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The Handle with Care HOH competition is continued, and the houseguests are paired up in teams of two, with Erica safe after being the last name drawn. Each team must transfer 8 peices of 5 types of fruit in what turns into a tough game of bumper crates. The teams are:

  1. Derek and Kaela
  2. Merron and Paras
  3. Olivia and Maddie
  4. Johnny and Will
  5. Veronica and Hamza

Will says that at almost 7 ft. tall, he wasn’t meant to fit in a 2.5 feet tall box. He says a Jack belongs in the box, not a Will. They had to subtitle his joke. LMAO! He’s very entertaining! Erica and Andrew comment that Veronica is savage. Veronica says in DR that she is hell on wheels. Paras says that she is working both sides of the house and isn’t trying to win this comp. As the competition goes on, Kaela and Derek and Veronica and Hamza are neck in neck, and it comes down to each team needing just 1 more piece of fruit each. In the end, Veronica and Hamza win. Veronica says that she wants to let Hamza have this HOH so that he can see Carolyn. She says in DR, that it was a selfless act on her part, but then she follows that up with saying she’s safe for the week and hopes to have a say in Hamza’s decisions. In other words, not so selfless!! Good luck with having a say in nominations—Hamza doesn’t give a fuck.

After the comp, Veronica says to herself that they thought she was going home, but they don’t realize that this is her house. She says they’re scared of her. Hamza says that he wants to divide the showmances and the house because this is Big Brother, and no one should feel safe. Ali knows that she isn’t in good with Veronica, so Hamza being HOH could be the best-case scenario for her. She says that she doesn’t know what kind of influence Veronica will have in Hamza’s HOH, but now she has to go play nice. Paras tells the white room that Liv threw the comp, which I don’t believe for a minute. She had Maddy as a partner, and neither of them is a comp beast. It goes back to that whole Jesse conversation. The white room wants Olivia out, and Ali on the block beside her.

Erica tells Olivia that she will try and take the target off Liv by talking shit about her with Hamza, telling him that she is a waste of a week because she’s not good in comps or socially. She’ll encourage Hamza to make big moves. She says that she and Hamza have a genuine friendship, but game-wise, have fallen on different sides of the house.

Hamza reveals his HOH room and the houseguests are excited to see Carolyn’s video. She has a Team Hummus shirt on in the video and even though he said he wouldn’t cry, he does. After the room clears out, Merron takes some time to find out what Hamza’s plans are for the week. Hamza initially says that Olivia is the target and the showmance is the backup. Hamza explains why he thinks Olivia is a big threat; she’s a law student, trying to get in good with everyone and is unpredictable. Hamza thinks that she will float her way to the end of the game. In DR, Merron says that he doesn’t think Olivia is a threat to his game. Hamza says that by the end of the week Liv will be up against either Kaela or Derek and they can decide who’s best to send home this week.

8 houseguests compete in the Have Not competition Will You Showmance? The pairs were asked questions about each other. The contestants are Derek/Kaela, Will/Veronica, Paras/Jesse and Erica/Merron. It’s super-cheesy. The two teams that get the most questions wrong will be Have Nots for the week. In the end, Kaela and Derek are completely out of the running and the first 2 Have Nots. There is a 3-way tie for first, and the couples are asked if they would agree to be handcuffed to each other for an extra point. Each team did. The final question Merron gets wrong (worth noting: he spelled endurance beginning with an i). Erica is almost immediately in tears about having to sleep in the Catacombs and eat slop for a second week in a row.

Veronica and Will come to HOH and ask everyone to leave so she can talk to Hamza. (She and Will are handcuffed.) She says that she wants Ali and Liv on the block. Hamza resists the idea, saying that he doesn’t want another week with a unanimous vote. He says they are obvious targets, and are on his radar, but he’d prefer to really shake things up this week.

Hamza shares his Wendy’s meal with Derek since he’s a Have Not for the second week in a row. As they talk, Derek broaches the subject of them working together moving forward. Hamza is vibing with Derek, so he decides that he doesn’t want to make Derek his target this week. Derek throws out Ali, Olivia and Ryan as targets.

Will and Veronica take a bubble bath in the HOH room and have very funny banter with one another. Will even gets her to dunk her head under water in a contest to see who can hold their breath the longest. Veronica goes under and Will gives the camera a thumbs-up sign as he doesn’t dunk his head. Hamza comes in and tells them to be quiet because Liv is the next houseguest coming to talk to him and tells them they can listen to their conversation. Liv tells Hamza that she hasn’t talked a lot of game with anyone except overall strategy. She says that she thought the consensus for this week is to take out one of the newbies, to which Veronica’s jaw drops. The only thing that Hamza tells her is that he has lots of targets in mind.

Paras and Jesse (handcuffed) come to talk to Hamza. Paras says that she feels weird talking game in front of Jesse and tells him to go to the bathroom. Paras tells Hamza that she wants him to take a shot at the other room, and she’ll support whatever shot he takes. (TBD!) Jesse has a moment with Hamza and doesn’t really give him any information.

Ali tells Hamza that she and Liv are really tight, and that even though they’re in the red room, they’re having conversations about the red room. She says that the 3 of them should work together. He takes it into consideration, but not really, as becomes apparent during the nominations.

Liv is pacing the red bedroom talking to Jesse. Liv doesn’t think that she’s a big target. She says that she thinks she’s a big target. She thinks he’s firing shots at the red room. They’re both thinking that could mean Derek and Kaela, but they are closer to Hamza than they are. Liv thinks that they may know more than they’ve told the group. (On feeds, Derek and Kaela made Hamza swear on his fiance’s life that neither of them were going on the block this week. Pretty shitty thing to make someone swear on!)

Time for nominations: Hamza considers Ryan for putting him on the block and making him a Have Not last week. He considers Liv because she hasn’t spoken game with him. Ali is an option because she is a flip-flopper and Jesse because nominating him will split the house down the middle. In the end, he nominates Liv and Jesse. He says that he doesn’t know where their heads are at, but to trust the process. Jesse is shocked that Hamza nominates him because he thought they were good. Both say they have to fight for POV. Hamza’s nominations will completely divide all old alliances and make for an interesting week. #TeamFunFeeds

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