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Jason admits after the veto meeting that he asked Dominique the follow up question about how they would rally if he used the veto on her so that she would further ship her own ship. In DR, Dominique blowing up is making it easier for Jessica to stay in the house. After the veto meeting, Dominique walks behind Alex in the kitchen and tells her she needs to protect herself. Elena says that Dom keeps saying she wants to watch the episodes back to see what happened. She says she can watch them back on Friday to see that I did nothing wrong. Dominique comes out of the bedroom and says, “If you want to have a conversation, we can.” Elena says, “I’m good.” She asks if anyone has walked up to her to have a conversation in the last 2 days. Paul says that he has, and he actually has checked on her and cooked for her. He’s not the devil portrayed on last night’s episode. This just pisses Dominique off more and she says, “Y’all got it twisted if you think you’re going to come after me” as she storms off.

Elena goes outside to talk to Jason and Mark. Jason asks if that was a girl fight. Elena says that Dom tried to engage her and she shut her down. She says, “No, thank you. I don’t want to talk. I’m going to let her get evicted, go home, watch fucking Big Brother and see I did nothing wrong.” Mark says in DR that Dom has put her in a bad spot by calling out Elena and Paul. He’s siding with Elena on this one.

Jessica comes back to Raven and Elena to get back in their good graces. Raven tells Jessica that Dominique is the priority this week, so stay out of any drama. Raven says in DR that she doesn’t trust Jessica and she is definitely on her radar. Here’s why: Jessica took Alex’s cat ear head band and hid it the first week they were in the house. Jessica is now lying and saying that it was Raven. Raven has gotten closer to Alex, and Alex believes that Jessica is a liar. She wants Jessica out next.

Josh and Mark are playing pool. They made a bet for the loser to drink pickle juice with hot sauce in it. Josh ‘double taps’ on the 8 ball. It goes into the pocket, and Mark explodes that he scratched on the 8 ball by double tapping. Josh says if Mark doesn’t think that he won fair and square, they can play again. Mark says he’s a man of his word, so Josh goes to get the cup of pickle juice with hot sauce in it. Mark again asks Josh if he won the game. When Josh replies yes, Mark throws the cup of pickle juice (vinegar) and hot sauce in Josh’s face, getting it in his eyes and up his nose. Everyone in the backyard is stunned. Elena tells Mark that he shouldn’t have done that. Josh goes in the house (on live feeds, he was washing his eyes out for a few minutes), and he comes back out with bottles of ketchup and ranch dressing. He dumps them both on Mark’s chest. They get into a heated argument. Josh tells him that he got hot sauce in his eyes, and he feels totally disrespected. Mark is screaming, “You fucking lost that game.” Josh says that Mark is a sore loser. Mark attacks Josh’s character saying that he’s not a man of his word. Josh says he’s lost all respect for Mark. Mark says he feels bad for getting hot sauce in his eyes, but doesn’t actually apologize. Josh says that Mark wouldn’t have been plotting to get Paul out Week 1 if he were a man of his word.

Jessica decides she needs to get involved—what happened to laying low this week? She says that Josh lied to her about voting Christmas out. Josh explains that she didn’t talk to him for 15 days, and he didn’t owe her shit. (Christmas and Paul told him to lie to Cody and Jessica about his vote.) Jessica antagonizing Josh is not a good look because it puts her back on everyone’s radars. Dominique believes this will work in her favor.

In the Den of Temptation. Jessica receives that Halting Hex, which allows her to halt any of the upcoming 4 evictions. Fucking Jessica?? REALLY?!? Producers reserve the right to change rules as they see fit. I’m calling production manipulation on this one. Most every poll I’ve seen, every chat room I’ve been in says that either Kevin or Alex was supposed to get the temptation. BB, you’re giving me election PTSD. How about we stop voting when BB wants to extend a storyline? Jessica is very argumentative, aggressive and is constantly trying to poke guys in the butthole. (Paul called it ‘sexual assault’ during Friday morning’s Friendship Chat.) America likes that?? People enjoyed watching her get in the face of a girl on crutches with a broken foot?? Producers are really pushing the showmance agenda, and Jessica and Cody have had sex on camera. With the Battle Back Showdown happening tomorrow night, they probably believe that Cody coming back into the game is a lock compared with his competition and the likelihood of Dominique being evicted this week. I’m #pissed.

Time for the eviction: Jessica says she has a lot of game left to play, and hopes they vote to save her. Dominique says, “It’s hard to witness a false fact. It’s difficult to dribble the ball back. Her team betrayed her…” Blah, blah, blah. Dominique is evicted unanimously. She is informed of the Battle Back Showdown. Julie then brings back the 4 evicted houseguests 1 at a time. Cameron is out first and is asked who he thinks is out next. He guesses Ramses. Jillian comes out. She is asked the same question and guesses Cody or Jessica. Cody comes out. He is asked who he thinks was evicted tonight. He says he doesn’t know; hopefully anyone but Jessica. Cody is shocked to see Dominique come out. The two try to chat, and Julie stops them.

Julie explains that we will see 3 epic showdown competitions on Friday’s episode. She says that we will learn of how the new consequence affects the house next Thursday. Julie lets us eavesdrop on the houseguests.Paul is seen telling Jason, Kevin, Josh and Alex that Jessica got the temptation for sure. He asked her about it, and she said she’s not saying anything.


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