#BBOTT Meet Your New Big Brother Cast!


For better or for worse, BIG BROTHER IS BACK! It may have just left us, but hold on to your lap tops and wine glasses because it’s time to hate a whole new group of people. It’s me! Allyson (@xoxofeesters on Twitter and host of the #TrashDraft) and I am here to assess the dumpster dwellers of the #BBOTT house. Disclaimer: Comedic blogs fools. We don’t actually hate anyone… yet. Yet. So unlike our fave Jason, this is my first rodeo blogging here at yourrealityrecaps.com so be gentle. Or don’t. I’m not your mom. With that being said, let’s bring in the trash!


Shane Chapman is doing a really stunning tobacco chewing Jesus impression at first glance. While I pray that he is falling victim to Victor Arroyo pre-season syndrome, get ready thirsties; he’s an admitted chronic nose picker. What. The. Fuck. Who. Says. That. Why. Are. His. Eyes. So. Blue? An even bigger surprise? Shane applied. Yep. Tobacco Jesus applied to be on BBOTT. He’s no superfan (he’s only seen 17 and 18) but honestly, who is these days? Like any future bae, I did the research. There are some big red flags here. 1. Big James fan. 2. Big Austin fan 3. Big Nicorey fan 4. Thinks BB is like The Real World… If you’re into those type of things, Shane is your new messiah. As for me, the jury is out. No literally. There is no jury this season. Grodner…. At the end of the day (*sigh*), Shane is miles better in video than he is on paper and this season is all about the feeds so that makes me optimistic. After all, we don’t have to read all about it.

Fun Fact: Shane hates Hillary and Trump and was raised Jehovah’s Witness (they abstain from voting) so he isn’t too pressed about the election.


Justin Duncan sing talks a lot in his pre-season CBS video and I’ve yet to decide whether I want him dead or not. On paper, he comes off as a misplaced Austin Powers extra throwing around the word groovy like it’s 1967. He’s got some flavor. He’s got some vibes. Justin casually sidestepped the question of his casting process with THR when they asked about his knowledge of Big Brother. Spoiler Alert: He was recruited. At least he was a little coy about it. He’s 27 and hails from New Orleans. Basically he has no idea what he is getting himself into. Justin’s got captain catchphrase written all over him, but he is no Paul Abrahamian. He’s either going to fly under the radar for a bit or flame out in truly Devin-ing Jace Agoli shrine fashion.

Fun Fact: Justin would like to have a love triangle and I quote “loves a girl with a fat booty.” Can’t make this shit up. 


Michael “Cornbread” Ligon is a four time Redneck Olympian and Twitter’s newest BB fetish. He’s only kinda sorta a fan and by that I mean he watched Season 16 in Sequester. He’s our Good Ol’ Boy Archetype. He’s an Old Faithful. On the bright side, Cornbread is some of the most interesting casting we have seen in a long, long, long while on Big Brother. He reads more of a Survivor archetype which is no surprise since the Survivor team did the casting from BBOTT since Robyn Kass is busy with BBCAN5. Cornbread has Chicken George upside for sure, but I can see him being a bit of a tryhard. It may be a steep learning curve for his 41 year old tree trimmer. He doesn’t really have a strategy. He’s most likely not a comp beast. He’s… there?

Fun Fact: Cornbread has a YouTube channel. I’ll leave it at that.

4_sqMonte Massongill is proof that CBS is just going to keep putting Caleb Reynolds on our screens until homie wins something. Monte is our mayo alpha male who is destined for Showmance-ville. He wants a girl that’s very purdy first of all, smart “too”, and has a good personality. He wants America to remember him as a winner. Honestly, Monte is giving me real Jared BBCAN4 vibes and that doesn’t bode well for him. He seems likeable enough. A little bland, but generally just whatever. It is noteworthy that our dear little Mont-Mont did apply. He’s also a fan of reigning AFP Victor Arroyo. Hopefully there is a silver lining for Caleb’s lookalike token meathead. What a plot twist that would be.

Fun Fact: Brawn and Brains – Monte is an Engineer Associate.


