BB18 Week 9 Blog Recap


1_nicvsmeechSooo… There was some stuff leading up to the Double Eviction that we didn’t see during the live show, BUT FIRST… After the live show, Michelle is pretty upset and says that she’s sorry that she said “that” about Nicole trying to make a deal with her – Nicole says she wanted to make a deal with her, but she didn’t make a deal with her did she? Nope! Michelle says she kinda hinted at it as she tries to compose herself and stop crying – because she’s just over-whelmed because she thought she was leaving the game and her conscious feels bad. Jokingly, one of the guys suggests a Fatal 3 when Michelle makes the observation that there are only three girls left; Michelle asks if Natalie and Nicole are up for it. Judging from the sarcastic smile on her face, no, Nicole is not up for it. Now it’s time to do some flashing back because as Natalie says, the past 24 hours have been CRAZY… And that’s why I was so late in posting my Week 8 blog! I used up a lot of my free time glued to the feeds because they were too good! I tried to just have it on in the background while I worked, but AS IF I could focus on anything with all the crazy stuff going down and all the awesome people to chat and speculate with online… Luckily, this week, the feeds aren’t as interesting because you can only watch Paulie sulk around the house so much!!! 😉 Sooooooooooo….

2_whatsheshouldhavesaidwas24 Hours Before Eviction: Since Zakiyah will be voted out, Natalie wants to tell her some things before she leaves and asks if Zak will help her pick out an outfit. In the UK room, James and Paul leave to give the ladies GT (girl time). So! Natalie tells Zak that Paulie has said some inappropriate things to her. The first is when she and Paulie were hiding under the bed; she says it’s a good place for him and Zak to make out and he says they could make out with no fear of Zak and James knowing about it. This makes Natalie uncomfortable, but she laughs it off because that’s how she reacts to those situations. The second is a comment he made about putting her latin booty away while she was sunbathing in the Backyard. Again, she laughs it off, but she doesn’t like the comment. Then she tells her that Paulie is part of the reason why she’s on the block. When all this sinks in, Zak becomes upset and Natalie comforts her, but there is still more stuff… Natalie tells her that if Paulie really cared, he’d have used the Veto, but he makes it seem like she’s nothing to him when she’s not around; she apologizes, Zak says it’s okay and she appreciates the information… Then she runs RIGHT TO PAULIE and tells him everything that Natalie just told her and I’m like, wtf are you doing, girl??? Paulie is immediately on the defensive side and he’s calm right now, but he is PIIIIIIIIISSED! He JUST got Zak all nestled up under his wing feeling safe again and then Natalie has to go and stir the pot… He tells her that if he had anything to do with putting her up, she’s be going home because he wouldn’t take any chances. Zak’s response, and MINE: Is that supposed to make her feel better or what??? He tells her he doesn’t like Jersey girls and what Natalie did is a classic Jersey girl move… I don’t know what a classic Jersey girl move is other than being honest, caring, and little bit feisty when needed. 😉

3_thecommentNext, Natalie wants to be honest with James about the situations with Paulie. He doesn’t like it and now he has to do the right thing by his woman and have a chat with Paulie. In the Have Not room, James confronts Paulie and he blows it off saying how he compliments all the girls, but he would never go after Natalie. Then he warns James about Jersey girls and how they eat up southern boys like him for breakfast or some crap like that. Well, Paulie is really riled up now and he has no intention of letting Natalie off the hook for trying to get in between him and one of his boys and he’s CERTAINLY not going to let Zak think he’s being shady, as if she isn’t doing the exact thing to James… Later, Paulie tells Natalie good night and tells her to have fun with Michelle, she asks what he means by that, and he tells her the Michelle is going home tomorrow and she’ll be walking out the door right behind her. Natalie asks if he’s threatening her, he says no – it’s a promise and blah blah blah he tells her that she’s as fake as the things on her chest… Well you can all see how I responded to Paulie’s comment FOR Natalie, but how did she actually respond? She apologizes, she was just being honest, she thinks Paulie is a good guy and way to go, Natalie. How much do we absolutely love Natalie right now?

