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The houseguests got drunk and crazy after the double eviction and have all made it to jury. BB got them up bright and early the next morning for an HOH competition called About Last Night. Most houseguests were hung over from the night before and it came down to Maddy and Erica in the final question. Neither of them knew the answer to the last question so Maddy guessed true and Erica guessed false. Erica ended up winning her 2nd HOH. That’s 4 comps in 5 weeks.

Paras told us that Kaela is a liar and she wants her out of the game. We missed a lot while the feeds were down for 20 hours. Kaela has been telling Erica what Paras says, but Paras has quickly sucked up to Erica, saying that she didn’t feel like she had her person in the house, but now she feels like Erica is her person. Really, Paras? You’re so full of shit. You’ve been trying to get people to go after her. Remember wanting to keep Veronica for that purpose? Oh, wait that was just 2 days ago.

For nominations, Erica considered putting up Merron and Maddy again. She wants to get a floater out. Johnny is dead set against getting Maddy out yet. Erica ends up nominating Merron and Ryan. Same song Olivia sang during the double. Ever since nominations, Ryan has been working to get Erica to backdoor one of the duos. Erica is hesitant to backdoor anyone unless one of the nominees pulls himself off the block. She doesn’t want to grow the target on her back. Ryan is making some good points. He expressed that he would be a bitter juror if he were the first one there, and she would have to win everything between now and the finale to get his vote. Erica is surprised that he would be bitter. He said from the beginning of the game that he wanted to either go home before jury or be one of the last ones to arrive there. He said he would be pissed if he is sitting in jury away from his son. Erica wants Merron out this week because he doesn’t talk game with anyone and is the definition of a floater.

Liv and Ali have a different idea; they want Ryan to go this week. Ali said that she wants to play like Derrick and manipulate Erica by telling her a lie about Ryan, and then get Kaela to reinforce with Erica. Ali said that way they aren’t the ones getting blood on their hands but are calling the shots. These two ding dongs didn’t manipulate Erica into sending Veronica home last week. She planned it from the moment that Veronica wasn’t chosen for veto. Those 2 are getting on my damn nerves. They think they are masterminds; that literally was a quote from Ali’s mouth on Saturday. Bitch, please.

The POV challenge involved some type of food delivery to 10 different places. I believe it was a timed individual comp. The players were: Erica, Ryan, Merron, Ali, Johnny and Maddy. There was a prize of Loreal hair care products. Johnny won the POV, and Erica ended up in 2nd place with Ryan coming in just 40 seconds behind Erica. If that’s Erica throwing a comp, these houseguests don’t stand a chance.

On Sunday morning after the comp, Merron was the target because everyone feels like they’ll go home if they sit on the block next to him verses next to Ryan. The feeds didn’t come back on until around 1:30 a.m. Sunday morning. Johnny said to Ryan that he’ll talk to him and Erica tomorrow to determine if they need to use the veto to make sure Merron goes home. The consensus from the feeds after the comp seems to be that everyone agrees that sending Merron to jury this week is the best move for the house. Erica really didn’t mean to win HOH this week, and after her big move taking out Veronica last week, she would prefer an easy week without Johnny not using POV. I expect that the noms will remain the same.

On Sunday, Ryan opened his big mouth and straight up told Merron that he thinks that Merron will be leaving on Thursday. Ryan told Will and Maddy that he knows that they are voting for him to stay on Thursday (because of the white room alliance), so he’s not even going to campaign to them this week because he know they’re voting for him. Ryan’s arrogance really rubbed people the wrong way. Ali and Liv jumped on this because they want Ryan out because he’s coming after Liv for putting him on the block, and they think they are the masterminds of the season. Ali told Liv they are the Derrick of this season. Bitch, please. They talked to Erica about Ryan twisting Ali’s words to Ryan when she went to him on Friday to explain that he was never the target of the double eviction; it was always Hamza. She inadvertently grouped Maddy, Johnny, Will and Paras into an alliance during this talk, which also sewed some distrust.

Paras went in the pantry and told us that she wants Ryan to stay because he’ll go after Ali and Liv. She exclaimed repeatedly how frustrated she is that she can’t take shots at people because no one will have her back the following week, and she’ll be sent home. She says that they are sending home their own people, and she is playing with a bunch of people that are scared. She doesn’t trust The 6 alliance. She says that they are getting picked off 1 by 1, and next week, Merron will go, then Maddy and finally her. She’s pissed. Johnny and Erica solidified a final 2 on Sunday night, and both mentioned not trusting Ali. They say that a final 3 with Olivia or even Paras might be good. Both said they don’t want Paras there because it will be too tempting to take her for playing a floater game. See, Paras, you may be getting worked up for no reason. You could take a shot at Ali, and Erica and Johnny would have your back. You’d be doing them a favor!

Johnny decided not to use the POV, and right now, the house is thinking of blindsiding Ryan because he is being so arrogant about not going to jury this week. It’s not really #TeamFunFeeds with floaters on the block, but they have to go at some point, and Erica isn’t looking to make waves this week. Paras is working on getting Ryan to stay and becoming her ally. She told him that she isn’t going to let him get blindsided. If he stays, good luck with him winning back to back comps with you. LMAO. Things change on a dime in BB, so either Ryan or Merron could be the first member of jury.

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