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Alex says that now that she and Paul are working together in secret, they are going to flip the house and get everyone out except themselves.

Dominique thinks that people on her side of the house knew that she was going on the block. She only hugged Mark after nominations and got in bed. Paul goes to comfort her, and she gives a slightly maniacal laugh after he leaves the room. Paul has a funny DR in which he says, “Hello, houseguests. This is your puppet master. Who’re we voting out? Dominique. Yes, Paul. Yay, get Dom out!” Dominique, of course, confides in her ‘future husband,’ Mark. She tells him that she thinks Paul and Elena are involved in her nomination. She says that the team betrayed her. Nope, just Paul, and he’s just using the ammo that Cody handed him last week. Mark starts crying in the DR because he doesn’t want Dominique to go this week because she feels like a sister to him.

Dominique is in the HOH bathroom praying, and it sounds like she is speaking in tongues. I don’t want to insult someone’s religious practices or faith, but it’s one of the most unique scenes I’ve seen on BB. She says in the DR that she asked God to tell her who the snake is on her team, and she says she hears the name Paul 3 times. Paul is sitting on the HOH bed when she comes out. She tells them that this is coming from 1 person who wants her out. Paul plays dumb, asking if she means from their group. When she responds ‘yes,’ he says that he hopes he doesn’t mean him. She hopes so, too. He deflects by telling her that he may need to reassess and abandon ship if this is coming from inside their group. He asks her to come to him directly if she has a problem with him. BB keeps zooming in on the Friendship bracelets that Dom and Paul are both wearing, and he got a villain edit during this episode. Dominique says in DR that Paul is a snake, and she is going to reveal it at the right time.Paul lets us know that he may have to play a sneakier, more strategic game this year. He was all about friendship last year, and he got backstabbed repeatedly, so this year he’s much more calculated. He was recruited last year, and this year, he’s looking to win. I hope he doesn’t blow up his game by manipulating too many situations.

The veto players are Alex, Dominique, Jessica, Kevin, Christmas and Jason. As Alex, Kevin and Jason discuss the upcoming competition, Alex says she wants one of them to win the veto. Jason and Kevin both want to use the veto on Jessica and re-nom Raven. Alex thinks that’ll look sketchy, and Jason and Kevin aren’t exactly strategist. They’re entertaining as hell though!

The veto competition is the Temple of Temptation, which looks like something out of Indiana Jones crossed with Mayan ruins, except the statues are all of squirrels. Christmas is not medically cleared to compete so she must sit out. The goal of the competition is to make it back and forth 50 times on suspended balance beams with a ‘lava’ pit below them. They must press a button on their sacred squirrel statues and run around their starting posts on each pass. If they fall into the lava (a padded mat), their counters go back to 0 and they must start over. The first person to lift golden challis up wins a cash prize. Kevin keeps falling in the lava, which is hysterical. He finally just picks up his challis, and his big reward is $27. Jason and Alex are doing well in the comp, far exceeding Jessica and Dominique. At one point, Dominique is sort of catching up until she falls. She grabs the beam, manages to keep from falling in the lava and shimmies her way back on top of the beam. Jessica has a similar fall but can’t get upright again on the beam and falls in the lava. Shortly thereafter, Dominique falls in the lava and her counter resets to 0. Alex and Jason have run neck and neck in the comp and they are both tied at 49. Jason hits his button first and wins the POV.

Alex is thinking that this could be bad for her game. She doesn’t want to get more blood on her hands by adding another nominee. Then Paul talks to Alex. He explains the possible benefits of taking Jessica off the block and replacing her with Mark. That way Mark can’t vote and won’t rally votes to keep Dom in the house. Paul tells Jason the plan and tells him to tell Alex it’s a great plan. He then goes upstairs and makes them believe it’s their plan, and the best way to execute is to tell Mark that he is going up as a pawn so that he isn’t blindsided. Paul then send Mark upstairs so that Jason and Alex can sell him on “their” plan, and Mark throws a wet blanket on it. Mark doesn’t want to go on the block because of what Cody said about him. He’s being a big whiny puss about it. Alex tells him that she was a pawn for his side of the house last week. She took a leap of faith to show her trust in them. Mark says he’s not campaigning for or against Dominique but says he’s not voting against her.

Then, Dom comes the HOH room to get Jason to campaign to him, only she doesn’t ask him to use the veto on her or give any reasons of how she could be helpful to his game. She tells him there is a snake in the house, yet won’t give him the name, details of why she believes that or even the sex of the snake. It’s never been clearer that Dominique is a recruit.