4_allthedramaAfter the altercation with Paulie, she retells the tale to Bridgette, Paul, and James. They are all SHOCKED and James is PIIISSED! It’s time for him to talk to Paulie again because he’s a loyal dude and isn’t afraid to stand by his woman; James is great. It must be a little later that he heads up to the HoH room, with Bridgette in tow, because when they get there, Paul is already in there with Vic, Paulie, Zak, and Corey. So! James asks what was going on downstairs and Paulie tells him what he said to Natalie about being as fake as her breasts. Paul eats a Cheeto. Bridgette says that seems like a personal attack, Paulie doesn’t care, James reminds that it’s a game, Paulie says Nat shouldn’t run around hitting on every guy in the house…. Bridgette can’t get over the fake breasts comment – why would he say that? Paulie says that it was a metaphor for how she is – Bridgette congratulates him on a “nice one”. While Corey grins from ear-to-ear like the Grinch when he steals Christmas…. OOoohhh yes I know what I did there… Zak excuses herself from the conversation… And runs RIGHT to Natalie. In Tokyo, Zak clues Natalie in on what’s going on upstairs and says that if she was her, she would get up there and Natalie agrees so UP to the HoH we go for some of the best live feed action of the season!!! And since there is a good, long, video of this argument, I’m gonna link it here. Pair it up the episode with these two videos and you’ve got a good idea of the craziness that happened. And know that Paulie is eating Cheetos the WHOLE time, like it’s popcorn – TV edit is hilarious. To quickly recap this confrontation in words – Basically, Paulie is being a D-Hay, to put it in BB18 terms, and Natalie only takes so much of it before she excuses herself from the conversation, James accompanies her, then Paulie and Corey do a slow clap while Bridgette and Victor have looks of uncomfortable disgust on their faces and Paul… eats some more Cheetos, apologizing that the chips make a lot of noise. LMAO!!! How can you NOT love Paul?! Speaking of Paul, he’s sooooooooo over Paulie and he’s totally going to distance himself now. Bridgette says he seems pretty defensive, in her opinion, but Paulie doesn’t feel anything so if he’s trying to make her feel bad… Not working. NEVER CARED!

5_thischangeseverythingOkay. Fast forward to after the Double Eviction real quick and James wants to talk to Paulie because of all the crap that just went down, especially after the conversation he had with him 90 minutes before the eviction. REWIND to 90 minutes before the eviction! James is with Corey, Nicole, and Paulie in the Have Not room and Nicole asks if James is voting to evict Michelle. He says he’s voting Zakiyah out, he clipping Paulie’s girl, and he’s doing this because he doesn’t want that side of the house to feel blindsided during a Double Eviction just in case one of them wins HoH. Paulie can’t believe that he’s siding with the girls, James is firm that he is supporting his girl and doing the right thing by her because that’s the Texas code and Paulie doesn’t pick up AT ALL that this is really a little jab at him, maybe an unconscious jab by James, because he didn’t save HIS girl. But James is standing proudly beside his girl Natalie. Corey asks which votes he is nixing – James tell him – yours and Paul’s. Then Paulie walks out of the room, heads into Tokyo and confront Paul – when was HE, Paul, going to tell HIM, Paulie…. Paul is all, like, what are you talking about, bro? Like, for real, James is cancelling mine and Corey’s votes? And he, Bridgette, and Natalie are voting out Zak? Like, omg. I can’t believe it, and why are you coming at me all hot like that because I had no idea, buuuuuuuuut HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA – imagine a Boogie/Dr. Will phone call DR right about now… And I think that Paul deserves an Honorary Spot in Chilltown. Come on, guys, support me on this. You’re both awesome and you have to agree that Paul is totally Chilltown material, and might I add… He’s done this pretty much on his own – you two had each other so… Honorary Member of Chilltown – Paul – Make him a shirt.

6_sorrybroANYWAY… Right after Paulie talks to Paul he ducks back into the Have Not room because he wants to talk to James some more; Nicole and Corey are still in the room as well… Paulie asks if “this” is a shot at him. James says no. And blah blah blah… Paulie tells James that he’s covering for three girls right now, one of which is expletive deleted playing him for an expletive deleted fool right now, and, directly quoted – “And America ain’t [expletive deleted]saying you’re standing behind your girl.” LMFAO!!! Paulie makes some other comments, James says he’s being super aggressive at the moment then Paulie exits the room saying that James BETTER win this Hoh… And now we time travel back to the “present”. James is with Paulie in the Safari room and everything is just all good now – it’s the game, Paulie got a little crazy, but that’s the game and it’s all good now. Meanwhile… Victor and Paul are in the Storage room jumping from one end to the other because they are exactly in the middle of the house. On one side: Nicole, Corey, and Paulie; on the other: Natalie, James, and Michelle. Whomever gets the power, they will just jump on over to THAT side like it’s a sidewalk chalk drawing in Mary Poppins. They know they need to stick together now and it seems like they both plan to do just that. Then we have a quick scene between the PP that doesn’t really matter so let’s just get to the freakin’ HoH and the nominations already because I’m on page three of my word document!

