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BBCAN6 has put together an exciting cast of newbie houseguests. While there are a lot of 20-somethings, there are some older houseguests, too. 14 are in already, and Canada gets to choose the last two houseguests. Here are the definite houseguests:

Olivia Riemer is a 22-year-old student from Guelph, ON. She is described as polished, logical and a Type A personality that is an impatient neat freak that doesn’t like not having a structured schedule. She says that she’s on BBCAN because she loves the show, the money wouldn’t hurt, and she doesn’t want to lead a boring life. (WTF? This answer screams recruit!) She wants to stay true to herself and play a clean, honest game. ZZZ—sorry I fell asleep for a minute. She says that she’s a straight shooter that doesn’t get along with loud, obnoxious people that try to be the center of attention. She wants an alliance of people that differ from her, so they bring varying talents to the table. She has a recurring dream of being the first one out. Not surprising.

Andrew Miller is a 36-year-old Small Business Owner from Toronto. He’s a big man with a big personality, athletic prowess and a sharp mind. He says, “It’s about time Big Brother put a Big Brother” on the show. He says he wants to be comic relief, the swag king, make good TV and be funny. Trash talking is his specialty. He’s unsure of his strategy. He says he will be his authentic self which includes schmoozing people because he’s charming, handsome and debonair. He doesn’t want people to fear him because he’s a big black man, so he plans to smile a lot. He says he’s more teddy than grizzly, but there is a chance someone may get mauled.

Erica Hill is a 23-year-old Server from Pickering, ON. She plans to use her sunny attitude and humor to stay off people’s radars. She talks really fast and has a great energy about her. I can see her going far in the game. She’s very likable. She says she’s doing BBCAN6 because it’s “the dopest show in the world.” Her strategy is to lay low in the beginning of the game, depending upon who’s in the house. She wants to make big moves towards the end of the game so that she is known as a strong player. She worries about assholes being in the house (yep, she should be). The hardest part of the game will be being away from her family, dog and girlfriend.

Johnny Mulder is 28-years-old, originally from Vancouver but currently lives in Victoria, BC as a house husband and ‘stay at home dad in training’ while his partner works. He wants to “be good fuckin’ TV.” I think he will be as long as he doesn’t go into the house and blow his wad prematurely. He has been studying—taking notes on past seasons. He doesn’t think that he’s over-prepared in that he doesn’t have one set strategy and must be adaptable. He worries that he may stand out as cliques form. He’s downplaying his super-fandom. He’s great with confrontation and will be disappointed if there is none. We need drama. He’s going to be #TeamFunFeeds.

Ali Martinez is a 30-year old Personal Trainer from Vancouver, BC. She’s been a fan of BB forever. She wants to be known as the loveable, sassy and loud Latina. (Olivia will probably hate her). Her strategy is adaptability, leaning heavily on her social game and building relationships with everyone. She wants to fly under the radar, although she’s very competitive and athletic. The thought of not winning any competitions scares her. Is it just me or does everyone say ‘fly under the radar’?


Hamza Hatoum is a 27-year-old Soccer Coach for Thunder Bay, ON. Biggest. Douchebag. EVER. He says he is ready to run the other houseguests ragged. He calls himself ‘the champ of the camp’ and says he won’t bow down to anyone. He wants to go in guns blazing and turn the whole house against him, yet he’s not a fan of conflict. He will try to win everything and when he doesn’t, he’s going to turn sour to show people that it’s okay to be overconfident. Has he ever seen BB? He wants to mess with everyone’s food. What the fuckin’ fuck!?! He says that he will do any challenge for money. He says that if he’s not the first out, then he’ll make it to the end. Nobody is voting for someone who is just a straight up dick. I hope he’s out quickly. I thought all Canadians were nice.

Kaela Grant is a 25-year-old Wine Ambassador for St. John, NB. She cute, bubbly and charming but she is hiding the fact that she is a comp beast waiting to strike. She’s a super-fan and live-feeder. She thinks her outgoing personality will help mask the fact that she’s a comp beast that plays ice hockey, field hockey, rugby and touch football, but says her bubbliness may get on some people’s nerves. She’s very defensive of people she cares about and isn’t afraid to get in someone’s face. She says the hardest part of the game will be putting aside her personal feelings to make moves that benefit her game. She’s 100% up for a showmance. Ugh. Eye roll.

Ryan Ballentine is a 39-year-old Fire Safety Technician and Department Manager from Calgary AB. He’s a witty self-proclaimed “troll” and an avid pundit of the show (like me!). He plans to manipulate and find perfect secret alliance partner. He is going to work; he considers earning the $100K a job. He’s watched the show for 20 years, has studied it and always NEEDED to play. He loves the idea of matching wits with people in the house. He says he’s going to be a super-villain, but the people in the house won’t know, because he’s only going to tell us his true intentions in the DR. I think that’s smart and will certainly be entertaining. He picks on people and is the funny guy in a group. His only fear is losing focus because you need to play 24/7. He apologies in advance to feeders because he snores loudly. Terrific.

Maddie Poplett is a 25-year-old Bartender from Ottawa, ON. She’s willing to do ANYTHING to win including teaming up with a hunky competition beast to do her bidding. She says that she thinks she can be a mastermind, much like Cassandra was the first time she played. She says she won’t fall in love in the BB house because she fell in love with Big Brother first. She’s tried out for 5 years and is a super-fan. She says she will need a showmance, but she thinks that she needs that because people will be suspicious of her in the first few weeks. She basically wants a meat shield and is willing to drop said showmance as soon as possible. She realizes this may not be a popular strategy, but personally, I love it. She says there is no way that a showmance would be real; it is a tool and strictly gameplay. I like her already. She says the hardest part of BBCAN will be not being able to explain to family and friends that what she’s doing is out of character, that tears aren’t real and in actuality, she is fine. She is RUTHLESS; I love it!

