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Canada pulls out all the stops in the premiere episode showcasing the season’s theme of Good verses Evil. There’s an angelic top floor and hellish bottom floor. The Have Not room is a catacomb that has ghosts lurking inside.

Arisa thanks the fans for making BBCAN6 happen and fans are being rewarded with more power in the game than ever before. I hope that doesn’t mean we pick the winner. BBOTT PSD!  (Note to CBS: Look at BBCAN’s house and production value. After 20 years, it’s time for an upgrade!) I digress.

Arisa introduces the first 5 houseguests: Hamza, Erica, Kaela, Will and Ali. Next in are: Andrew, Olivia, Jesse, Rozina and Johnny. Rozina is extremely loud with a high-pitched scream that drives me absolutely nuts. I feel sorry for the sound technicians. Finally, Maddy, Derek, Ryan and Paras enter the house.

Once all the houseguests are mingling, Arisa pops up on the screen and tells the houseguests to take a goblet. All the goblets except for one feature red eyes. Maddy grabs a goblet and hands it to Andrew. His has a blue eye and a red eye. He’s pissed that Maddy handed it to him, but she was just being polite.

Arisa sends him into the diary room to immediately cast 7 of his fellow houseguests into hell, where they will eat slop, have no access to their personal belongings, will be the only houseguests competing for HOH, and the only ones that can be nominated for eviction. The ones that Andrew put in heaven are safe for the week. He quickly says that Ryan and Hamza are his dudes and puts them in heaven. For hell, he puts Maddy for handing him the goblet and Rozina for talking too much. He sizes up Will and Johnny as competition. Once he comes out of the diary room, Arisa announces what Andrew has just done. The 7 houseguests sent to hell are Ali, Paras, Kaela, Johnny, Will, Rozina and Maddy. Obviously, this immediately paints a target on Andrew’s back.

Those 7 compete for HOH in a hellish wall competition called Feel the Burn. They must hold onto rocks on the wall while it tilts forward and back, and fire is behind them, making them sweat. Paras says that she has hyperhidrosis, which causes her hands to sweat more than most people. Rozina is screaming in pain. In fact, she screams throughout the premiere, like she needs to be the loudest voice in the room. I hope she is the first evictee. Imagine that on live feeds. Kaela, Maddy, Rozina and Ari fall, leaving Johnny, Will and Paras on the wall. Will and Paras want to cut a deal with Johnny, but he says in DR he met them 10 minutes ago, so he doesn’t trust them. Will falls, leaving only Johnny and Paris. Rozina is screaming for Paras, which is super annoying. Johnny pulls out the HOH win even though he says being the first HOH wasn’t his intention, but he wasn’t willing to trust the others with such a short list of potential nominees.

After the competition, Arisa announces Canada Cast, where Canada votes 2 more houseguests into the game on Thursday’s episode. The choices for the women are Kirsten and Veronica. Kirsten, a BB super-fan and feeder. She’s the villain, who will throw anyone under the bus and will “cut a bitch.” She sees being a houseguest as a job as an assassin. Veronica is a tattooed, pink and purple haired sweetheart who will lift the spirits of her houseguests because she is always smiling, laughing and dancing. The choices for the men are Merron and Mikey. Mikey is a massive douchebag, who says that he always roots for the villain and is already counting his money and says the show will suck without him. Nope. Just nope. Merron on the other hand is confident yet humble, who says he wants to bring swag to the game and be the first black winner of BBCAN. My choices are Kirsten, who is endorsed by RHAP and here at Your Reality Recaps and Merron. We’ll see who Canada chooses after the eviction in Episode 2.

Before you go, please comment below. What do you think of the cast? The house? The theme?

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