7_safetyforoneSo Victor wins HoH, which Paulie thought he would be happy about because he thinks Vic is loyal to the five guys and will keep his target on the girls in the house, but he’s WRONG. Vic and Paul know it’s time to pick sides and Paul knows it’s time to take a swing at Paulie because he didn’t even TRY to win the HoH! So, Victor should put up Paulie and Corey and even if Paulie wins Veto, they’ll just put up Nicole in his place and evict Corey and no matter what, a big threat is gone. And, Victor says, Paulie backdoor’d him and he can forgive, but he can’t forget… As long as James is on board for this and guess what!? He IS! And Nicole gets America’s Care Package and has to look like a #SafetyWitch all week, which is hilarious because we were all saying it in the chat room when she revealed her costume – She looks like a witch, then Paul said Safety Witch and hahahahahahaha. In addition to safety from everything, she also gets sc-you know what? Who cares. Also, the package lands on Natalie’s head and it’s pretty funny. Sooo… It looks like Vic, Paul, Natalie, and James are the foursome with which to be reckoned – Nat has Meech wrapped around her finger – Paul says it’s her job and blah blah blah blah blah… Victor nominates Corey and Paulie. After the ceremony, things are pretty calm, but there is tension. Victor makes it clear to us at home that Paulie is the target, who is upset that’s he nominated and in the kitchen, with all his boys… And Nicole… He asks them why, if they are a solid five, are two of them up on the block right now and the boys dive into this conversation while Nicole quickly scampers off to find the girls… Basically, with the boys, Paulie is confronting the situation and wants to know if the plan is to just vote the person who doesn’t win Veto and everyone, well, Paul, Vic, and James, act like they have no idea what’s going on; then Paulie mentions stuff about loyalty and blah blah blah… Victor tells him that some plans don’t work out and that one, involving the five guys all sticking together to the end, didn’t work out for him.

8_nooopeIn the UK room, Nic tells Nat and Meech that they boys are all out there arguing and that there is a boy’s alliance and the girls are super bummed, but uh, obviously… That boy’s alliance is over and done with because, um, hello? Ladies? Two of them are on the freakin’ block so you’re good this week. And Nicole was safe even without the costume… In Tokyo, Paulie is confronting Paul in private wanting to know if he knew that all this was going to happen and Paul does a great job of deflecting the distrust back onto Paulie until… Paulie asks Paul if he draws HG choice and chooses Paul and Paul wins Veto will he use it on him? Paul hesitates to answer and stumbles over his words and says, there’s a good chance he’s playing Veto anyway because there are only so many people left in the house. Paulie knows he’s alone now and later in the Bathroom, he tells Corey that he’ll take Corey off the block if he wins Veto, Corey says “no, bro,” and there are tears and hugging and it’s a little weird seeing Paulie so emotional because he gave the girls so much crap for doing the same… Time to pick players! Vic draws Paul then Paulie draws HG choice and grins at Michelle. She’s all like, whaaat? He asks her if she wants to play, she says don’t do that to me, pick who you want, you’re on the block. Then he asks if she would use it on him, she says no, everyone laughs then Paulie chooses Nic. Corey draws James then we cut to the UK room where James, Nat, Meech, and Paul are talking; Paul wants to get Paulie all riled up before the comp, everyone is on board and Meech thinks they need to come at him from all angles. Then they do a Never Cared roll call – all them – Never Cared.