Dominique then stalks Alex waiting for her to come out of the DR. She hops out of bed, puts on her best fake smile and runs up to her. She starts telling her about a snake: how it slithers and is familiar with its surroundings. She says that the snake is a male up in the HOH room right now. She wants to call a house meeting. She then mentions Paul by name, implying that he is the snake. Alex is told to relay this message to the people in the HOH room. BB18 Paul is back, ready to call Dominique out on dropping his name multiple times that day when he asked her to come to him with any concerns about him. (What you don’t see is Paul being told by Raven and Matt that Dom is blaming Paul for saying she is one of the Cody hinky votes, that Dominique confided in Paul last week that she likes Mark as more than a friend and believes Elena is jealous of her. Dom mistakenly blamed Paul for sharing this info when Dom told Alex that she believes that Elena is insecure because of her friendship with Mark without using Elena’s name.) Paul goes downstairs moving his hands like a snake, says to Dominique should I hiss at you or do you want to come upstairs and talk about calling me a snake? Dom comes up to the HOH room. #SnakePit Dom gets heated and starts talking about God. She says that she is being targeted for something she didn’t do and promises “unto God” that the snake is coming for every one of you. She still won’t confirm that Paul is the snake but says he has snake-ish tendencies. She says in DR that her answers come from God, and He’ll never lead her astray. Dom says Paul is going home. He tells her that’s smug coming from someone that is on the block right now.

BB really pissed me off with this edit. Granted, the fight went on for almost 2 hours, and houseguests kept trickling into the HOH room, which makes it difficult to edit for continuity, but they could’ve shown people trickling in during editing. Everyone in the house except Jessica, Kevin and Ramses ended up in the HOH room. Paul put Dominique in her place using logic and facts; Dominique brought assumptions. BB didn’t represent this correctly. After telling multiple houseguest that there is a snake and an ‘infiltrator,’ she refuses to give a name. Dominique mistakenly blames Paul for telling Elena she thinks that Elena is insecure because of her friendship with Mark. Elena says that is 100% false; Alex is the one that told her. Dominique wouldn’t answer questions posed to her by other houseguests, especially those from Christmas. BB’s edit makes it look like Paul doesn’t win the argument, when he does. If you have live feeds, flashback to 7/15 at 5:32 a.m. to watch the fight. Yes, Paul encouraged Alex to put Dominique on the block, but Alex decided to put her up based on Dom’s own statements. Dominique never uses names when she speaks to people. Instead, she heavily implies who she’s talking about. In this fight in front of the veto holder, HOH and most of the house, Dominique came out looking like SHE is the disloyal one, not the other way around. Even Mark sees that she is in the wrong.

Mark promises Alex and Jason that he’ll vote out Dominique to keep himself from going on the block. He says there is no way he can campaign to keep her after the shit she pulled after the POV during the fight with Paul. Mark is crying in the DR. Again. He’s such a puss.


The POV meeting is crazy AGAIN. Paul dresses in snake skin print leggings and a snake print dress. He puts a diamond on his forehead with his face mask. (Twitter freaked out because they though Paul said he was coming in black face to the meeting. TMZ even picked up the story. Paul said, ‘black mask’ and people thought he meant he was going to do it as a racial thing towards Dominique. This was BS. Paul isn’t a racist.) For the speeches, Jessica says she picked Jason to play in POV and she hopes he uses the veto to save her. Dominique says she was betrayed by her team, and they were disloyal to her. Cowboy does the first smart thing I’ve seen him do in the game. He asks Dom if he used the veto on her, if they could rally. She says she wouldn’t be willing to work with her team specifically calling out Paul, his minions and Elena. Blockitis and paranoia got the best of Dominique, and Jason was smart enough to get her to show she’s not loyal to her side of the house anymore. Even Mark knows he absolutely cannot vote for Dominique after this. There appears to be no way that she can rally the votes to win. Paul smiles because he knows this tanked her game, unless she receives the Temptation. Jason doesn’t use the POV and says in DR that he didn’t have to use his power because Dominique just continued to dig her own grave.

It SHOULD be a unanimous vote, but spoiler alert, people started talking about flipping votes last night and this a.m. on the feeds. Tonight, we will find out who received the Halting Hex Temptation. It’s going to be an interesting night! Be on the lookout for my next recap blog coming soon after tonight’s episode.


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