Big Brother Canada 3: Episode 19


Bruno Ielo hugs it out with Kevin Martin on BBCAN3 episode 19Now that Kevin has nominated Brittnee and Bobby and has snowed both sides of the house as to his real plan Zach thinks it’s going to be an easy week. Bruno will never feel comfortable so he’s just hoping the doesn’t become the target. Kevin wants to use Godfrey to go farther in the game. He can use him to get rid of the Diapers without looking like a traiter. Brittnee is irate over Kevin’s nomination speech. She’s not stupid she knows it was all a bunch of bull, but Brittnee honey, I love you, but if you’re tired of being a pawn, WIN A COMPETITION! Bruno checks in with Kevin to see where his head is at. Kevin is sticking to Godfrey will be back doored, and Bruno thinking Kevin likes to hug it out hugs hims awkwardly ALOT. Kevin’s all WTF! but Bruno thinks he’s connecting with him. At this point Kevin starts to send subtle hints to Zach that maybe Godfrey isn’t the target which makes Zach a little uncomfortable.

Kevin Martin swings to Veto victory on BBCAN3 episode 19Players are picked for the Veto competition. Pilar, Ashleigh and Sarah are playing this memory based veto. They need to swing on a swing to look over a wall at a furniture showroom and recreate that on their side of the wall. The one who does it correctly the quickest wins the Power of Veto. Normally all the house guests are secluded for these but the ones not playing actually get to watch on the screen in the living room, once you complete it you can watch as well.Ashleigh and Brittnee do fairly well. Get it done with a few mistakes. Bobby Brittnee Blair pulls out all the stops to try and win Veto on BBCAN3 episode 19had a really hard time memorizing and trying to figure out his errors. Pilar is up next and the swing makes her nauseous. She actually ends up just quitting the competition. Sarah did very well, getting all but one thing done on her first swing. Will Sarah win a competition? Kevin’s up next and he’s flying around like a mad man. He finishes and it’s time for Bruno to reveal the winner. With a time of 9min 30seconds Kevin wins the Power of Veto and a 10000 gift certificate from The Brick. He has full control over what happens this week!

Kevin Martin and Zach Oleynik are punished on BBCAN3 episode 19Big Brother isn’t letting these guys get away with ANYTHING. Already they’ve been punished for a bunch of things. Now they turn their rage on Zach and Kevin. These boys never want to wake up or help out around the house. Well boys Big Brother is angry! They have to dress up as french maids including high heels to clean and see to the need of every house guest. No one can lift a finger. The boys using their alter egos of Claudette and Gabrielle now know what its like to spend all day in high heels. We were treated to many slips of the testicles from ruffled panties (I know Johnny is dying not being there!) Now maybe the boys will wake up when Big Brother tells them to and pick up a dish or two. While the boys are bonding as maids Kevin takes the time to tell Zach that Bobby is the target. He tries to play it as I changed my mind because of some things he’s said but Zach’s not buying it. Will the Diaper Alliance be soiled now that Kevin didn’t stick with Zach’s plan?

Godfrey Manzwiga and Ashleigh Wood react  to Bobbly Hlad's secret veto on BBCAN 3 episode 19At the Veto ceremony Brittnee pleads with Kevin to take her down. If he did he’d have her vote 100% Just tell her what do and she’ll do it, let me work for you. Bobby tells Kevin he’ll play for him competitions if he keeps him. Kevin keeps true to his plan and leaves the nominations the same and Bobby knows he’s been played. Bobby pulls out a broken piece of plastic that is his so-called Secret Veto throws it down and says at least this piece of shit kept me safe last week. The faces around the room are stunned. If only Bobby knew Kevin was a poker player!

Do you think Kevin has made the right choice in targeting Bobby? Jon and I are going to be able to talk about this with  BBCAN3’s JOHNNY COLATRUGLIO this THURSDAY AT 5:30pm We’ll see how he feels about Kevy Wevy’s HOH. We are so excited to talk to him and get his superfan opinion on this crazy triple eviction. Please note the schedule time change. You aren’t going to want to miss this show! Before then though you need to check out the amazing exit interview with Sindy and our show with Graig below. As always  all our recaps are on our BBCAN page.  We also have exit interviews every Thursday so tweet us your questions #YRRLive right after the episode so we can ask them what you want to know.  Check out our exit interviews with the evicted house guests and past shows below. 


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