Scott Dennis is like the grandson of McLovin who procreated with Steve Moses (BB17) and Joel Lefevre (BBCAN4) and then made it his life’s mission to grow the most bomb ass mutton chops to ever grace the live feeds. Paulie would never. Real Talk: This guy is a legit superfan who has tried out 5 times.  He is much much much less aggravating than he looks which is really pleasant. I kinda wonder if he isn’t playing up the persona tbh. He’s a debt collector. Boring. However, he credits his profession as a confidence builder so fun. He may in fact avoid the hurdle of social awkwardness that has plagued his archetype. Scott may do well if he can avoid being pigeonholed as that kid with the glasses. He’s 24, but he comes off much older and notes Danielle Reyes as his favorite player. I’m here for McLovin.

Fun Fact: Scott is a big fan of BB15’s favorite rat floater and champion- Andy Herren. BB18_ENDSEASON_Banner


Alex Willett is out most likely candidate to fall victim to Tiffany syndrome this season. She’s already got a lot of Twitter hype. Superfan? Check. Tweets? Check. Follows @hamsterwatch? Check. She’s a BB wet dream on paper, but her video package leaves something to be desired (and I promise that it isn’t Big Jeff. May his paternity leave be long and permanent.) Alex is more of a stunner on paper than on tape, but she’s not drawing dead by a long shot. Alex was meant for a season like BBOTT and wants to be remembered as a gamer. She’s not a fan of James Huling or House Votes so she’s already a winner in most fan votes. Unfortunately, Miss Willett is the twist. Her sister will be in the house with her. They plan to keep it a secret, but honestly they would have been a better twin twist than the Nolan’s and they aren’t even twins. I’ll be interested to see if they can pull it off. If we’re talking in BBCAN terms, Alex is the Phil to Morgan’s Nick. Don’t shoot me for the comparison. I know Phick gives some people PTSD. Alex is a superfan. She even watches Big Brother Canada, so I am very interested to see her take on the US version of the sibling twist. Morgan is… really not. Really really not. The Willett sisters are an interesting twist because they seem to be polar opposites down to who they are fans of. Alex is very anti-Nicorey and team Sitting Ducks. Alex is our people.

Fun Fact: Alex describes herself as “Vanessa without the tears.” So did Tiffany. (Tiffany was robbed.)

9_sqMorgan Willett is the second half of the gimmick for BBOTT. Morgan is the younger sister of resident super fan Alex Willett. Morgan is the bubbly, cheerleadery, sunny version of Alex and seems to be the only who is just along for the ride. She’s our Nick Paquette for all intents and purposes. And hey, one could argue that Nick was the real winner of BBCAN4 so let’s not count Morgan out yet. She’s a 22 year old publicist who loves energy drinks, long walks on the beach, Cinderella, and talking non-stop. She’s a total Natalie and that’s not necessarily a bad thing – especially if she and Alex can keep their last name under wraps. She would definitely fit in with the cool kids and help ingratiate her sister.

Fun Fact: Morgan has had abs since she was little and they just won’t go away. End me now.


Danielle Lickey is a 23 year old preschool teacher from… Zakiyah? Is that you? Just kidding. Not really. No really. Danielle is not Zakiyah and she’ll be the first to tell you that. In fact, Danielle drug Zaulie for filth in most of her pre-season interviews, so this may be the BB Gods repaying us for enduring Zakiyah’s big flop in Big Brother 18. Danielle is a big fan who hesitates to call herself a full fledged superfan despite watching since Season 5. She’s not good with the little details. She’s Team Da’Vonne (and who isn’t amirite?) Your girl seems to hate all of the right people and that can be more valuable in spades than being a fan of the “right” people. The only thing holding me back from giving Danielle the seal of approval is her desire for a JeJo type showmance. Girl bye.

Fun Fact: Danielle has a three year old son at home who she is playing for!


Kryssie Ridolfi wants to leave a scar on you. I’m just repeating the woman. Kryssie seems to be the BBOTT answer to Paul and I’m not really buying it… yet. Twitter assures me that Kryssie is worth the hype. If you’re curious, there is some digging to be done on YouTube for some gems starring Kryssie. Like Cornbread, Kryssie is a bit outside of the modelesque Big Brother mold and thank god for that. Bitch seems like good feeds and isn’t that what we all want? Good. Fucking. TV. Well… almost TV. She’s a gimmick cast for sure to try and drag in the casuals. I’m not mad at it. I’m not a fan of her yet. But I’m not mad at it.