9_boombabySo, later, everyone except Corey and Nicole are milling around the kitchen when Paul starts eating his sunflower seeds “with a vengeance”, as Paulie puts it, then he starts to pick up on the negative vibe that Paul is sending – are you actually pissed? And thus, it begins. Paul says that he always had Paulie’s back, but Paulie obviously didn’t have his what with all grilling and such – he never trusted Paul, but Paul totally trusted Paulie. Paul is offended. Paulie apologizes that he’s offended and says it would be different if Paul was on the block next to him. Michelle pipes in to say that Paul wouldn’t be on the block because Paul hasn’t tried to manipulate everyone. Paulie says that Michelle is a manipulator too, but Paul and James disagree – she’s a straight shooter. Yeah, Paulie says, sure, but she’s a manipulator because she can get in your head and blah blah blah – She tells him that he’s never gonna be Cody or Derrick. Paulie says he was hoping for that kind of loyalty and respect and James doesn’t want to hear anything about loyalty and respect from Paulie. James would never go after one of his boy’s girls. Did Paulie ever hear of James saying stuff about Zak’s butt? Nooope! Then Natalie joins and and reminds him that he told her she was as fake as her boobs, Paulie says everyone said stuff and that Michelle said more stuff than anyone and Paulie knows what’s going on because it’s a page out of his play book, but when HE wants to get in your head, he does it one-on-one.  All this little “get in Paulie’s head” session is doing is giving him more fuel for his fire to win that Veto.

10_michelleloveszingbotLet’s talk about Veto! But first… ZINGBOT!!! Michelle can’t wait for this because being zinged by Zingbot is an honor so! Quickly, the zings. Corey: What do you call the man who sweeps Nicole off her feet, sends her heart to flutter, and makes her hear wedding bells? HAYDEN! Victor: I was trying to think of the perfect word to describe you and I realized that is best said in Spanish: TU EL DOUCHEBAG-O! James: You love to scare people in the house; however, this summer the people you’ve scared the most are: NATALIE’S PARENTS! Son-in-Law they never wanted! Paulie: Anyone who says that you’re a less attractive, less charming, and all around lesser version of Cody is: CORRECT! Poor man’s Cody! Houseguests! Big News! Zingbot has a BB Baby Announcement! It sleeps all day, cries all night, and can’t stop throwing up; please welcome BIG MEECH! Natalie: We all know you’re not the brightest bulb, but luckily what you lack in smarts you make up for in: ARMPIT HAIR! Nicole: Watching you on BB16 was a little tough, you threw your game away for a showmance, you were terrible in comps and ultimately had no chance of winning at all, OH WAIT THAT’S THIS SEASON! Paul: You have a lot of catch phrases, pissed, friendship, your boy, well I’ve got a catch phrase everyone will get behind: SHUT THE BLEEP UP! LMAO!!! Okay, time to play Veto, which is all election themed because Zingbot is running for President. OMG if only that were true… So it’s the “dirty Santa” comp so as each HG is eliminated, they will open a gift and blah blah blah… Victor wins.

11_punishmentsAnd I’m on almost on page five of my Word document now so it’s definitely time to speed things up since we still have the whole eviction episode… SO! Costume Punishments: Corey – Patriotard and has to carry around a sign and a bald eagle puppet that VICTOR did a funny show with HERE. Paul – Secret Service Agent and he loves it. He is having a blast, most of the time, patting down the HGs and clearing the checkpoints in the house when he’s prompted to do so. And Paulie – It’s not really a costume punishment, but he does have to wear and apron, a chef’s hat, and wave a Zingbot flag around while he waits for pies to bake because he has to bake pies whenever BB plays “Oh Say Can You Zing” in the house. He hates it, says he won’t do it, but he does and says he can’t take himself seriously, at least, while doing this, buuut he becomes a Sad Paulie, he doesn’t like getting emotional, and it makes everyone feel awkward. Nat gives him a hug and blah blah blah to the Veto Meeting, where Paul is prompted by BB to do a check on all the HGs. It’s pretty good! He lifts up hats and stuff. When Paul gives the all clear, Victor continues and he doesn’t use the Veto so Paulie is gone this week. Or Corey, but come on… Come on… No one is going to evict Corey this week!

So eviction show highlights reel time! And time to say goodbye to Paulie. What can I say? I think Paulie experienced exactly what he needed to experience in the Big Brother house- not every competition is meant to be won. Sometimes, losing a game means gaining more insight about yourself and I hope that’s what Paulie takes away from all this… And good LORD if he makes it back in! Oh boy… And what about Da’Vonne coming back? LOL. Don’t forget about the Friday show… 😉



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