#BBCAN5 Week 5 Recap Blog Part 2: Double Eviction


Episode 14:
In part 1 of this week’s recap blog, I didn’t think that BBCAN5 would show any of the drama surrounding the POV Ceremony. I was wrong but not completely. They showed Emily’s speech, which wasn’t as scathing as Neda made it out to be on the feeds. Emily said that with her, Kevin, Bruno, Neda and Dillon in an alliance, she would appreciate Kevin showing his loyalty by using the Veto on her. She didn’t throw anyone under the bus. The problem was that her speech announced to the house that Kevin, Bruno and Neda were in an alliance outside of The 6. However, I was right that BBCAN didn’t show that Ika was the reason that Kevin didn’t use the veto because she told him about the plan to backdoor Bruno. They also didn’t show all the infighting among The 6, specifically the drama brewing between Neda and Ika.

BBCAN also showed some of the drama that occurred between Emily, Dillon, Bruno and Kevin after the POV Ceremony. They toned down the intensity to give Bruno a better edit. He was more aggressive toward Emily on live feeds and dropped a lot more F bombs than shown on tonight’s episode.

Dillon teaches a boxing class for the houseguests. Afterwards, Big Brother decided that the only good boxer in the house was Dillon. As punishment, the houseguests must wear their boxing gloves until they get in bed–such a silly task and punishment to include in a double eviction episode when there is so much juicy drama that was excluded. For example, Bruno and Neda want Dillion to stay despite William saying that Dillon is his target. This caused friction within The 6 because Demetres and Ika wanted to respect William’s decision as HOH. The tension between Neda and Ika was edited out, too.

Time for the first eviction: Emily is voted out 8 to 1 with Karen throwing her a sympathy vote. Even though Dillon knew he was staying, the look on Emily’s face shows she was somewhat surprised.

Arisa informs the houseguests that tonight is a double eviction and that they have all made it to jury. That means Neda’s immunity is over. Cue the loud applause from the live studio audience, and lots of it. Ika and Demetres are sitting on opposite sides of the couch and they give each other a look that says, “Canadians don’t like Neda this season.”

The HOH competition is Before or After. Houseguests are eliminated until either Kevin or Sindy will be HOH. Sindy wins the tie-breaker question. She nominates Dillon and Jackie with Jackie as the target.

POV players are Sindy, Dillon, Jackie, Ika, Karen and Neda. The competition is called Wired for Veto. Each player unravels the wires of their headphones which are wrapped around a large metal frame in a pattern resembling a spider web. They must go over, under and around, then repeat until they’ve unraveled enough of their cord to reach a button several feet away. Jackie made fast work of the competition and won the POV.

Afterwards, Ika grabs Sindy and tells her to backdoor Neda. Ika spent much of Wednesday with Sindy. She tells her that Neda is going to tank the alliance, and that she is making Ika and Demetres feel that they are at the bottom of the alliance. Since Neda has spoken poorly about Ika in front of Sindy, to houseguests inside and outside of The 6, Sindy knows that Ika is right. Ika and Neda have a huge fight in the pantry, and Neda outs The 6 to Dre. (Too bad that Ika already told Dre about them the day before!) Ika yells at Neda, “you are going home.”

When Jackie uses the POV on herself, it’s time for Sindy to name the replacement nominee. She has a tough time doing it, but backdoors Neda. Atta, girl, Sindy with an S–you just made the biggest move of the season! The live audience erupts into applause. It’s abundantly clear by the looks that the houseguests are giving one another that being on Neda’s side means they’re on the wrong side.

During the speeches, Mean girl Neda starts telling houseguests that Ika will ruin their games while the live audience loudly boos her. Ika stands and says, “Thank you, Canada.”

As the houseguests vote, with every vote that Neda receives, the audience goes wild. When Ika delivers her vote, she votes out Neda with a “Get the eff out.” It was amazing TV. Neda is evicted 7 to 1 with Jackie being the lone vote against Dillon.

Neda crying with Arisa after her eviction. She was out of the house less than an hour after her immunity ended.

After the live show, at about 10:30 p.m., the second HOH comp gets underway on live feeds. It’s a mental endurance comp called Buzzkilled that involves the houseguests behind podiums topped with buzzers. When a siren goes off, they must hit their buzzers, and the last houseguest to buzz in is eliminated in each round. Big Brother provides incentives throughout the night to draw the houseguests away from their buzzers. In each round, the time between sirens can vary from a few minutes to a few hours. Please catch up on all that goes down during the comp on my Live Feed Updates and Spoilers blog coming in the early part of next week after the nominations, POV and Veto Ceremony take place. Stay tuned. With Neda out of the house, will The 6 become The 5? Expect #TeamFunFeeds this weekend as the houseguests realign.

And before you go… please comment below and let us know what you think!  Who do you think will win? Are you excited for this season?  Let me know!

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