Fun Fact: Kryssie was recruited from a video of her waitressing that went viral.


Neeley Jackson might be our new queen. Or she may be the new Joey. Meh. Neeley is that one houseguest who makes you say yes yes yes yes yes yes a thousand times yes and then inevitably destroys your life and leaves your heart out to swelter in the dying summer sun. She will get you dragged on Twitter at some point this season for sure. Neeley says all the right things and I pray to Juan Snow that she can follow through with her promises. She’s a recruit, but claims to also be a casual which isn’t the worst. She’s got the vocabulary of Da’Vonne with the exuberance of Rachel Reiley. This could be our future DR star is homegirl can keep her ass in that house. She’s here to snatch weaves and spill tea and isn’t that what we want? Especially in a season where America is the puppet master anyway? Team Good Feeds? More like Team Neeley!

Fun Fact: Neeley is an undercover brainiac who got a full ride to college.


Whitney Hogg is a 21 year old superfan who you have to hear to believe. No. Really. There is something super endearing about Whitney and I pray that she doesn’t go the way of Paige from BBCAN4. Whitney is a huge Janelle fan who plans to avoid showmances by telling the houseguests that she is married. She’s sugary sweet and pretty naive tbh. If she can get some of the older houseguests to take her under their wing, she might be able to Steve it up to the end. Red Flag! She’s not a big Amanda Zuckerman fan because she was so mean! So I guess confrontation won’t be great for our Western Kentucky Princess. Seems like Whitney will have her work cut out for her in a season of big personalities and messy girls.

Fun Fact: Whitney knows the lyrics to every Shania Twain song. Isn’t that in itself a song lyric?

12_sqShelby Stockton is a self proclaimed loudmouth who sounds like a robotic Liz Nolan. Shelby might be a standout in a sea of recruits due to her blunt and ballbusting nature. She admits that she comes off dumb at first and plans to use that to her advantage, but plot twist- Shelby is a lawyer. I know right? She’s got the most god awful laugh I have ever heard, but that’s Johnny Mac upside in my book. If she can keep her legs closed and ass out of a showmance (looking at you Shane), then Shelby might have some real stakes in this game. She hates Britney Haynes which probably comes from a deep place of self loathing. Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt. She doesn’t like shit talking, but will probably be a HUGE shit talker. Honestly – here for it. This is the season of feeds after all. Gold stars for Shelbs. Maybe she won’t be terrible?

Fun Fact: Shelby is a huge Harry Potter fan. 


Jason Roy will win Big Brother Over the Top. Know that. So yeah, Jason’s not officially a cast member yet, but he’s a total shoe in. No way barring an act of Grod does Jason not make it in for BBOTT and if they wanted Jozea that badly, why put Jason up for a week in sequester? Exactly. So Jason is in. I plant that seed and will see it harvest. If you’re not Team Jason – reevaluate your life. Jason will be the first to tell you that he flopped on BB17, but unlike other pre-jury flops; HE KNOWS WHAT HE DID WRONG. He’s a motherfucking BB Historian for the love of god. Jason is one of us. He gives back to us. He tweets with us, rants with us, cries with us… He’s a fan before he is a player and a victory for Jason should be a victory for all of us. Jason is team feeds and is “out on these BB streets.” BBOTT is a place for Jason to shine in a season for the feedsters. This is the season of Jason even if they boot his ass first and I am so proud of him.

So there you have it. The dumpster fire that is and will be Big Brother Over the Top. I am really excited to see these people because honestly, I was super underwhelmed at first. The more I learn about them, the messier they seem. I have a feeling more twists are around the corner (and fuck you CBS for ruining by #TrashDraft flow if you add more houseguests) and I am actually really excited to see what’s up with this new format. Hit or Miss. Ready or Not. #BBOTT is here. To quote pre-jury flop Audrey Middleton, “Buckle up bitches.”

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  1. Great Blog Alison! I enjoyed your input of the new HG’s. Oh by the way, I already predicted Jason as the winner of BBOTT yesterday after cast reveal!! They don’t stand a chance with him there!

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