tim tells her it’s ok to leave it, and the brothers throw more intimidation Cassandra’s way.Sticking true to Tim and showing that NO ONE tells Cassandra what she  can and can not do she pulls Tim off the block. The brothers are torn and Nick actually says they will nominated themselves. WTF! Nick What are you doing. Panic ensues Kelsey is trying to talk them down. Arisa keeps asking them for a final decision. Any other renom would not go this way. BBCAN26-6They’d have to stick to their initial decision. Kelsey finally gets through to the boys and the end up nominating Joel. Going right into the vote of course no one votes for sweet, loveable and major threat to win in the end Joel. Nikki is voted out unanimously on her birthday no less. She is no nonsense about it all. Gets up pushes past everyone and marches out the door. Doesn’t even grab her bag. Those betches can fetch it later! I really would have loved to have seen a final Nikki meltdown! Before she walks out she declares Joel the winner. She was cool as a cucumber on stage telling Arisa she was shocked at Tim and that she didn’t believe the brothers would nominate themselves for a second.The jury house is now officially more exciting than the Big Brother house. You know the Vodka will be flowing. We are going to miss you Nikki.

Who are you rooting for to win HOH? The Finale is close now, we can taste it!  Is this the final 5 you imagined. Comment below and let me know what you think!

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