Jesse Larson is a 24-year-old Sales Executive from Saskatoon, SK. Big Brother calls him a socialite in his bio, which sounds douche-y, but he describes himself as someone who has to wine and dine business people for work trying to make sales. Nothing is out of the question for him with money and power on the line. He loves the show and thinks he’ll be the perfect houseguest that should do well in comps and is charismatic. He wants to form an alliance with 5-6 people and start strategizing. He wants to make big moves but not necessarily publicly. He’s not very patient so he hopes that the other houseguests don’t annoy him. I’m not sure what to think of him. I’ll have to see him in action.

Paras Atashnak is a 23-year-old Law Student from Vancouver, BC. She thinks Big Brother is a really social experiment with an emotionally draining environment. She’s going to hide her intellect by acting ditzy. She thinks that she’ll win because she’s been reading books, doing puzzles and preparing for this any way she can. She’s going to act like she’s there for 5 minutes of fame. She worries that she might over-play, but this is her 1 shot. She won’t cause chaos early because that won’t be good for her game, but she definitely will towards the end. She gets sassy if you come for her, but she’s going to try to keep her cool and not show that side of herself in this game. She is anti-showmance, saying she doesn’t need a guy to win comps for her; she’ll do fine on her own.

Derek Kessler is a 27-year-old Entrepreneur from Vancouver, BC. He thinks he looks like Zac Effron. Um, NOPE. Plans to use good looks and charisma to draw in alliance and showmance. He’s seen some episodes, but not a super-fan (Recruit!). He thinks he’ll be good at the psychological and physical parts of the game. He’s excited to move in with a bunch of strangers. He’s going to try being a non-threat; he’ll do fairly well in comps but doesn’t want to be labeled a comp beast. He’s not opposed to a showmance and wants an alliance with girls and guys. He wants people to notice him and want to keep him around. His strategy is to make small, precise moves that will set him up for longevity in the game but will make a big move if necessary. He’s scared of any challenges that involve water, which means there will probably be a challenge involving it. He hates hurting people’s feelings and will try to be a shadow on the wall. Probably won’t last very long with this non-strategy given the number of super-fans in the house this year.

Rozina Yaqub is a 49-year-old Religious Educator from Toronto, ON. She’s a breast cancer survivor, which made her believe she can do anything. She says she’s a firecracker that everyone is going to remember. She loves big moves and is scared of slop. She wants to make best alliances. She says she is strong but may not be able to do comps and says you have to manipulate people to win the game. She doesn’t stand a chance with all these young super-fans, unless she’s the house mom or a goat someone drags to the end to beat. Apparently, she told ET Canada that her 2 sons talked into doing the show.

William Kenny He’s hot, but he needs subtitles. Did they give him booze before the interviews? He is a 25-year-old Oil Field Technician and single Dad from Trepassey, NL. He’s goofy, friendly and ready for anything. He wants to win the money, bring the title back to NL and be able to take his son to a country concert. He wants to align with everyone and win competitions. He doesn’t think he’ll be the first evicted because he gets along with people. He thinks he’ll be compared to Jon Pardy because they’re both from NL. He says that if there are hot people in the house, he may get into a showmance if the right one is in the house. He’s handsome but is out of his depth with the houseguests playing this season.

  1. TBD
  2. TBD

Canada is voting for the last 2 houseguests, 1 guy and 1 girl. Using the heaven and hell theme, we have 1 heavenly and 1 devilish of each to vote into the house.


Kirsten describes herself as a backstabbing, manipulative and conniving houseguest that will throw anyone under the bus. She’s watched every episode and the live feeds. She’s even appeared Rob Has A Podcast to talk about previous seasons. She compares herself to Cassandra in that she could be a master manipulator. She sweet when she wants and can be the bad when necessary. She says not to ask her opinion if you don’t want the truth. She says, “Like I will cut a bitch.” She says that she is an acquired taste. She HATES showmances and her number 1 rule is to trust no showmance. She says she will form relationships, but this is a job and she is an assassin. She teases the audience that if they want good TV, they will vote for her. She is endorsed by RHAP and my money is on her making it into the house.

Veronica describes herself as kind and genuine. She shows off a tattoo that says PLUR, standing for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. She wants to be friends with everyone. She plays a caretaker role in life and is going to lift spirits of houseguests because she is always dancing, smiling and laughing. She is a snooze fest. No way she’s making it into the house! I’m not even including her picture.


Mikey is a giant douchebag. He wants to play the villain; he finds people’s faults and exploits them. He’s a Real Estate Agent in Toronto, where it’s a cutthroat business. He’s the biggest hustler and in it for the money. He’ll keep his friends close and enemies closer. He was already a douchebag, but then he borrows a line from Trump, “Let’s make BBCAN great again.” It’s already great, you jackass. He says that without him, the season is going to suck; and he’ll win, no questions asked. Fucker. If he’s such a great realtor, then he can make more money during filming than if he is on the show. I’m not including his picture on principle.

Merron says that he’ll be a legendary BBCAN houseguest. He’s kind, humble and confident. He’s a cool cat. He’s not up for a showmance; his mom is watching, and he wants to make his family proud. His goal is to be the first black winner of BBCAN. He’s loved the show for a long time. He’s charming with cute dimples but isn’t afraid to make big moves.

My votes are going to Kirsten and Merron. I think both of them will make it past the first eviction, and I really hope that Hamza is the first one booted. Fingers crossed!


Before you go, please comment below. What do you think of the cast?

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