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Paul says in the DR that he’s surprised that comp beast Christmas wasn’t voted out during the houseguest swap vote. Christmas says in her DR that she used the voting to see where she stood in the house, and she’s coming after the two that voted against her. Watch out, Jason and Josh, you’re getting coal from Christmas.

Josh is losing his shit in the BB house! Oh, how I wish feeds started week 1! He cries in the DR that he’s having major anxiety and paranoia. He’s then seen in the lounge with Mark and Jason explaining that his nerves are getting the best of him adjusting to the BB house. He also tells them that during the Tempted by the Fruit competition, Megan said to Jillian that an all-male alliance seems to be forming and they need to get the big guys out immediately. Next, we see Josh crying in the bedroom with Christmas, telling her that he doesn’t feel like he can talk to anybody because the conversations aren’t genuine, and he’s missing his family. Christmas comforts him. Next, he cries in the DR for voting to evict Christmas because she’s a good person that he can lean on in the BB house. Meanwhile, Megan is telling her ‘group that’s discussing strategy’ that she knows who she will target immediately: Cody, Mark or Paul. Josh assumed she included him with the big guys.

Ding dong. Nicole Franzel, BB18 Winner, is back. Many houseguests freak out when she comes, with Alex proclaiming that Nicole is her favorite former houseguest. Kevin has no idea who she is. At first Paul looks a bit worried when he sees her, like if there was a thought bubble over her his head it would say, “Fuck. Your boy has to beat this girl again.” Then, she announces there to host tonight’s HOH competition. Paul runs over and gives her an enormous bear hug. Nicole says that she’s so happy that he’s back this season. She is rooting for him, is going to make signs and t-shirts and loves him so much. Girl—you SHOULD love him! If he had taken James instead of you to final 2, you’d have gone home with your stipend and not the $500G.

For the Hangs in the Balance HOH comp, the houseguests will be divided into 4 teams each with 2 boys and 2 girls selected by random draw. One team member at a time must go thru the ropes and retrieve a poisoned apple. Each team member must go twice. If they fall off the ropes, their team is disqualified. There is 1 golden apple as a temptation for safety for the week. If someone takes it, they will be safe for the week but their team will be disqualified. 2 teams will qualify for part 2 of the competition. The teams are:
• Blue: Mark, Paul, Raven and Megan
• Yellow: Josh, Kevin, Elena and Jillian
• Pink: Cody, Matthew, Dominique and Jessica
• Orange: Ramses, Jason, Christmas and Alex

Josh insists on going first for the Yellow team. He grabs the golden apple, disqualifying the rest of his team from HOH. Everyone sees this as extremely selfish. He says when he gets back across the ropes that everyone is gunning for him. People are saying in DR that he wasn’t on anyone’s radar, but now he is. Mark dislocates his finger on his first run but continues in the comp to help his team. As the Blue, Pink and Orange continue to compete, the Blue and Pink teams are running neck and neck, the orange team isn’t far behind until Ramses falls and the orange team is disqualified. Cody swings back with apple #8 and tells Josh, “Get out of my way, loser.” Cody hits his button and the pink team is moving on to round 2. Paul rings in with the 8th apple for the blue team. After Part 1, Josh goes off on Megan in an aggressive way, telling her he wants nothing to do with her. He calls her a snake and a bully. Everyone sees his behavior and thinks he’s not only selfish, but aggressive.

The pink and blue teams move on to part 2 of the HOH comp. Only 1 team member will compete. Cody wants to be HOH. Since Mark dislocated his finger, Megan is really upset and Raven is looking at him with puppy dog eyes, Paul is left to represent the blue team. He looks Cody in the eye, says “Safe no matter what?” He nods yes, and shakes Paul’s hand, which Paul takes as a gentleman’s agreement. Cody is still considering backdooring him, though. They must balance apples of different weights on a wobbly tree puzzle. Cody wins the HOH.

Josh decides to attack Megan again after the comp. She shuts him down by walking away. Since there is such tension in the house, Paul decides to put on Jason’s ass-less chaps and ride him like a bull. The houseguests all start laughing, except for Cody. Check out this death stare from him at Paul:





Cody hasn’t smiled since he came into the house until he decides to make an alliance with Matt and Mark. He tells Matt first, then Mark in the storage room. They seem to be on board. Later, when Mark and Cody are talking, he tells Mark that he wants to backdoor Paul. Mark says that Paul is loyal and he trusts him. Cody says that he doesn’t. Mark doesn’t want to push it on Cody’s HOH.

Josh apologizes to Megan and she says she forgives but won’t forget. She then goes to talk to Cody, telling him that she doesn’t want to go on the block and that she’ll vote whichever way he wants. He gives her nothing in return. He has resting douchebag face. Again. This guy sucks. I can’t find anyone who likes him in chat on BB Live Feeds. How did he get cast?

Cody wants to recruit “babes.” Sexist arrogant prick! The only bigger sexist arrogant prick I know distributed Make America Great Again hats, which I’m 99% sure Cody has one. He considers the babes to be Elena, Dominique, Christmas and Raven. Jessica as he not so subtly put it is his ‘distraction’ from the game. Cody considers everyone else to be outsiders.

Cody nominates Megan and Jillian. He tells Megan that he doesn’t like her and that Jillian is nominated for associating with Megan.

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