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After the POV ceremony when Erica kept the noms in place, Ryan feels like his HOH was a bust. Hamza feels comfortable next to Andrew. He’s going to relax and chill. Ryan admits that he overplayed his hand. He tells Andrew that he wants to stay in the HOH room to see if anyone tries to talk game with him. He wanted to send a threat out the back door. Ryan says that he has no alliance, and no one has his back. Maybe because you’re untrustworthy and have had major HOHitis.

Andrew and Hamza are in the bathroom with Ali. Andrew is giving Hamza a haircut and has no idea what he is doing. Ali is laughing at them, but the two of them share that they’re glad that they got to play the game together and be friends. Hamza’s hair looks shitty afterwards.

Will and Merron talk about it shaping up to be the red room verses the white room even though it was completely by chance where people chose to sleep. Will promises Merron that he won’t put him on the block. He says that he and Hamza are good soldiers for the white room and he can be, too, because it’s time to go to war.

Meanwhile in the red bedroom, they all think that Ryan is regretting his decisions and how he played this last week, especially when it came to the veto. Erica says that it’s a numbers game right now, and they all say that they are a team, though they are still not a named alliance.

With Erica’s veto win, she earned 2 tickets to see Tomb Raider. She told her fellow have-nots to pick a number and Hamza guessed the exact one. They are picked up in a limo, and as they ride to the theater, Erica asks Hamza if he’s worried about Andrew campaigning against him while he’s out of the house. He says that after coming out of his shell and forming relationships with people, he would be very impressed if Andrew could pull off flipping the house. At the theater, they have snacks and enjoy the action-packed movie. Erica says she’s in love with Lara Croft. Girl, you were Lara Croft in that POV comp!

It’s snowing out by the hot tub, so several houseguests make a mini-snowman. After the others go inside, Maddy sits and talks to us. She says that it’s been hard not to let people know what a huge fan of the show she is. She says that she even made flash cards going back to Season 1. She says she knew she could do it, and she is proud of herself. She says she is here not just for the experience, but for the prize. It’s clear how much this means to her as she is crying happy tears.

Ali, Veronica and Paras are messing with Will. Ali knocks on the white room door and runs back to the red room. Will comes to the red room and opens the door, where the girls say what’s up as Ali hides behind the door. Once he leaves, she runs back to the white room, knocks on the door and runs back to the red room. This time when Will comes in, Ali jumps out from behind the door and Will screams. LOL.

Ryan says that his HOH has turned into a bust, but he’s going to try to create chaos and paranoia. He goes out to the hot tub and asks Derek, Jess, Maddy and Veronica who they’re voting for. Jesse tells him that Andrew is the consensus. Ryan says that they’d be better off getting rid of the stronger competitor first. Veronica speaks up and says that she’d rather have the better competitor that could save her than someone that can’t be trusted. Ryan goes on to ask them who they think Hamza would put up if he won the next HOH. He says that Hamza won’t tell them, but Andrew will. He tells them to think about that if they think they may be perceived as a threat. Then, he leaves the hot tub area with Derek calling him a clown once he’s out of earshot.

Veronica decides to call a “family meeting.” She says she has some things to get off her chest. She’s going to call Ryan out for trying to flip the vote and cause paranoia. She thinks this is her moment to shine and paint a target on Ryan’s back. She tells him that he’s been intentionally creating paranoia by telling people that they are targets and that he’s been working to flip the vote from Andrew to Hamza. Hamza looks surprised. Ryan says that he’s starting a fire to see if he can smoke out an alliance for himself. He says in DR, “New girl, I underestimated you.” She tells him that she is not the only one that wanted to call him out, but she felt the most strongly about it. Most of the houseguests look very uncomfortable. He says for them to bring it. Veronica was shown up by Ryan in her own meeting.

The Have Nots are shown in misery in the catacombs. Jesse is sleeping on the tomb, so if he has to get up in the middle of the night, he has to step over the moat and other Have Nots. He bumps his head on the arches. They all toss and turn all night. Hamza says it’s horrible. They all echo his sentiments of freezing at night sleeping on concrete.

Hamza and Andrew are annoyed by all the lovey-dovey showmances they see popping up around them. Hamza says it’s a high school novel come to life and is disgusting. We concur! First, there’s Daela (Derek + Kaela), who’ve been with each other since day 1. Veronica has a crush on Will. Will has a crush on Veronica and on Paras. Olivia has a crush on Jesse, and Jesse has a crush on Paras.

Olivia asks Paras if she’s interested in Jesse. Paras tells her no. Olivia asks if she minds if she pursues it a little harder. Paras tells her to go for it. In DR, Paras says that whatever is going on with her and Jesse, they are hiding it from the house. Meanwhile, Paras has used this conversation to tell every girl in the house that Olivia told her that she doesn’t like it when a guy she’s with is friends with other girls and is telling them that she is a psycho. No, girl, that’s you projecting onto Olivia. Jesse and Paras are flirting with each other when Olivia comes into the bedroom to get some lip gloss. Paras tells Jesse that Olivia gave her a dirty look, which she didn’t. Insecure much?

Andrew tells Ali that he hopes that she wins. He tells her that she should take Hamza out this week and says that Hamza is gathering troops. He nods towards the kitchen where Hamza and Will are talking. She tells Andrew that she’ll see what she can do.

Arisa checks in on the houseguests. She tells them that she knows that they woke up to find something off in the kitchen. Veronica opens the fridge doors to find EVERYTHING wrapped in foil. She’s confused. She asks Olivia what this could be. Several girls and guys end up in the storage room, wondering if Big Brother did this. Then they see the Have Nots go to the pantry and wrap everything, including individual tea bags and eggs in foil. All the spices and cereal are even in the fridge. The Have Nots all turn around and pose for the camera in front of the fridge. All the houseguests laugh hysterically. Arisa says that it’s a good thing that they recycled all the foil because they won’t get anymore for the rest of the season.

Time for the eviction: Andrew says that he’s tried to be his authentic self but received fake love in return. He asks the houseguests to give him another chance. Hamza raps his speech with Merron beat boxing. It’s very funny and an epic speech. Andrew is evicted unanimously. As Arisa reveals the results, Andrew grabs his bag and runs up the stairs before she can even finish her sentence, saying goodbye to no one. He tells Arisa that he realizes that he played too hard, too fast. During his goodbye message, Ryan tells him that he will regret asking Andrew to trust him and his plan long after he’s out of the Big Brother house.

We get to visit the Big Brother Zoo where the houseguests start the “Handle with Care” HOH competition. The house was divided into 5 teams of 2 with the last houseguest drawn not participating in the competition. Erica learns she is safe for the week to loud applause from the audience. She’s a fan favorite for sure. Each houseguest is inside of a rolling crate and works with their partner to transfer 8 pieces of 5 different fruits from 1 end of the course to the other. The teams meet in the middle to hand off the fruit. The first team to collect all 40 pieces of fruit wins and will choose between themselves who the HOH for the week will be.

We’ll see the conclusion of the competition on Monday, plus nominations.

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