Big Brother Canada 4: Episode 10 Blog Recap


Joel has shaken the house nominating Kelsey and Raul.  Raul is confused and angry. Kelsey is just confused. It’s OK honey someone (mainly Peter on the sideshow) will explain why you had to go. They all blame Loveita, like Joel is not a 33-year-old grown man capable of making his own decisions. He’s gone against Loveita’s wishes for both her HOH reigns. He’s perfectly capable of deciding what is best for his game! He does feel bad stabbing them in the back but Dallas and Loveita are there to back him up. Raul goes to talk tBig Brother Canada, Big Brother Canada 4, BBCAN4, Your Reality Recapso him and doesn’t believe Joel when he says it was his decision. Mitch isn’t helping matters as he jumps on the Blame Loveita train to preserve his relationship with them even though he was there egging Joel on the whole time.The 3rd Wheel feels like they are the good people of the house and are living on Mount Delusion. Jared feels the need to confront Loveita. He spends a good amount of time berating her for manipulating Joel and telling her she’s a terrible person sending her in tears to Joel. He reiterates to them all that these are HIS nominations. No one believes him though. Jared is feeling the pressure to win Veto in order to keep 2 of them safe.

Big Brother Canada, Big Brother Canada 4, BBCAN4, Your Reality RecapsRamsey, Dallas and Jared are picked to play along side Kelsey, Raul in Joel in the Veto. The enter the BB Saloon where Cassandra in a horrific (and I mean horrific) southern accent explains the game. Everyone needs to mount their horse and pull themselves to the desert and search of playing cards. Bringing them back one at a time they have to make the best poker hand they can in the allotted time. Hidden in the cards are Punishment Wildcards that can be used as whatever card they want and reward cards. If you use a reward card you can only use 4 cards instead of 5 to make your hand. Cowboy Jared gets off to slow start pulling his horse off the track. Jared has the opportunity to use a punishment reward card but decides not to because he wanted to be able to compete Big Brother Canada, Big Brother Canada 4, BBCAN4, Your Reality Recapsin the next HOH because he’s pretty sure if he doesn’t compete someone else will win it. Really Jared? Pretty sure. I’m 100% sure if you aren’t competing someone else will win it. His DR’s are the worst! Raul uses a Night of 1000 Lasso’s punishment card, and Dallas uses a Human Cactus punishment card. Kelsey goes for 1000 dollar reward since she can’t find anything else to better her hand. The results are in and Dallas takes everyone with 4 6’s. Had Jared sat out of the HOH next week he would have won with four 7’s. So Dallas has won his second POV in a row!

BBCAN10-4Regretting not using the Veto last week, he is more than willing to use it this week to back door Jared. Is he just blowing more smoke or will he try to shake things up for real. Raul needs to start his punishment he has one night to Lasso and pull a bull to him. Dressed in a gay mans best cowboy finery he whines and cries the whole time. Mitch sits with him for a while and hatches a plan to get Joel to BD Jared to save Raul because he thinks he can take Big Brother Canada, Big Brother Canada 4, BBCAN4, Your Reality RecapsKelsey’s place as the glue keeping the 3rd Wheel together. Dallas also comes out in his Cactus costume. For 24 hours he has to wear this thing that renders him pretty helpless. He convinces his fellow HG’s to feed him and scratch him. I will admit, he’s a pretty cute cactus.Tim brings up the possibility of using him as a pawn against Kelsey. Has he been here the last few weeks where the pawn has gone home?Joel thinks about it for a hot second. No one would vote for him and Tim would actually enjoy stirring up the house a bit.

Big Brother Canada, Big Brother Canada 4, BBCAN4, Your Reality RecapsTrying to take Dallas seriously dressed as a cactus is pretty difficult. He managed to end Kelsey’s dream of being saved when he tells her there is 0 chance he’ll use the Veto on her. In the end Dallas decides that he is going to respect Joel’s nominations and leave things as they are. Again another wasted Veto, although I am sure a Kelsey eviction is imminent! Would you have used the Veto this week or do you think Dallas made the right choice? Comment below and let me know what you think!

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